Wise Womb Medicine Path™

a Living School

Wise Womb Medicine Path is the world's leading school teaching Earth & Womb medicine. We are devoted to supporting humanity in the awakening and reclamation of their personal authority in order to create a world that is living from the space of authenticity.

Our Living School is unique as the teachings and programs are living breathing and pulsing with life-force following the spiral that is life. We work within with the divine feminine, beyond gender rather speaking to the energy that is the feminine, the yin, the essence of existence. It is an ancient way of learning and being that we have forgotten, it is taught through story, through presence and through experience.

Earth & Womb Medicine…

Earth our beautiful planet in which we live has given us all we need to thrive. We have as a collective come far from nature, from our own nature and from nature itself. This living school teaches the remembrance of connecting to and with our own unique natural rhythms and cycles while aligning with the nature around us. We teach the Earth Medicine ways which includes how to listen to and be in relationship with the elements and all that Earth represents.

We teach the sacred use of plant medicines and learn the shamanic ways of connecting to the plant, animal and stone beings. Meeting the spirits of the Elements and how to be in greater harmony with this sacred home. Earth Medicine includes the hands on ceremonial bodywork we teach, breath work, right use of sacred tools and instruments, the tangible, palpable, that of which we can see, taste, smell and feel.

Womb Medicine connects us to the great mystery, it is our our creative center, a place of power. The Womb has a physical body, an energetic body, spiritual body and an emotional body. It is a forgotten place holding within it much pain and distress of the collective pain body. It is our tie and link to our ancestors and can hold the burden of ancestors past. The womb can move in and out of optimal alignment creating or amplifying inner disharmony or dis-ease. The womb holds our sense of belonging, our self worth. It is through remembering the earth and womb medicines that we can heal, transform and reclaim.

We have created a Somatic Oriented Holistic System of Healing that is a weaving of healing modalities, techniques and methods with experience, knowledge and wisdom to support all aspects of being a human embodied. This work is for everyone and is not bound by gender.

Our school has both virtual and in person offerings. We have Wise Womb Mentorship, Equinox Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses, Virtual Healing Program that is the Lunar Womb Temple and our most in depth offering which is our Wise Womb Certification Programs.

We have Practitioners in 8 Countries and have 70 graduates offering this beautiful work in the world. We look forward to connect with you.

 Imagine a world where you are connected to your Sacred Womb space and reclaim your power center.

Where we honored the moon, and sat in sacred circle where our vulnerabilities would be tenderly witnessed and we were fully accepted.

Where women stand in the fullness of their soft and fierce truths, owning their sexuality.

Truly supporting other women in awakening, and rising up.

What if the first step to make this world come true, was YOU...
What if YOU could change the world?

What if by YOU stepping into your authentic truth, inspired those around you to do the same?

This world is possible! And it starts with YOU. 


THE WOMB : Our Totem

The Portal to and from Creation

It is the deep yin, the essence, it represents the great cosmic force of creation and holds within it ancient wisdom and creative life force.

The Womb (Hara for men) is our direct connection to our inner navigational system, to our intuition, to mother earth and to our ancestors.

It is our inner compass uniting us to the great womb web of creation, to all of those whom have come before us and those whom will come after us. 

It is a powerful place that has the potential to be our greatest ally or the place of stored unconscious energy, undigested emotions.

If you no longer have a womb we work with the energetic, spiritual and emotional womb space. If you never had a womb and feel a sense of loss we create and build one on those planes. We all come from a the womb. It is SO important my loves that we begin healing the wounds held in the sacred Womb so we can stand truly, fully in our grounded heart and womb centered power.

The Wise Womb Way

The Wise Womb Way live our lives in a way that honors your natural rhythms, cycles and your TRUE nature while also connected the rhythms and cycles of the nature around you. Creating and reorienting our lives so WE have a place within it to find joy, to drop out of the busy world we live in and to pause. To make space for ourselves.

This way of living is an ancient remembering that we each hold within. It shows up when we are sitting with the trees, when we swim in the lake or ocean. It shows up when we connect to our hearts or bodies. Mother Nature is our greatest teacher, we just have to listen. . . She will remind you of your true heart. When we are more aligned with our hearts we can listen more deeply to our intuition. We are able to connect more to the lightness and joy, pleasure and presence that is beyond to do lists and frustrations. .

The Wise Womb Way is guided by the Wisdom Council, they remind you of your true heart, your true path. They don’t teach that there is ONE right way, rather they teach us to listen to ourselves reminding us that we each have our own path, when we are living in mindfulness, cultivating more presence we are able to align ourselves more with our hearts, our truth — and this is the place we live from. They know that we have forgotten we are a world out of balance, our of harmony and we keep perpetuating the cycle. The cycles can stop within each of us. We can make choices with who we surround ourselves with, the stories we tell ourselves, the limitations we put upon ourselves. This is what they are speaking too… And they know there is no fantasy of perfection here, rather a true acknowledgement of what is. So let’s walk together, in love, in soft hearts and know that we have a community of folks that when we forget, we can actually lean in… and surrender.

Meet the Creatress Naomi Love


Aloha Beauties, I am Naomi Love. I have been deeply immersed in the realms of the healing arts since I was a young woman. I suppose we could say I was initiated as a young girl into a life that lead me on this deep path of plant medicine, healing and women's health.

My journey, my choices have led me to travel the world and study all over the globe (in appreciation) Through all of my life experiences and study I have a good sense of the world around me. Within that I have worked with thousands of clients, I mean thousands of clients!! Which gives me great insight into the collective, into threads of similar patterns that manifest both within the mind and body. Because I have had the experiences I have had, both the crap and the amazing I am who I am, with all that I have learned all of my teachers, the amazing ones and the mean ones, I have the gifts in the capacity I do.

This teaching of Wise Womb Medicine Path came through me, through all of the years, all of the clients, the mistakes and the wisdoms gathered, the joys and tears of life to create this beautiful weaving that is our Living School. We teach you to work one on one with clients both in person and remotely as well as how to be in right relationship with ceremony, ritual and so much more. I reside between Boulder, Co and on the island of Maui which means the aloha spirit is in my blood, it is in my heart and a big part of how I am in the world. We offer our apprenticeship immersions on the island of Maui to support the infusion of the Aloha Spirit into each of your hearts. We work with all genders, all humans and support and facilitate healing on all levels..

To learn more about my work, teachings and methods please explore this website this school is in-depth in it’s offerings.

With Love, Naomi Love