To walk the Wise Womb Way, is to live in a way that honors your natural rhythms, cycles and true nature while also connecting into the rhythms and cycles of the nature around you.

It is an ancient remembering that we each have within. When we connect with Mother Nature we find more harmony within, we find ourselves more aligned with our hearts and with our intuition. We are able to connect more to the lightness and joy, pleasure and presence.

It reminds you of your true heart, your true path. There is no right way, rather we each have our own path, when we are living in mindfulness, cultivating more presence we are able to align ourselves more with our hearts, our truth — and this is the place we live from.

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 Imagine a world where you are connected to your Sacred Womb space and reclaim your power center. Where we honored the moon, and sat in sacred circle where our vulnerabilities would be tenderly witnessed and we were fully accepted. Where women stand in the fullness of their truth, owning their sexuality and supporting other women in awakening, and rising up.

What if the first step to make this world come true, was YOU...
What if YOU could change the world?

What if by YOU stepping into your authentic truth, inspired those around you to do the same?

This world is possible! And it starts with YOU. 


Meet Naomi Love


Aloha, Beauties. I have been deeply immersed in the realms of the healing arts since I was a young woman. I suppose we could say I was initiated as a young girl into a life that lead me on this deep path of plant medicine, healing and women's health.

This teaching of Wise Womb Medicine Path came through me, through all of the years, all of the clients, the mistakes and the wisdoms gathered, the joys and tears of life to create this beautiful weaving that is our Living School. We teach you to work one-on-one with clients both in person and remotely as well as how to be in right relationship with ceremony, ritual and so much more.

I reside in Boulder, Co and on the island of Maui which means the aloha spirit is in my blood it is in my heart and a big part of how I work in the world. We offer our immersions on the island of Maui to support the infusion of the Aloha Spirit into each of your hearts. We work with all genders, all humans and support and facilitate healing on all levels.

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Wise Womb Medicine Path™ is a Living School teaching the Sacred Feminine Temple & Earth-Centered Healing Arts.

We offer the worlds leading Certified Practitioner Apprenticeship Programs for those that desire to step fully into their medicine and share that with their community in the most integral way.

Our school provides an integrative in-depth systematic approach to health and healing on all levels. We specialize in earth-centered Womb medicine which is not limited to women. Our offerings and trainings are somatic and experiential with a focus on presence, earth, sacred, prayerful embodied touch. It is from this place of true embodiment that you can then facilitate and hold space for others.

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