the wise womb way

Artist: Brandy Van Nevel

The Wise Womb Way is the way we each live our lives. To walk the Wise Womb Way, is to live in a way that honors your natural rhythms, cycles and true nature while also connecting and tapping into the rhythms and cycles of the nature around you.

It is an ancient remembering that we each have within. When we connect with Mother Nature we find more harmony within, we find ourselves more aligned with our hearts and with our intuition. We are able to connect more to the lightness and joy, pleasure and presence.

The Wise Womb Way speaks to the spirals of life, it is not a straight line my loves, it is ever changing from expansion to contraction from forgetting to remembering…

The Wise Womb Way honors each individuals innate intelligence and path.

It claims no one’s way as THE way. Rather it reminds you of your true heart, your true path It is a path for all to walk that is intentional, mindful and supportive. It is truthful, honest and introspective.

It teaches the spiral pathway within, how to navigate the inner realms so we can cultivate greater relationships with all that is. It is the path that honors each unique individual.

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Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper and Master Facilitator teaching the Healing and Temple Arts. She is pioneering a new frontier of Holistic Healing internationally, as the Creatrix behind the World’s First Women’s Holistic Healing System, Wise Womb Medicine.

Naomi is now one of the Most Experienced Holistic Healers with over 25 years of experience working with over 60,000 clients in her career, supporting 108 couples + through the Art of Love and Relating, helped thousands of women consciously conceive, supported the birth process for 20 beautiful families and trained over 70 practitioners through her Apprenticeship Programs. AND, that’s not all…

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“It is through our own journey that we are able to then support and guide others in navigating theirs.” - Naomi Love


our living school


Wise Womb Medicine Path™ is a Living School teaching the Sacred Feminine Temple & Earth Centered Healing Arts. We offer the worlds leading Certified Practitioner Apprenticship Programs for those that desire to step fully into their medicine and share that with their community in the most integral way.

Our programs are unique as we are teaching the foundational pieces that are often missed within most trainings. Because of Naomi’s experience level she has been able to see and track patterns within the collective that are creating much of the suffering we experience today.

Our teachings are unique also because we don’t initiate you into any one lineage, our teachings are about reminding you of your own ability to connect with the fabric of creation.

Our school provides an integrative in-depth systematic approach to health and healing on all levels. We specialize in earth centered Womb medicine which is not limited to women. Our offerings and trainings are somatic and experiential with a focus on presence, earth, sacred, prayerful embodied touch. It is from this place of true embodiment that you can then facilitate and hold space for others.

We are devoted to honoring all and because of that have many ways for you to connect with us. We have lots of free opportunities for you to tune into Naomi’s teachings via interviews and podcasts. We also share many beautiful stories and teachings via our love notes and blog and via our FB community.

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Learn everything about our Living School, Creatrix Naomi Love and our offerings in our School’s brochure. Plus, receive one week free access to the Lunar Womb Temple!


 imagine a world where..

You were connected to your Sacred Womb space and reclaim your power center. . .

Where we honored the moon, and sat in sacred circle where our vulnerabilities would be tenderly witnessed AND we were fully accepted.

Where women stand in the fullness of their truth, owning their sexuality and supporting other women in awakening, and rising up.

What if the first step to make this world come true, was YOU...

What if YOU could change the world?

What if by YOU stepping into your authentic truth, inspired those around you to do the same?

This world is possible! And it starts with YOU. 

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Our Offerings


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to Mother Earth




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