Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses

 held in spring and fall each year

Spring Cleanse: 16th-27th March 2019

Each year, we open up the doors to our School for the public to experience our Wise Womb Ritual and Cleanse, which are usually saved for our Apprenticeship programs. This is a cleanse with a wise-womb-twist! It will support you physically, spiritually and is laced in beautiful ceremony + ritual!

Join us for our next Spring Cleanse as Naomi Love shares the key principles with you about the Wise Womb approach to cleansing virtually in a group with you.

Why you should join us..

  • Learn the Wise Womb Approach to Cleansing

  • Learn Intuitive Eating,the 5 flavors and cravings, mindful eating, presencing with food, implementation and elimination

  • Upgrade your Energetic Frequency over 11 days!

  • Clear what isn’t serving you and bringing healing to the Digestion, Womb and Ovaries

  • Supportive for those with digestive and reproductive health concerns

  • Provides nourishment on all levels

  • Cultivates overall emotional stability and clarity of Mind Body and Spirit

  • Individualised and personalised cleanse with group support lead by Naomi Love with over 25 years experiencing with cleansing and nutrition

How does it work?

16th March - Opening Group Virtual Call ( 10am HST)

  • Introduction into Wise Womb Cleansing + how to set up for success

  • Receive outline for each persons individual cleanses, menu ideas, prep and sharing in the Wise Womb Ritual Cleanse Group

17th-18th March - Prep Cleanse

  • Two days to menu plan, prep and gather supplies before the cleanse begins

19th-25th March - The Cleanse

  • Complete your individualised and personalised Wise Womb Cleanse protocol each day

  • Live Virtual Group Ceremonial Ritual Healing on March 23rd 10am HST

The first two days of the cleanse will be simple and restorative. We will do the main portion of the cleanse for seven days and then the last two days will be gentle integration.

Our Wise Womb Cleanse is personalized and individually tailored to you and your life so you can take it where you can and are able to go with it in the time you have and what your goals are.

26th-27th March - The Integration

  • Final group check in post cleanse on March 27th (whichever time serves the group best)

what’s included

▽ Live call 2 days before day one begins March 16th HST 10am HST
Cleanse can start on the 19th of March (but you are welcome to do your own timing also)
▽ FB support thoughtout the cleanse
▽ Live Virtual Group Ceremonial Ritual Healing on March 23rd 10am HST
▽ Final group check in post cleanse on March 27th (whichever time serves the group best)


▽ Access to a health food store and clean food, veggies fruit etc.
▽ Kitchen and cookware and a blender
▽ Internet access and time set aside to prep and attend live calls/ceremony.
▽ Large size metal Bowl, Salt, Rubbing Alcohol
▽ Fresh herbs like rosemary and basil.
▽ A little extra time and space to make this happen for yourself!
▽ Salt Flushes or At Home Enemas if desired.

How will you feel?
During any cleanse sometimes we can feel a bit of stirring of our emotional bodies as we are clearing energy on many levels that aren’t serving. However, after a couple of days folks usually start to feel lighter and brighter. Because of the way we set these cleanses up, you can take it as far as feels like a yes to your system.


Energetic Exchange: $127 USD
Registrations Close: 15th March



Connecting with you face to face in the cleanse call, I feel like I have known you for lifetimes, a feeling that I don’t get often at this level and like I feel such a strong connection with you. Thank you for sharing your medicine with the world, I am so happy to have found you. - Amy