Our Next Cleanse

Begins March 16th 2019


Our Wise Womb Ritual cleanse is a cleanse for the body, mind and spirit. It has been created to support all aspects of the self. No matter where you are in your life the Wise Womb approach to cleansing works through nourishment, weaving the principles of our sacred feminine nutrition which honors the natural inherent cycles and rhythms that is unique to each of us while supporting healthy relationship to food. Eating simply for the ten days of the cleanse while also implementing self care practices, ritual and guided meditations to support deep listening to connect with what our bodies, mind and spirit truly need to support optimal health. 

We also implement specific Wise Womb Rituals to clear that of which is ready to be cleansed or reclaimed energetically from or in the womb space and energetic body.

You are welcome to take this cleanse to any level that your inner guide says it is ready to go.

All are welcome. 

We have created a Cleanse intake for participants that will only be shared with me, Naomi Love.

We gather together virtually to learn the foundational approach to our ritual cleanse. We will all take time to create our own personalized cleanses including rituals, self care practices and more. 

After our first call you will have a couple days to prepare for the cleanse and we will all begin together.

Gathering again midway - virtually to co-create a beautiful guided ceremony to support the spiritual and emotional cleansing of what no longer serves or is ours.

We will include our Wise Womb Medicine Journey and Wise Womb Ceremony in which you can participate in as you desire.

We then complete with our closing ceremony to seal in what we have cultivated.

We will support the whole process through our Wise Womb FB group.

One reason I personally love offering this seasonally is that in Ayurveda we talk about the accumulation of toxins or ama in the body at transition of each season. Our bodies sometimes need a gentle and tender approach to support its natural process. If a women is breastfeeding, pregnant or postpartum you are welcome to join as we will be working to support full nourishment on all levels. For those that aren’t any of the above - we will gently cleanse to our bodies desire - always listening to our own inner compass. We will give you options based on where you desire to go within the cleanse to support your intention. 

We meet virtually with a live call getting the outline created for each of our individual cleanses. I will be sharing the key principles about the wise womb approach to cleansing and keys to set yourself up for success. We will have two days after the call to menu plan, prep and gather supplies before we begin the cleanse.⠀

The first two days of the cleanse will be simple and restorative. We will do the main portion of the cleanse for seven days and then the last two days will be gentle integration. Our Wise Womb Cleanse is personalized and individually tailored to you and your life so you can take it where you can and are able to go with it in the time you have and what your goals are.⠀

The Wise Womb Cleanse specifically focuses on upgrading the energetic field - clearing what isn’t serving and bringing healing to the digestion womb and ovaries. It’s both Physical and Spiritually focused.. We work not only with food and emotional health but also the other aspects of your life that need extra attention, healing, light or lightness brought in.Our approach is through intuitive eating, learning the 5 flavors and cravings, mindful eating, presencing with food, implementation and elimination, ritual and ceremony.. ⠀

Our cleanse is supportive to all folks and is supportive to physically helping with digestive and reproductive issues. It also helps with fatigue, exhaustion and chronic pain. The wise womb cleanse works through nourishment on all levels and cultivates overall emotional stability and clarity of mind body and spirit. 

We offer this twice a year During the Spring and Fall Equinox.

Investment of $127.00 Includes: ⠀
▽ Live call 2 days before day one begins our spring offering begins March 16th HST 10am HST
Cleanse can start on the 19th of March (but you are welcome to do your own timing also) 

▽ Wise Womb Medicine Journey, Wise Womb Clearing Ceremony

▽ FB support (Live Videos) offered thought the cleanse ⠀
▽ Live Virtual Group Ceremonial Ritual Healing on March 23rd 10am HST 

▽ Final group check in post cleanse on March 27th 4pm HST

▽ All Videos will be recorded and shared with those that missed it.