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Lunar Phases

Begins March 17th - June 13th

New Moon to New Moon

Do You

Is this fertility program for you?

Are you considering conscious conception or are you struggling with fertility issues? 

Are you feeling uncertain how to move forward on your fertility journey? 

Are you wondering how to best prepare your womb nest to prepare for a baby in the future?

Would you like to learn how to apply self care practices into your daily life that can support your personal empowerment?

Would you like to learn what organ systems work with which specific emotions and how to read what is happening in your body based on your emotional tendencies?

Would you like to learn more about connecting to your own inner rhythms and learn how to better navigate and utilize your cyclic superpowers? 

Would you like to learn specific rituals and ceremonies to support your relationship to your beloved and to yourself? 





Join me, Naomi Love, for this powerful three month online program. We will move through my specific Three Month Preconception Preparation Protocol and explore all the aspects of cultivating a fertile ground to thrive as a woman. If you are trying to conceive naturally or through medical intervention, this program is for you. You will connect more deeply to the remembrance of the power of your womb space, your creative center. I have helped hundreds of women through this process whether trying to conceive naturally or using medical interventions. 

This program is one of a kind.

It is my heart's desire to support you before you begin the journey of IUI, IVF or trying to get pregnant naturally, as we can be most effective when there is a little less stress and a little more space and time to drop into this process and embody the practices. This way we can make the necessary lifestyle changes to nourish you deep into your bones. We will move through my proven Three Month Preconception Preparation Protocol which includes assessing dietary needs, looking at herbal medicines to harmonize hormones, lifestyle changes, supplementation, self care, and intimacy practices for you to do with your beloved. You will deepen your connection to the moon, to your cycle and to your own unique natural rhythms, through Ritual and the Sacred Feminine Mystical Tao Tantric Arts. We will dive deep into sacred practices to build sexual energy, reclaim our wombs, clear what doesn't serve, and to integrate places of pain or trauma. 



What if...

We ALL were taking the steps towards optimal health.. 

If we were a collective honoring this sacred time of conscious conception. 

What if were collectively doing our work so those who come after us didn't have to do our work, because we didn't have the courage to do it ourselves.

What if the FUTURE was this generation, that you are about to create. A generation of humans beings, free from karmic contracts, who are able to move through the world in health, in honor of their bodies, of the earth, of each other. 

This is possible! And it begins with YOU!  With this sacred time of preconception. 


Our AppRoach

Fertility is a result of optimal health: mind, body, and spirit.  We look to optimize your health in all capacities.

To learn more about our general approach, working to support optimal health, visit here.  


Wise Womb Medicine Program Topics Include:

Because we are a living school, we meet the group energy in presence to offer the most holistic and authentic experience, so here is a sample list of what may be included in your program:

  • Honor this Rite of Passage of The Sacred Preconception Preparation Time, Ritual/Blessing
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Holistic Taoist Nutrition, Food Allergens, Supplementation
  • Herbal Remedies, Yoni Steaming, Castor Oil Packs
  • Cycle & Moon Charting 
  • Ritual, Prayer, Dance 
  • Self Massage - Breasts, Belly, Womb & Yoni 
  • Yoni Unwinding / Cervical De-armoring
  • Yoni Egg Practices
  • Meditation, Shamanic Journey Work
  • Sacred Taoist Practices 
  • Evolutionary Alchemy 
  • Breath Work 

Program Schedule

 Sundays 11:00am HST 90 min. Live Teaching and Q & A

Wednesday mornings you will receive your Guided Self Love Practice via email video.



only $444.00 for the whole three month Program!


Ixchel is the ancient Mayan goddess of the Moon, Women's Healing, Women's Medicine, Fertility, Birth and Death. 

Ix means goddess of the feminine. Chel means rainbow or light. In other words, she is the Lady of the Rainbow, Goddess of the Rainbow and Lady of Sacred Light. She is always associated with bodies of water, lakes, streams, rivers and creeks. Anywhere you would be likely to see a rainbow. 

As the Maya moon goddess, sometimes called "Lady Rainbow", she is often pictured as a serpent crone wearing a skirt and crossbones. She carries an upside-down vessel in her hands which represents the nourishing gift of water, our most essential life giving element. She wears a serpent on her head .

The snake, has always been associated with medicine or healing powers. As the Goddess of Medicine the snake also symbolizes intuitive forces. 
She is the goddess of fertility, motherhood , the moon and menstrual cycle. She is mother of all. She holds a rabbit in her hand as a symbol of fertility while sitting in the crescent moon. 

As the goddess of fertility and childbirth she is responsible for the formation of the baby in the womb and determines the sex of the child. 

As the Mother: She is the goddess of motherhood, the moon and menstrual cycle. 

As the Crone, she is the Maya goddess of medicine and the moon. She is in charge of medicinal plants, healing and the moon phases. She carries the spiritual knowledge and holds a clay pot of rainwater and herbs. When she is in a good mood she blesses the earth with rain and when she is vexed she sends floods and hurricanes. 

Listen to Your Ixchel Activation Song Here - Ixchel So Wise by Ixeeya Lyn Beecher  - Find out more about Ixchel