Wise Womb Medicine Fertility

Virtual Summit 


Honey Bees ..... appropriate totem for fertility! 


We are still in the creation phase of this process.... This is a general outline of what you can expect to get from our Fertility Global Summit!

We have gathered the most amazing Healers and Experts in the field of Women's Medicine in honor of supporting you to optimize your health on every level, all of which impact, influence and increase fertility naturally. These powerful women will give you concepts, tools and self care practices to help you navigate the world of conception & fertility. Whether you are trying naturally or using medical interventions this summit is for you! 

Conversations with Wise Women on Fertility

Conscious Conception & Energy Medicine 

Herbal Medicine & The Womb

Nutrition for Fertility

Shamanic & Ancestral Healing 

Sound Healing Clearing the Channels 

Embodied Movement Practices 

Ayurveda & Shamanism 

Emotional Alchemy

Cervix & Empowered Pap's 

Naturopathic Perspective on Fertility 

Relational Alchemy - Intimacy, Vulnerability & Sex

Flower Essences

Goddess Ritual / Moon Cycles/ Yoni Power / Womb Wisdom / Moon Cycle Mapping

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Sexual Healing & Yoni Mapping

Herbalism & The Womb 

Working with Grief 

Sexual Vitality

Breath Medicine



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