At Wise Womb Medicine Pathwe offer the only certified in-depth apprenticeship program on this scale in the world for supporting you to become a Master Facilitator of Earth Centred Sacred Feminine Temple and Healing Arts. You will learn everything our Creatrix, Naomi Love, has learned from her life experience, having a booked out practice seeing over 60,000 clients, all her studies. Naomi is a Master Facilitator and teacher, training over 70+ practitioners inspiring and training you to activate and share your own unique signature of healing in the world.


  • Do you want to learn the Most Holistic Womb Healing System in the world, to support Womb Healing on every level with your clients?

  • Do you want to activate your own unique Soul and healing gifts, to take your practice to the next level?

  • Do you have a deep desire to help women holistically and want to learn how you can weave Wise Womb Medicine Pathinto your current practice?

  • Do you want to learn our renowned Wise Womb Massage for self and others to support the Womb being in optimal alignment?

  • Do you want to learn Earth Centred Healing. Sacred Feminine Temple and Healing Arts practices and to connect with your helping spirits?

  • Would you like to learn tools and techniques to gain more clarity to navigate your inner world, your life, and your relationships?

  • Would you like to develop a greater capacity for intimacy and vulnerability?

  • Have you walked through your own initiation, come out the other side and now wonder how you can inspire others on their path?

  • Are you an empath and need training in how to carry your medicine in a healthy way?

  • Do you want to increase your confidence as a Healer or Facilitator, and gain in-depth practical case study work to deepen your own embodiment and relationship to your truest essence to support more clients

  • Are you wanting to start your journey as a Womb Priestess supporting others, and want to learn from the old way of learning, through apprenticeship from a Wisdom Keeper and Master!

… If you answered YES to any of these - then this is for you!


IMAGINE a world where women are devoted to themselves, to each other and to uplifting all those they encounter..




Our Wise Womb Apprenticeships & Ceremonial Masters Training are facilitated by Naomi Love. Naomi is a Wisdom Keeper and Master Facilitator of the Sacred Feminine Healing and Temple Arts, who is pioneering a new frontier of Holistic Healing internationally, as the Creatrix behind the World’s First Holistic Womb Healing System called Wise Womb Medicine Path™.

Naomi’s first memories were crawling around eating Rose petals and honeysuckle flowers, and by the age of seven she was making Rose water. It was being with the plants as a young girl that allowed her to “survive” navigating her sensory Healing gifts, and that hasn’t changed, with the Rose becoming her beloved, most cherished mother, teacher and guide on her Path. Teaching her to be open and soft like the petals, yet have boundaries like the thorns, and to Love fiercely.

With over 25 years experience, she’s helped over 60,000 clients, 108 couples, trained over 70 Practitioners, supported the birth process for 20 beautiful families and thousands through Conscious Conception. Naomi’s heartfelt devotion and commitment to her Healing Path and Entrepreneurial Vision, she quickly built a sold-out Healing Practice, create the only Apprenticeship Program of it’s kind for Wise Womb Medicine Path™ Practitioners and become one of the Most Experienced Holistic Healers in the World.

Naomi is most-renowned for her ability to masterfully track the unseen worlds with precision, to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony, using Ancient Cutting-Edge aspects of her Holistic Healing System that brings about Healing on a Mind, Body and Spirit level. Naomi is a Master at being able to meet her students in Loving Presence to see them as a whole person, allowing them to be fully met, seen and acknowledged for the truth of who they are, and convey the teachings of her apprenticeships which are received with ease. Just being in the presence of Naomi supports each of her students embodiment, evolution and activation of their unique magic and healing gifts. She mixes her teachings with humour and holiness that makes it a joy to be part of!


 Naomi’s a Master at intuiting the medicinal gifts of her students. Naomi brings humor and holiness together in a way that makes healing work sustainable. - Caitlin



  • The entire Wise Womb Medicine Path™ Holistic Healing system and approach to all aspects and levels of health to support clients of all ages, stages of life and all genders.

  • How to use our Ancient Cutting-Edge practices and modalities to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony, that brings about Healing on a Mind, Body and Spirit level for your clients.

  • Healing Arts Modalities including Energy Medicine, Earth Centered Healing, Hands On Application of the techniques, Elemental Touch, Ceremonial Shamanic Bodywork, Womb, Ovarian & Breast Massage, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Cycle Charting, Sound Healing and Self Care Practices including self Wise Womb Massage, Yoni Steaming. Sacred Feminine Nutrition, Ancestral healing and Sacred Sensual Movement.

  • Temple Arts include Blood Mysteries, Divination, Inner Alchemy, Tao Tantra, Sacred Feminine Practices, Spiritual & Emotional Healing, Plant Medicine (non-psycoactive), Prayer, Rituals, Sensual Touch, Yoni work and Ceremony.  

  • Connect deeply with the Moon, the Womb, Helping Spirits, The Plants, Great Spirit, Gods & Goddess and the helpers of the middle world (earth) as our guides and our teachers.

  • Learn forgiveness rituals, the art of personal responsibility, energy hygiene, archetypes, personal boundaries and unpack power dynamics and common issues that arise working with clients.

  • How to be in community and the art of relating by deepening your understanding of how to truly listen and witness another enabling us to have deeper relationships with self and other.

  • Tend to your own deep personal healing and evolution through self care, self love and nourishment, to heal the wounds held in the your pain body and deepen your ability to hold Sacred Space to facilitate others in their remembrance

  • Cultivate a more fertile relationship with your intuition, your body, your life and all that is.

  • Deepen your connection to your heart and your Womb, to your remembrance of the Sacred, to the Divine Feminine & Masculine.

  • Clear that which no longer serves you so you can walk on your Medicine Path, aligned with your heart and Spirit.

  • How to truly listen from a place of honor and learn how to become a clear channel to source as well as daily energy hygiene practices to keep yourself healthy, embodied and inspired

  • Virtual Classes such as Cycle Charting - Hormonal Mapping, Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses and Wise Womb Herbal Medicine + 12 Live Classes which are guided by the collective group and by spirit.

  • Feel confident in giving sessions through Naomi observing and providing feedback of you providing 2 remote sessions and in-person sessions at the immersions.

  • Learn and understand the 7 Key Principles of embodying the Wise Womb Way.. plus so much more! (Download our brochure below - for the full details!)


I feel transformed. To be held in such a safe container each day is precious beyond words...to grow and learn, shed what was no longer serving and to transform myself was a blessing that I wish everyone in the world could have the opportunity to experience. THIS TRAINING WAS THE ONE I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR THE WHOLE TIME! - gABRIELLE




Next program begins January 3rd, 2020

Two Options:

  • 200 Hour includes two week in-person immersion


  • 500 Hours includes one month in-person immersion

Once you complete the 200 hour program you will then be able to participate in our 300 hour program and then go onto the Ceremonial Masters Program. The 200 hour is a great option for those that aren’t able to invest in the full 500 hour program at one time.

Once you complete the 500 hour program, you must complete 30 case studies, offering sessions with clients using these techniques.You are then invited to apply to assist the 200 or 500 hour immersions as a mentor which is part of the Ceremonial Masters training. This is a beautiful way to continue being held in the field this beautiful school creates, and supports your education and evolution as a healer, teacher and facilitator.

Ceremonial Masters Training

Next program begins in 2021

Once you have completed the total of 500 hours as a 13 Moon Wise Womb Apprentice and have completed the 30 hours of case study via private sessions, you are invited to participate in our Ceremonial Masters Training held over 9 moons with a 2 week in-person immersion. After this training you will graduate as a Certified Masters Level Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner & Ceremonial Womb Priestess.



  • Experience the Sacred Feminine way of learning which is circular, rhythmic, expanding upon and going deeper into.

  • This is the old way of learning allowing for deep embodiment, with an earth centered healing focus, where you get to learn from a Wisdom Keeper with over 25+ years of experience in Holistic Healing.

  • Rather than being initiated into a specific lineage, we support and encourage you as our student to remember your own ancestors and teachers in appreciation, connect to your helping sprits and support your connection to the lineage of the Sacred Feminine

  • Our Apprenticeship has an exceptionally unique delivery format that includes a beautiful balance of virtual classes, in-person immersions and also case study requirements where you get 1:1 support for remote and in-person sessions supported by Naomi.

  • Rather than giving a set of techniques we encourage you to leave the School feeling empowered to weave our teachings in a way that is in alignment with your own gifts, and supports you to share Wise Womb Medicine your own unique way.

We are committed to supporting you to leave our apprenticeships with a new level of embodiment, and deep personal healing leaves you feeling confident, educated and empowered to share your own unique magic and gifts with the world!









Deposit Information:

  • $1000 to secure your deposit

  • 200 Hours Apprenticeship Payment Plan includes 4 payments of to be paid by 25th April 2020

  • 500 Hours Apprenticeship Payment Plan includes 5 payments to be paid by 25th April 2020

  • Ceremonial Master Training requires $1000 deposit to be paid initially

Full Payment Information:

  • 200 Hours full payment required is $6550 USD - save $1450!

  • 500 Hours - Full payment required is $15,990 USD - save $750 + $1500 of value

    • Includes Lunar Womb Temple Program

    • 1:1 Wise Womb Mentoring Session with Naomi specifically for the evolution of your own gifts and bringing your practice to life

    • 2 X 1:1 Healing Sessions throughout the Apprenticeship to be used as you need

    • 1 X Joint Facebook Live with Naomi Love on Wise Womb Medicine Path Page to launch your personal brand and use it as an opportunity to share your knowledge of one aspect of Wise Womb Medicine to support your own growth and evolution



Right now the world needs you to Reclaim your womb space and STEP INTO YOUR HEART AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS


hear from our beautiful students!



Our brochure provides an in-depth breakdown about our Living School, about the Wise Womb Way philosophy, about your facilitator Naomi Love, whats included in the 200 Hour, 500 Hour and Ceremonial Master Training. There’s also information on teaching topics, the certifications you will receive, who this is for, if it’s for you, payment options and past graduate stories and testimonials.