Ongoing Weekend Temple Immersions

Naomi Love

Now is Your time 

To reclaim your womb space and to live from your heart. 

Join Naomi Love in the sacred Womb Temple for deep healing, remembering and personal empowerment.

These immersions are ongoing and are offered throughout the year.

Each immersion will be different, as the group changes, so does spirit's guidance... We will work within the feminine lineage, honoring our cycles, nature, and ourselves. 

We enter the temple with openness and curiosity.

In the sacred space you have the opportunity to deepen your intimacy and capacity for vulnerability by working with sisters in the tribe. I know this can be an edge for many of us, AND it can also be so healing. 

We need to come together sisters.. It is our time to awaken. 

Each weekend you will be held deeply in sacred space… invited to breathe, to soften around anything that is no longer serving… to dance and move your body reconnecting to your center, your womb space… to mother earth and to the divine light – you will participate, learn and embody earth centered, tao tantric practices to support awakening and embodiment.  You will have the opportunity to dive into the truth of yourself, to meet YOU in a sacred way, while held and loved. You will be invited to soften around judgement and dive more deeply into your capacity to witness, to hold space for another without taking their stuff on.  Each weekend you will leave with a new set of self love and self care practices to implement into your daily life.

All women are welcome …

Time: 10-5

Saturday & Sunday 

Investment: $295.00 

Location: Maui, Hawaii

... Class Possibilities ...

Sacred Movement * Meditation * Journeying * Breath Work * Witnessing * Aspecting * Prayer * Ritual * Ceremony * Healing Touch * Pleasure Rituals * Ancestral Healing * Healing Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine * Spiritual Healing * Spiritual Bathing * Yoni Breathing * Self Breast, Belly and Womb massage * Sounding * Archetypal Healing * Earthing * Empowerment Practices * Personal Responsibility * Forgiveness Practices * Yoni Egg Rituals & Practices * Chi Shaking * Sensual Dancing * Plant Lympias & Brushings * Working with Your Sisters * Communication * Mind / Body Talk  * Universal Beliefs * Self Exploration * Self Inquiry * * Ho'oponopono * Taoist Nutrition and much, much more...


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What Students are saying... 

I write to you Naomi to express my sincerest gratitude for sharing with me your wisdom & support. I have a long journey ahead of me in healing within, but I feel better equipped in seeing reality rather than getting stuck in being the victim. Thank you!
— GM, Maui