“I did not know why I was leaping when I said, “Yes!,” to working with Naomi, but that presented itself by day one of my training. Naomi has a clear vision as to the medicine she brings to the world and is a master at intuiting the medicinal gifts of her students. Her apprenticeship prepared me to bring each of the skills she taught me into the world in an authentic way. 

Naomi’s comfort with each of the practices she taught is evident and through this comfort she was able to guide me to an embodied knowledge of each of them. My time in Naomi’s apprenticeship was sacred, deep, embodied, and joyful. Naomi brings humor and holiness together in a way that makes healing work sustainable.

- Caitlin Arce, Apprenticeship Graduate & Wise Womb Assistant

“My favorite thing about working with Naomi Love, is her authenticity… as a grounded person that is easily related to, as well as someone with whom the Spirit passes through to help guide us mere mortals on our path while immersed in the beauty of our Mother Earth. You will learn things about yourself and the amazing world we live in, and how to truly connect and be grounded. It is an honor to have met and spent time with her.” Beth Sevilla


“Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. This speaks to me of the deepening that is happening in our collective consciousness where the need for singularitys of spiritual power are being transmuted into a collective offering where we call forth from one another our highest gifts but also find the willingness to step into one another’s darkest nights as witnesses of love. One of Naomi’s gifts is her enormous devotion to authenticity. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.” Ally Gold, Student & Client

"Completing training with Naomi Love was absolutely invaluable in empowering me to open my own healing practice. She was able to transmit her knowledge of earth-centered healing in a way that spoke not just to my mind but to my heart and my soul as well. Besides providing me with a strong foundation in the techniques of massage, Naomi encouraged me to use an intuitive approach to weave ceremony, journey work, essential oils, flower essences and plant lustrations into my work. These techniques taught me to invite healing not just to the physical aspects but also to the mind, emotion and spirit of each person I work with. Training with Naomi also deeply affected my relationship with Mother Earth. Through her luminous love for Earth and Her creatures, Naomi taught me that there is beauty and support in the blooming of flowers, in the twining wander of weeds, in the flight of birds, and in the soil under my feet. I feel those teachings in every part of my life now. Training with Naomi was extremely rewarding both professionally and personally and I highly recommend studying with Wise Womb Medicine Path to anyone seeking depth in their healing work." Tracey Barr Lanham, Apprenticeship Graduate

“I have learned so much in this program and am excited to have more “tools” to work with in my Reiki and herbal healing practice. Having more of a heart centered approach has helped me have more space, joy and softness in my life. I am grateful for the loving and honest feedback from a gifted teacher who has my highest good/goals in mind. I have a lot of respect for the experience and wisdom that was exchanged in this dynamic group of women. It has definitely had a tremendously positive impact on my personal and professional life. Thanks Naomi!" — Blair Chandler, Apprenticeship Graduate

We offer a community healing day for our students to practice on and share their gifts with the local community wherever the apprenticeship retreat is held. This is the feedback > >


“I was blown away by the pure and high vibrational energy field that you were holding in the temple, it was so thick and beautiful, so strong with intention that it was almost palpable. 

I felt so held and understood, like in a mother's womb, and yet as a fully self-aware, conscious, radiant being, as the layers of energetic shields I have built up were being gently exfoliated, so the radiance could shine out into the world.

Throughout the entire session I felt on the verge of tears of joy and gratitude, it felt so good to be so vulnerable and feel a safe space and a container for this vulnerability. In just this one session it shifted my self-perception tremendously and re-awakened my deep Feminine energies and sensuous, earthy confidence”

- Wise Womb Temple Participant

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“Naomi’s classes, teachings, and mentorship have transformed my life, including my relationship with myself and the world.

I truly do not know where I would be with out her consistent and loving but firm guidance in my life. In her classes, Naomi has an undeniably magnetic presence that commands embodied attention. Naomi relays complex and in depth-material with ease and relatable transmission. When she speaks, students, including myself, pay attention and absorb with our entire beings.  

Naomi has a somewhat mysterious and magical way of meeting students entirely where they are at, allowing us each to arrive fully as ourselves. She draws authenticity, curiosity, and a willingness to 'dive deep,' in both her lectures and guided movements that allows for interactive learning. “

- Anna Barrett

“Working with Naomi has been a beautiful gift. I just finished her apprenticeship program and I am still in awe of all that I received, within the both the realms of healing and education. Physically, my PMS symptoms have improved, and my menstrual cramps have all but disappeared. My body feels more comfortable. Energy is flowing where it has been stuck for years.” Melissa Sandor, Level Two Graduate


“Working with Naomi you are held with nurturance, and care. I know Naomi from other circles and connections in the community, she resonates with me beyond what she does. The medicine she carries, the language she speaks, the uniqueness of her, I recognize within myself. I have studied with Naomi for the last two years and am truly devoted to walking this path with her. I highly recommend stepping into this deep, alchemical, divine healing for yourself.” ♥♥♥ Brandy Wade 

60,000 CLIENTS
SUPPORted THOUSANDS with conscious conception

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“I recently graduated from level one Wise Womb Medicine training. I feel transformed. To be held in such a safe container each day is precious beyond grow and learn, shed what was no longer serving and to transform myself was a blessing that I wish everyone in the world could have the opportunity to experience.

I have been studying holistic healing by way of apprenticeships and small workshops all over the world for most of my life, and this training feels like the one that I had been looking for this whole time!

I feel found. I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel like I have come home to myself. I feel that I have the tools I need to heal myself, and the practiced tools I need to provide the sanctuary for other's healing as well.

The transmission that Naomi carries is undeniably sacred, straight from Source and Spirit.

She unfolds the information in a way that is accessible to everyone, peeling off and building on the layers of wisdom in a way that felt clear, purposeful and so loving.

I felt empowered during the training because I was taught how to use each new skill or piece of information immediately and was able to practice on myself for my own healing. I received the personal healing that I have been waiting for and seeking for a long time now. I feel more connected to my Self than ever before. The magic, ritual, ceremony, somatic release, massage therapy, the sisterhood of incredible women, the connection to Spirit realms and the plant, herb, and animal kingdoms, the respect for our Earth and the fun casual beautiful energy that this was all woven together with are all some highlights from my experience!

I am so grateful that I heard and followed the call to this work and this way of life. My soul has always known and remembered that this existed, and it feels so right for me to be on this path now. Big thank you to Naomi, all the sisters from level one, and all assistants from level two who held space and supported me in this incredible time of learning and growth.”

- Gabrielle Lamourex (13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship)

Curious to learn more about the apprenticeship Gabrielle experienced?





“I completed the most deepening and healing apprenticeship I could have ever asked for, with a group of amazing sisters who all were such beautiful reflections.

We were raw in ways I never imagined..I broke open areas that had been armored and covered up for years.

I am in awe and ever inspired by the work that I did as well as the work that I am now able to offer in my practice. I am so grateful for my teacher and guide Naomi for all of her strengths and beauty, for her willingness to show up and be so trusting to offer her wisdom to each and every one of us. Thank you to all of my sisters for trusting, listening and showing up with such ease and grace in this world.”
Cristina Cantieri, Level Two Graduate



“The week four ceremony was POTENT. I did not even know how much I held that needed to be released until it was flowing out of me. We have not only created a bridge between my heart and womb, learned how to honor her, and taught my lover how to honor her, but through release opened up an avenue of pleasure and intimacy with my partner that has been shut off for nearly a year. Truly, Naomi Love, I cannot express how thankful I am for this space and your medicine. Thank you!

- Rachel Purser, Lunar Womb Temple

“Since completing the Lunar Womb Temple, my womb feels more sacred. Due to sexual trauma, it was all having an effect on my womb space. The womb clearing with the jade egg yoni practice allowed me to strengthen my connection to womb, and dissolve the fear and shock that had cut my connection to my yoni and womb. I am finally listening, and able to feel my emotions. 

My heart and womb are coming into alignment, and I am starting to feel strong and worthy within myself. I see there is nothing wrong with me, and my past feels like its gone. I can’t explain how amazing I feel - I feel myself, loveable and worthy! I’m even able to connect with other women more, including my mom, and my father. Able to connect into the eyes of others more and experience more connection. Now my heart and sexuality are uniting, all my actions are changing in the world. All of the practices are so powerful, it’s true womb medicine - I am so grateful!” — Duygu, Lunar Womb Temple



“I was first drawn to study with Naomi, before ever having a session with her, mostly for her quality of weaving modalities. I was just stepping onto my path in the healing arts, searching for my way and found her approach to be inspiring and spoke to my own sensibilities.

When I did start receiving sessions with her, I felt like I was finally being met by a practitioner in a way that took all of me into account. I was asked to take an active role in my own healing as well as given the gift of being held in sacred space.

Within the Apprenticeship Program, whether we were on a plant walk, practicing somatic movement, giving plant brushings, journeying, learning hands on techniques or giving and receiving healing from one another, I always felt held in the container of community and spirit.

The quality of Sacred Space being held allowed for an embodied and empowering learning experience. I felt like I was awakened to my own abilities, rather than trying to learn something new.

Naomi’s dedication to a life of study and practice make her a deeply embodied healer and teacher guided by a connection to spirit. If you feel drawn to receive or learn from her, follow your instinct!” 

- Adderly White Bigelow, Level One Apprenticeship Graduate


“Naomi Love is a master weaver of many wonderful things….. Her medicine runs deep and if you’re ready, she will swim with you, lovingly guiding you to the depths. She is very capable of holding a strong container for a group of women to explore and deepen relationships with each other and all parts of self. With decades of experience, she beautifully brings together a number of wisdom teachings which she shares through stories, music, ceremony, heart, womb, hands, and a clear transmission. For me, this class was about personal healing, deepening my own medicine and learning how to share the gifts. Praying that I will continue to study and spend time with this dear woman.” Lisa Dionne, Level Two Apprenticeship Graduate

“There are very few practitioners like Naomi Love. She is knowledgeable skilled and energetically clear. This woman will intuitively sense what you need and get right to work. She is very skilled in clearing blockages and picking up on areas that need support. Her knowledge gained from years of dedicated study, combined with her spiritual guidance are the perfect blend to work with individuals from all walks of life. She is a highly regarded practitioner in our community. She decades of experience in health and healing and uses her mastery to weave together a courses for woman interested in the art of love - including self-love, receiving love and opening up to love. Her impeccable ability to hold space creates a safe and sacred container, an invitation to heal all aspects of self, the shadow and the light. My words to describe this work are magic and authenticity. If you want to learn how to heal, how to love (self and others), how to serve (male and female) and how to stand in your power and truth, this is it.” Caroline Lee, Level One Apprenticeship Graduate



“This apprenticeship program has been one of the richest, deepest experiences of my life. I have always been drawn to the natural world as a source of healing, but Naomi’s teachings connected me to the healing powers of nature in the most profound way. I love being able to identify and use plants that grow around us for their healing powers for myself and my clients.

I love being able to practice the bodywork, abdominal massage and plant medicine on my clients and on myself for the most nourishing self care. This has sky rocketed my healing abilities to a whole other level. Naomi is a patient, generous, experienced, humble and powerful teacher.” — Rachel Fisher, Apprenticeship Graduate

"The apprenticeship program was such a gift. Naomi generously bestowed her depth of knowledge with such precision as to give us the gift of confidence in our own healing touch. This apprenticeship program profoundly weaves many modalities to create a truly earth centered healing practice. Not only honing body work touch but also in the powerful use of plant spirit medicine, prayer and shamanic journey practices. I'm so grateful to have Naomi as a teacher and guide in moving forward with this work into my own practice." Corrie Snyder, Apprenticeship Graduate

"Having a private shamanic healing practice, I work with people often and I always felt somewhat unskilled when it came to incorporating the body work aspects into my practice. After taking this program with Naomi, I am more confident in my touch, which I know will amplify the healing results my clients will receive. Naomi is a master weaver of earth-centered spiritual, emotional and physical practices. Her knowledge and skill is unparalleled, unique and effective and her teaching style is hands on and dynamic. I am very grateful for the incredible opportunity to study with this modern day medicine woman." Rachel Weitz, Apprenticeship Graduate

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“I received more information and deeper transmissions in this one symposium with Naomi Love than I have in a year of shamanic apprenticeship and many years of spiritual studies and practice!! In just days, this has shifted themes I have been actively working on shifting for the past 2-3 years.” Akhera Unpa (Symposium Participant)

“So much has shifted in me. I feel the process of unravelling untruth happening in my system and have been so inspired by the talks I have taken in.” Deva (Symposium Participant)

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.31.04 PM.png

“For those that are new to us at Wise Womb Medicine Path and are new to Naomi Love - I would like to introduce our Host of Wise Womb Way Symposium, Naomi Love. Naomi is also the Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path which is a living school teaching the temple and healing arts. Wise Womb Medicine is a Systematic Holistic Approach to healing on all levels. 

Naomi has devoted her life to the medicine path and supporting others on theirs. She has worked with over 60,000 clients, she has traveled to 17 countries and has trained over 70 practitioners through her school. 

Naomi’s personal story is similar to many of us. Her life as a child was not an easy one, she is truly a warrior, a shield maiden. She has walked through many dark places and experienced great hardship which she has so beautifully alchemized within herself. As a student of hers, I am honored to walk next to a woman that is so deeply authentic, real, honest, vulnerable and able to show all of herself without shame. 

As you participate in the Symposium you will see her show all aspects of herself, the raw and real, the hurt and wounded, the powerful and amazing. Naomi Love is my teacher, mentor and an amazing human. 

If you haven’t visited the school yet, please do, and if you haven’t signed up for the symposium please do!! Naomi has done all this work on her own to create this project for all of humanity. She has sacrificed comfort in her own life, in order to afford to offer this to you all!! For those that are called to donate to the school she has created All ACCESS PASSES, which go to funding the low income scholarship programs for sisters to be able to attend her apprenticeship programs.”
With Great Love for this beautiful Woman, Jennifer Straw - Level Three Graduate of Wise Womb Medicine Path.

More Praise for clients who have worked with Naomi Love

“My life changed significantly after working with Naomi Love. She is the most connected person I have ever met, and the realist. She's honest and listens to your body and words carefully to hear what you need. I've learned so much about myself, become so much more healed and connected in my body and yoni and womb, and found a practice that fits my spiritual needs. I've never been so completely taken care of- mind, body, and spirit”. - Emma Lischwe 

“Naomi is magic. I have known her form many years and have had several amazing healing sessions with her. Somehow she always knows what you need. And I always look forward to the next session. Her tinctures are also wonderful and potent.” Cory LoveJoy


“Naomi is a healer and teacher of healers. She helped me through bad gastritis I had for years after doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Her work has been transformative to say the least, and the breadth of her knowledge is more vast than 100 health books.

She's the real deal, people. A medicine woman, a Shaman, a Kahuna, a Guru, and she is also down to Earth, real and open.

I've had the privilege to study with her and I sincerely believe that she can help any healer find his or her own healing. I can't show enough gratitude for what she has done for me. Go see her. Study from her, learn what she has to offer. You won't regret it.” - Miguel Bunker-Huertas

“Working with Naomi brings me home. Every time I’ve washed up on her shores shipwrecked and disconnected from my depths, I’ve left again feeling whole, embodied and attuned to myself in a new way. She is a kind of an angel, a shamaness, a messenger and oh yes, a healer. Are you looking for soul-level support? If a feather fell from the sky and landed in your hand, what would you do with it?” Carl Baccellieri

“Working with Naomi is like nothing else. Her holistic approach makes each session perfectly tailored to whatever is in your here and now. Her approach and methods gives so much more than meets the eye. The healing occurs in so many realms. All who visit are truly blessed to be in her presence and be the receiver of such gifts.” Jassalyn Bradbury, New Zealand 

“I have been working with Naomi for almost ten years and every session is totally different as she meets you in presence, weaving her knowledge and modalities with intuition to best meet YOU. I feel truly seen and cared for by her. She has helped me on so many levels, working with how to heal from the inside out. I have gone from client to student and have completely loved every moment of working with her.” Jennifer Straw

“In the healing arts, Naomi is a truly gifted artist. She wields her modalities with the confidence and skill of a master, and she has the real gift to tap into her patient's needs. I trust Naomi and her abilities completely and highly recommend her. She is the best!!” Julie 

“Naomi is simply the most amazing intuitive healer and body work is the best I have ever had.”  Virginia Lindemann-Roman 

“My partner in crime and I recently celebrated our third anniversary and I asked Naomi if she could do a little something for us. When I eventually downloaded it I was overjoyed to find that she had made us a 15-minute long personal meditation. It was such a nice treat, and I felt so grateful that she’d taken the time to record it. We were on holiday in Portugal and decided to follow the guided meditation when we were staying at a beautifully simplistic little house in a remote location. Serene energy made it the perfect setting to light some candles and follow Naomi’s audio. The meditation itself was great. Somehow Naomi’s intuition brought us both exactly what we needed at that exact moment. It was magic. The meditation gave us both the space and the permission to be honest and authentic with ourselves and each other. Sometimes you may feel worried, ashamed, or simply scared that being honest with your other half might cause friction – unless you’re taking part in some kind of intimacy session, which this was… it really helped loads and we felt so connected with one another afterwards. Beautiful in every way.” Marcus Barnes

“Deep, healing bodywork unlike anything else. Nurturing. Loving. Grateful.” Ali Shanti

“Naomi is a healer who can nudge you toward finding the answers that were always hidden in your body.” Heather Irmiger Nova  

“Naomi is amazing. She has helped me through many aspects of health and supported my womb so I could conceive my second child. Naomi is not only an amazing healer, but also playful and hilarious and fun to be around!” Jennifer Kelley Brodbeck


“Naomi holds such loving presence. From the moment I walked in the door I felt so nourished and cared for. She guided me through a beautiful healing session that opened my body, helped me feel safe to release emotion, and brought joy and deep wisdom to my soul. So much can gratitude for this amazing woman and her healing gifts!”  Kristin Schuch, Denver Colorado 

“Naomi is Absolutely SUPERB and a phenomenally talented bodyworker meets gifted multidimensional healer meets lovely genuine human being. Naomi is in a healing league of her own.” Tara Eastcott

“I just recently had the good fortune to receive a hands-on healing from Naomi. I was able to completely trust in Naomi's depth of knowledge and immediately sink into a deep place of receiving. It is hard to categorize this type of healing, as it was comprised of many modalities and I felt that Naomi had an uncanny ability to go to just the place where healing was needed. My session was a weaving of whole body massage, wise womb massage, shamanic healing, and herbal/nutritional consultation. I'm sure there were other components, too! I arrived with an immense amount of physical tension, stress, and exhaustion. My session was a catalyst for much needed self-care, rest, and a willingness to look at some of my emotional and physical patterns. I'm so thankful for the intercession of love that Naomi provided and I am also savoring the delicious herbal adrenal remedy that she crafted for me. I look forward to future sessions with her. I know my body, mind, and spirit will thank me as I continue to come back to myself in my fullest expression of vitality.” Joy Kemna

“Naomi is an amazing teacher, healer, visionary, and weaver of the seen and unseen. I have experienced her as a teacher and her healing work. She is gifted in her work with others and with spirit, a clear conduit of love and guided support. “Heather Boreske 


“Naomi is extremely compassionate and caring in what she does! Anytime I need a question answered she is there... Having issues with my menstrual cycles recently I inquired about the Female Tonic and she actually sensed my need for the product and sent it right away before I had a chance to pay her. Happy to say I'm feeling better and Looking forward to scheduling a Healing session with her to continue my healing process. If in doubt look no further... Naomi is truly is the healer to work with!!!” Camille L Crowley

“This is an unreal healer in a very REAL way! Naomi tunes in and then fine tunes her many modalities directly at a particular or combination of issues. Healing is a powerful science and she manages to shape its potency into an exceptional art form. I can honesty say, it's not that she changed my life and experience of conscious healing and well being, it's that she continues to do so!” Shannon Paige

“Naomi is a very gifted, talented, healer. She is without question the most intuitive person with whom I have worked. Her hands on healing body work sessions are the best work I've ever had. I've seen her for over a year now and her work has had real, clear results. That's the key - there is such a clear link to her work and the improvements in my health. Go see her NOW!!” Danny Suter

“Naomi Love is my go-to when I need physical, mental or spiritual healing. Naomi has a gift but she is also a diligent student of many healing modes. I always leave her space feeling strong and healthy and with a deeper understanding of my own abilities to heal. I also smell amazing.” Rebecca Premus

“There is something magical about Naomi Love. Her blend of deeply rooted professional training and intrinsic shamanic healing has supported me in the hardest of times and helped my body, mind and spirit find vitality and balance. It's a gift you should absolutely give yourself.” Michelle Weldon

Naomi is great! Gets straight to the core issue with an open heart. -  Laura Adrian 

“Naomi is a wealth of knowledge and I personally respect and admire that in a healer. She is constantly learning new practices and teaching others how to properly care for themselves. I call her for phone consultations frequently and always leave the conversation feeling empowered and grateful for her mastery in the field of woman's care.” Anndria Cornish 

“Naomi is a gifted healer on all levels. She can not only heal, restore and calm the physical body she can bring the same benefits to the emotional and spiritual body. Naomi brings a deep well of knowledge and can guide any healing journey with love, grace and joy.” Heather Lindemann

“My sessions with Naomi have ranged from bodywork for a chronic back injury; emotional work through my peri-menopausal symptoms to herbal support while my son was active in Afghanistan. We gave our 13-year-old daughter a beautiful initiation session with Naomi as she entered puberty. Naomi's multi talents and beautiful healing services are essential and effective for ALL. Highly recommend.” Karen Robinson 

“Naomi is an extremely gifted healer. She has the rare ability to tap into the subtle energies that run below the surface and to hold space for those energies to find their optimal state. Working with Naomi through ritual, meditation, body work and sound healing has helped me address many long-standing physical and emotional discords. I highly recommend Naomi Love.” Tracey Barr Lanham

“Since having my baby I haven't been able to travel to Boulder to see Naomi in person however I have been so blessed to have her services still available. It has come time to wean my toddler and this has been a tough challenge for us. I had a wonderful phone consultation with Naomi and she asked very insightful and revealing questions to guide me through some of our challenges. She then crafted a wonderful flower essence spray to help my little girl during this tough transition time. I also mentioned to Naomi that I was working really hard to cut excess sugar out of my diet to help with my Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome and she was able to craft two essences for me as well. Having had in-person sessions before I feel the virtual session was just as amazing. I received the same attention to detail and customized help that I received from Naomi when visiting her cottage. Naomi is such a gifted healer who is able to share her gifts fully whether in person or through a distance healing session. Thank you, Naomi!” Tali Koziol-Thomason

“I am so grateful for you! For escorting me into my true-nature soul-land, to drink at the holy well filling up and to be reborn and remembered into the LOVE Lights once more! Blessings and brilliances to your Medicine Woman nature and gifts that you share!” Marian Rose

“I have been working with Naomi three months now via Skype and the sessions have literally changed my life. Naomi shows up with a soft loving presence, she holds sacred space and she is also very knowledgeable with nutrition and herbal medicine and has supported me through healing my digestive and reproductive system while also guiding me to look deeper beyond the physical in a soft and gentle way. I highly recommend her and her work.” Kathryn

“I have seen Naomi as a client for a number of her eclectic healing sessions, and have been changed in very positive ways after each session. She weaves shamanic healing, meditation, bodywork, herbal medicine and nutrition into a unique blend that works on healing mind, body, and spirit. She brings her healing presence, intuition and extensive background to each session, and her unique combination has certainly worked for me. I highly recommend that you book a session with Naomi - I believe you will be pleased with the result.” Steve Abel

“I am thrilled to have met you. Thank you for taking me to calm places. I sat in the creek after the incredible session guided facilitated orchestrated by you, placed two rue leaves on my belly, sprinkled the creek watery herbal rain. Thank you so much. Glad to know you exist.” Julia Lunk

“Naomi was our birth doula shortly after conception through delivery and remains an important part of our family. Naomi has extensive experience assisting in child birth... in the most remote areas of the world. I knew if she could assist deliveries in India and Bali, she could assist mine. I also saw her weekly for prenatal womb therapy, which relieved many symptoms associated with my pregnancy. Naomi helped prepare my husband and I beforehand by showing us birthing techniques, breathing techniques, as well as birthing postures my husband could do help support me in during labor, she also took me shopping for "birthing essentials". I felt safe and secure in Naomi's hands. Her commitment to our child’s wellbeing was just as strong as ours. I had a VERY difficult child birth in a hospital... and Naomi held the space for me and made me feel human, nurtured and cared for with ease and grace, yet, she is also professional and focused. She was a god send and I love her. She was so amazing at our first birth that we flew her to where we were having our second baby to assist our birth. She is a gem.” Kate Ralls


“Naomi Love brings so many skills to her profound body of work, she was a student of mine when she was a teen ager and has been blooming ever since. Her knowledge base is vast, coupled with her intuition and presence. My entire family goes to Naomi for their healing.” Brigitte Mars

Shannon Paige

“It is my greatest joy to spend time nourishing, healing, regenerating and amplifying my health and well-being with Naomi Love. She is a radiant, confident, and soothing being who is gifted at tuning her multiple modalities to the clients who see her. Her level of expertise and passion in so many wellness directions makes her the perfect health care professional and by far the most remarkable practitioner I have ever met. She is inspiring and grounding and her touch, voice, and counsel is like that of an angel!

Yesterday was amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her work was like the best parts of yoga and meditation and the most amazing somatic experience. It felt like the best kind of therapy, finding ways to move into what is painful, but at this somatic level. I have not been so relaxed, maybe ever. I left feeling like I had a new set point of calm and equanimity and had the deepest sleep last night.” Shannon Paige

“I just have to tell you how exceptional Naomi is and how much I enjoyed my session with her. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the second I knocked on the door up until the moment I left. I didn't feel rushed or hurried to leave and I felt that it was very easy to talk about what was going on in my body and in my life. As someone who has had little to no bodywork, I was feeling a little nervous before I went, because honestly I just didn't know what to expect. Her space is so inviting, the cottage exudes her warmth and welcoming nature, and the work she does is phenomenal. She is very special, talented and gifted. I am soooo thankful.” Derya Ozbay

“Naomi is completely knowledgeable with her techniques and applies all her experience, training and intuition to each client. She has helped me in so many ways with lifestyle changes, emotional and physical healing. Thank you!” Chanda Gustafson

Naomi has a multi-faceted professional experience and the great gift of tuning into the subtle energy body. I enjoy the space she creates and the unique way she works on my body with her delicate yet firm touch. I always feel Naomi's presence during our sessions. She is connected to my energy and she is able to guide me to a place of balance. When I first saw Naomi I had troubles with both my sleep and my digestive system. She gave me dietary recommendations and herbal suggestions and taught me simple self-healing techniques. After few treatments and few weeks of following her advice, both my sleep and elimination improved dramatically. Naomi taught me that she could certainly help me to come back into balance, but that it was my responsibility to maintain such balance. Discipline is required because repetition and regularity are essentials in order to re-train the mind and body and achieve lasting changes. But after experiencing well-being, staying on track is easier than before. A better sleep and digestion not only resulted in increased vitality and clarity but also had a positive effect on my mood and behavior. Pier Paolo DeAngelis

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