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“Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. This speaks to me of the deepening that is happening in our collective consciousness where the need for singularitys of spiritual power are being transmuted into a collective offering where we call forth from one another our highest gifts but also find the willingness to step into one another’s darkest nights as witnesses of love. One of Naomi’s gifts is her enormous devotion to authenticity. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.”
— Ally Gold

“My favorite thing about working with Naomi Love, is her authenticity… as a grounded person that is easily related to, as well as someone with whom the Spirit passes through to help guide us mere mortals on our path while immersed in the beauty of our Mother Earth. You will learn things about yourself and the amazing world we live in, and how to truly connect and be grounded. It is an honor to have met and spent time with her.”
— Beth Sevilla

I recently graduated from level one Wise Womb Medicine training. I feel transformed. To be held in such a safe container each day is precious beyond grow and learn, shed what was no longer serving and to transform myself was a blessing that I wish everyone in the world could have the opportunity to experience. I have been studying holistic healing by way of apprenticeships and small workshops all over the world for most of my life, and this training feels like the one that I had been looking for this whole time! I feel found. I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel like I have come home to myself. I feel that I have the tools I need to heal myself, and the practiced tools I need to provide the sanctuary for other’s healing as well. The transmission that Naomi carries is undeniably sacred, straight from Source and Spirit. She unfolds the information in a way that is accessible to everyone, peeling off and building on the layers of wisdom in a way that felt clear, purposeful and so loving. I felt empowered during the training because I was taught how to use each new skill or piece of information immediately and was able to practice on myself for my own healing. I received the personal healing that I have been waiting for and seeking for a long time now. I feel more connected to my Self than ever before. The magic, ritual, ceremony, somatic release, massage therapy, the sisterhood of incredible women, the connection to Spirit realms and the plant, herb, and animal kingdoms, the respect for our Earth and the fun casual beautiful energy that this was all woven together with are all some highlights from my experience! I am so grateful that I heard and followed the call to this work and this way of life. My soul has always known and remembered that this existed, and it feels so right for me to be on this path now. Big thank you to Naomi, all the sisters from level one, and all assistants from level two who held space and supported me in this incredible time of learning and growth.

Caitlin Arce
I felt connection to spirit in every element of my training. Naomi helped me remember knowledge I had forgotten lifetimes ago. She helped me remember how to pray. I have a deep reverence for the work we did together and I am so grateful that myself and my sisters from my apprenticeships are co-creating and healing this world together. I have so much love and gratitude for Naomi. If you are being called to work with her, I suggest you check in with your intuition and hers and then take a giant leap. I did not know why I was leaping when I said, “Yes!,” to working with Naomi, but that presented itself by day one of my training. This apprenticeship was a huge leap forward on my journey. Naomi has a clear vision as to the medicine she brings to the world and is a master at intuiting the medicinal gifts of her students. Her apprenticeship prepared me to bring each of the skills she taught me into the world in an authentic way. Naomi created an opening for me to sort out the manner in which I want to apply these healing practices to my life, whether for my career, personal growth, or the healing of the world. I felt so supported as she shared these sacred practices with me, knowing that they were steeped in ancient wisdom. Naomi’s comfort with each of the practices she taught is evident and through this comfort she was able to guide me to an embodied knowledge of each of them. My time in Naomi’s apprenticeship was sacred, deep, embodied, and joyful. Naomi brings humor and holiness together in a way that makes healing work sustainable.
— Caitlin Arce



a world where we were all in right relationship with ourselves, our communities, with mother nature, with our Helping Guides, Great Spirit. Imagine a place where you could be you, ALL of you.

In this world we communicate our truths, share our hearts, we gather to dance and play in a scared way. We hold space for our sisters for deep healing, a place where we support each others remembrance.

Imagine walking into a sacred temple, and being met by your sisterhood...

Read this beautiful woman's experience of entering our temple space...

Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

I was blown away by the pure and high vibrational energy field that you were holding in the temple, it was so thick and beautiful, so strong with intention that it was almost palpable. Healing and transformation were in the air, and I was transported into an altered state the minute I walked in and sat on the table (usually takes some time to get into in a meditation).

And the rest was like an amazing shamanic journey through multiple dimensions: caring loving hearts and hands embracing every corner of my body and soul; ever-changing smells, sounds, and sensations kept my mind occupied with the present moment, while the healing intention was reaching deep into the areas that were hidden and hurt and needed love. I felt so held and understood, like in a mother’s womb, and yet as a fully self-aware, conscious, radiant being, as the layers of energetic shields I have built up were being gently exfoliated, so the radiance could shine out into the world. Throughout the entire session I felt on the verge of tears of joy and gratitude, it felt so good to be so vulnerable and feel a safe space and a container for this vulnerability.

When I was sharing my feedback with Jennifer at the end, I said that I also felt we could have gone deeper, but afterwards I felt it was absolutely perfect and what I needed: the process continued intensifying for a couple of days after, where I felt really tender and open, both physically and emotionally, and that deep healing was taking place. Even this one session shifted my self-perception tremendously, re-awakened my deep feminine energies and sensuous, earthy confidence that comes with them, like ice cracking in the spring on a deep glorious lake that was frozen over, sharp and cold.

It was also amazing to feel so vividly, even with eyes closed, the variety of healing fields coming from the plants, and letting go of them in a special spot continued the journey.

I can’t thank you enough for this transformation, this gift you are offering to the world, and teaching these gorgeous, radiant sisters to do the same.
— Temple Participant

Anna Barrett
Naomi classes, teachings, and mentorship have transformed my life, practice, and relationship with myself and world. I truly do not know where I would be with out her consistent and loving but firm guidance in my life. In her classes, Naomi has an undeniably magnetic presence that commands embodied attention. I have witnessed Naomi relay complex and in depth-material with ease and relatable transmission. When she speaks, students, including myself, pay attention and absorb with our entire beings. Naomi has a somewhat mysterious and magical way of meeting students entirely where they are at, allowing to arrive to the material fully as themselves. She draws authenticity, curiosity, and a willingness to ‘dive deep,’ in both her lecture and her guided movements. Her classes always include interactive learning. Naomi is a natural teacher. She provides space for the student’s inherent wisdom to arise and gives respect to their personal journey and experience. In doing so, she allows the student to draw their own conclusions, absorb her teachings, and actively apply new found material into their lives. As a movement guide, Naomi is attentive. Naomi has strong intuitive ways of working with the body in all of it’s dimensions. She teaches to the student collective, and is skilled at providing adjustments, modifications and needed support to the individual student. Naomi’s voice, music, and the flow of her words all provide for a safe space for exploration, self-care, and evolution in the body/mind/spirit. Naomi carries her years of study and extensive experience with elegance. She is constantly growing, attending workshops, and seeking knowledge. I believe it is her passion for and integration of her learning, combined with the innate gift she possesses as teacher and healer, that makes her such an impactful and magnetizing mentor.
— Anna Barrett

I completed the most deepening and healing apprenticeship I could have ever asked for, with a group of amazing sisters who all were such beautiful reflections. We were raw in ways I never imagined..I broke open areas that had been armored and covered up for years. I am in awe and ever inspired by the work that I did as well as the work that I am now able to offer in my practice. I am so grateful for my teacher and guide Naomi for all of her strengths and beauty, for her willingness to show up and be so trusting to offer her wisdom to each and every one of us. Thank you to all of my sisters for trusting, listening and showing up with such ease and grace in this world.
— Cristina Cantieri

Naomi is a healer and teacher of healers. She helped me through bad gastritis I had for years after doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Her work has been transformative to say the least, and the breadth of her knowledge is more vast than 100 health books. She’s the real deal, people. A medicine woman, a shaman, a kahuna, a guru, and she is also down to Earth, real and open. I’ve had the privilege to study with her and I sincerely believe that she can help any healer find his or her own healing. I can’t show enough gratitude for what she has done for me. Go see her. Study from her, learn what she has to offer. You won’t regret it.
— Miguel Bunker-Huertas

I was first drawn to study with Naomi, before ever having a session with her, mostly for her quality of weaving modalities. I was just stepping onto my path in the healing arts, searching for my way and found her approach to be inspiring and spoke to my own sensibilities. When I did start receiving sessions with her, I felt like I was finally being met by a practitioner in a way that took all of me into account. I was asked to take an active role in my own healing as well as given the gift of being held in sacred space. The creation of the apprenticeship program was the perfect opportunity for to me to deepen my ability to receive, as well as explore an earth centered approach to healing. Every meeting was held in sacred space, facilitated by Naomi and supported by all us students. Whether we were on a plant walk, practicing somatic movement, giving plant brushings, journeying, learning hands on techniques or giving and receiving healing from one another, I always felt held in the container of community and spirit. This quality of space allowed for an embodied and empowering learning experience. I felt like I was awakened to my own abilities, rather than trying to learn something new. I am so excited to continue apprenticing with Naomi in this next group focused on womb work and women’s health. Our womb, our second heart, is the seat of our inner wisdom, our ancestry, our power. Giving her a voice and supporting other women to do the same is healing that needs to take place on the planet right now. I look forward to deepening my skills to hold space, connect to spirit, facilitate healing for women, and of course, continue on my own path of healing. Naomi’s dedication to a life of study and practice make her a deeply embodied healer and teacher guided by a connection to spirit. If you feel drawn to receive or learn from her, follow your instinct! It will bring you closer to yourself and to all that is. With love
— Adderly White Bigelow

This apprenticeship program has been one of the richest, deepest experiences of my life. I have always been drawn to the natural world as a source of healing, but Naomi’s teachings connected me to the healing powers of nature in the most profound way. I love being able to identify and use plants that grow around us for their healing powers for myself and my clients. I love being able to practice the bodywork, abdominal massage and plant medicine on my clients and on myself for the most nourishing self care. This has sky rocketed my healing abilities to a whole other level. Naomi is a patient, generous, experienced, humble and powerful teacher.
— ~Rachel Fisher