Wise Womb Way Symposium

Novice or Master - this diverse line-up of Speakers will shift you.


32 videos from masters in the healing arts within the symposium with transmissions and conversations on all topics from cultural appropriation to conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and the sacred Feminine. 

By SUPPORTING us, you are Supporting ALL WOMEN

Proceeds from this Wise Womb Way Symposium go towards funding our low income scholarship programs for our 13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program.



Join masters in virtual sacred circle to learn the Wise Womb Way

The Wise Womb Way is a way of life and living that is inclusive. It is a way of being and living from a place of personal responsibility, honesty and vulnerability. It is a lineage of the Sacred Feminine which is beyond gender, rather an energy of the Feminine, which works through the oral tradition, a cyclical, rhythmical way of living life and understanding ourselves within this great cosmic web. For women it is the path of connecting to their Womb space and allowing this to be their inner oracle connected to our hearts, Mother Earth and Great Spirit. For men living from a place within that is connected to your Hara, your limited source of power anchored into Mother Earth and the great cosmic web. The Wise Womb Way teaches the art of relating both with ourselves, with each other and the world.


3 Ways to Participate

Day Unlimited Access Pass

Purchase this pass for $42 USD and you will be given unlimited access to that specific day of videos of those speakers. Options below to purchase each separate day.

Symposium All Access Pass

Purchase this pass for $97 USD and you will be given all access to all the videos of the speakers throughout the 8 days of the Wise Womb Way Symposium.

Symposium + Fertility Summit All Access Pass

Purchase this pass for $125 USD and you will be given all access to 32 videos of the speakers in the Wise Womb Way Symposium, plus 23 speakers in the Fertility Summit!! ($441.00 value!)


Virtual Transmissions

In times past, we would gather in circle to sit at the feet of masters and wisdom keepers of Sacred earth medicines. This was an old world way of learning known as the Oral Tradition, often held by the Sacred Feminine lineages. Many of our ancient wisdoms were passed down from generation to generation, these wisdoms weren’t written in text, they were received through oral transmission. 

In this day and age, we can do this virtually, in the comfort of our own home, without having to travel the globe. We can gather together in sacred circle, to learn and receive the medicines and wisdom from people who have devoted their lives to studying and embodying these earth centered ways. Spend a week with Wisdom Keepers of the healing arts, learning powerful concepts and practices to implement immediately into your life. Whether you are a novice or master, this Wise Womb Way Symposium provides an exceptional level of integral, diverse speakers who each provide a key transmission around their key theme of expertise in their field.

Each speaker gives practical ways for you to leave the conversation applying this knowledge to the way you are living your life right now, so it can be weaved in to create your desired change. You will leave these talks, with a new found sense of inspiration and knowledge to take the next step on your healing journey, to feel a deeper connection to your heart and womb, to your purpose and with a sense of empowerment that will allow you to become the most authentic, and truest version of yourself.

Now is our time to WAKE UP, TO STAND TOGETHER, TO RISE! AND it takes a Village.

Let us learn how to be in harmony with ourselves, with one another, so we may uplift the collective consciousness. Let us learn about ourselves and shed what isn’t working, so we can stand fully in our truest essence. 


This has truly shifted shit in me, in just days, that I've been actively working on shifting for the past 2-3 years (but really, some of it, my whole life!) with only minimal but gradual progression.

- Akhera


What if…

We could walk upon the earth in alignment with all of creation.
We could experience every encounter as safe and Sacred.
We could be witnessed, seen and acknowledged by yourself.
We knew how to express your Sacred needs.
What if we could each understood that our entire experience was an aspect of Love...

Who is this for?

This symposium is for EVERYONE, of all ages, gender and stages of life! Whether you are curious to learn more about receiving healing, being in right relationship, cultivating healthier relationships with self or other, unleashing your orgasmic energy, to healing your ancestral lineage. It will enlighten any Novice or Master walking the Healing path.

This is such an amazing opportunity to participate in sacred conversations with masters within the healing arts in this way, virtually sitting in circle with them speaking to a diverse array of topics from cultural appropriation to conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and the sacred Feminine and so much more. Keep scrolling to see the full line-up of speakers and topics…

Does this sound like you?

  • You are searching for the information or person to support you through a part of your healing journey and have been unable to find the right resources yet

  • You are confused by all the options out there, questioning where to go or who to see or what modality or healer would best support your healing - we have the answers

  • You wish to attract your soul mate, let go of toxic relationship patterns and thrive instead

  • You wish to cultivate a deeper level of self love and intimacy with yourself and your relationships

  • You want to be empowered with the know-how for how to sync your hormones and create a deeper connection with your womb and vaginal ecology

  • Your intrigued with desire to hear about how to cultivate female sexual energy and tap into your wild orgasmic potential

  • You have your own healing practice and want to deepen your knowledge base

  • You do not have the money to travel around the globe to visit Wisdom Keepers and spend hundreds or thousands, or for single sessions. You want to be connected with wisdom keepers in a way which is affordable and accessible

  • You were guided or referred to this page, and somewhere deep inside, is this deep knowing that you are being invited to join us!

    If you said YES to one or more of these…


I received more information and deeper transmissions in this one symposium with Naomi Love than I have in a year of shamanic apprenticeship and many years of Spiritual Studies and practice!

- A.Unpa


Meet Your Host


Naomi Love

Aloha, I am Naomi Amaya Love. I have been immersed in the world of healing since I was a child and have been in private practice for over 25 years. I am a weaver of modalities, lineages, intuition and a little magic, supporting folks on their path to remembrance.

I am the Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path Living School for the Temple and Healing Arts which is the culmination of all my studies and experience embodied and translated into a beautiful body of work. Sharing the Medicine of Mother Earth, Divine Wisdom & Great Spirit with women around the world, teaching women how to be wisdom keepers of the medicine path through experiential embodiment and deep personal healing.  

I am a steward for Mother Earth interceding on your behalf in love. Supporting YOU on your path, is my devotion and service to the world. I have  been immersed in the temple & healing arts for over twenty-five years… I am a Master of many….a Weaver of the Sacred.. a Facilitator for Great Spirit and a guide for Self Mastery. I am a Intimacy Coach, Evolutionary Alchemist, Ceremonialist, Nutritional Therapist, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Master Bodyworker, Breath Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, Medium, Mentor and Womb Shamaness. I offer my work in various ways; via In Person or Remote Sessions, Mentorships, Signature Programs and Personal Retreats. Working with Women, Men and Couples.

I am devoted to inspiring and supporting you in coming home to the remembrance of your true nature.



Symposium + Fertility Summit

For those who really want to maximize this virtual immersion with the masters in the healing arts, then you have the opportunity to purchase the Fertility Summit as a package. In the Fertility Summit, masters in the healing arts explore conscious conception, fertility, womb healing and women.


for only : $125 USD ($444.00 value!)


This includes:

  • Wise Womb Symposium: 32 videos from Masters in the Healing Arts within the Wise Womb Symposium with transmissions and conversations on all topics from cultural appropriation to conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and the Sacred Feminine

  • Fertility Summit: 23 deeply amazing, insightful acred conversations with Medicine Keepers from around the world on all topics including womb wisdom, healing, women’s health and fertility.


Over 1800 Participants to date

“So much has shifted in me. I feel the process of unravelling untruth happening in my system and have been so inspired by the talks I have taken in. I really felt in my heart which ones were for me and it was just what I needed to hear each time”

- Deva


By supporting us you are supporting all women

Hear from a recipient of our scholarship program

My life has forever changed in profound and beautiful ways... and this is just the beginning. Literally. Just two months into the Wise Womb Medicine Path - 13 Moon' Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program and I am diving into depths of my being, through a relationship with my womb, my body, and spirit, that I haven't experienced before. WWMP is giving me the support and nourishment I needed to feed my womb and get in right relationship with her and the universe. It's helping me to pull back from fear, wounding and loneliness, to clear pain and outdated beliefs I've been storing in my womb space. And I can only imagine how much more my womb will reveal to me as we dive deeper...

Through the love and wisdom Naomi breathes into this space, I feel held, loved, suspended in a womb of sorts... And I am growing. I am healing. I am healed. Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to participate... and I am soooo thankful!! Thank you Naomi for being the beautiful hollow bone through which you birthed this sweet and powerful container for us, and thank you to the participants who have supported this incredible project!

Akhera Shepsutera


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