It is your birthright to be a steward of and for Mother Earth. 

Now more than ever we are hearing the call of Mother Earth, of our Ancestors to come into harmony, to come into right relationship with ourselves and with our surroundings. We have forgotten how to walk upon this sacred earth with presence and love... We have forgotten how to listen to ourselves and to our unseen teachers and helpers.... We have forgotten to tend to our ancestors, to the spirits of the land, they too need to be remembered, they need to be honored and tended to. 
Let’s come into greater harmony with ourselves and all of our realtions.. Let’s cultivate a new (old) way of walking on the Earth, in reverance. 

Join Naomi Love for a Sacred Earth Experiential Class

  • Learn how to make Offerings, Honor and Pray to the Nature Spirits. 
  • Learn how to listen to the land... and  step into your birthrite to become and be a steward for the Earth. 
  • Learn to be in Right Relationship with the Nature Spirit Realm, with the Elements and the Directions.
  • Cultivate a deeper more sacred, playful and fun relationship with momma nature. 

Time: 11:00am - 3/4ish pm

Location: TBD 

Investment: $150.00 Per Person for Group Class (Proceeds go to funding our school and are given back to local communities that tend to the land) 

This is an offering only available to smaller groups six folks max. Men and Women welcome... 

Currently offering on Maui Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado.

You are welcome to request a personal sacred earth day or class. Send inquiry to

Boulder Colorado