Pregnancy & Postpartum Training 

© Isabel Bryna

© Isabel Bryna


I have supported hundreds of women through childbearing and post-partum. In this five day immersion you will learn my tips and secrets for working with this special group of women.  

You will learn both hands on application of the wise womb medicine techniques for all stages of pregnancy as well as self care additions to teach your clients to support their personal connection to their womb, helping them to reclaim their womb supporting them in honoring of each of the transitions and stages of this powerful initiation. I will share with you the magic, rituals and session enhancements you can add to their sessions. As well as specific maya techniques as taught to me by Miss Beatrice, indigenous Maya healer. 




$999.00 Enrollment begins 10/31/2017 and ends 02/14/2018

Investment Includes

2 Remote Coaching Sessions

4 - 6 Group Healing Calls per year

One year FREE professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.

Free membership and Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path musings TM & resources.

Postpartum Practitioner Manual.


In order to apply you must have completed level two wise womb training. However, I know there are many skilled practitioners out there who may already be qualified, if this is you let's set up a chat here.