Wise Womb Pregnancy & Postpartum Care 

9 Week Journey into Pregnancy Support & Postpartum Care

© Isabel Bryna

© Isabel Bryna

This is a powerful Rite of Passage, moving from Maiden to Mother.... In this Program we will go deeply into Womb Care throughout the three main stages of pregnancy as well as the Self Care Practices to be shared with a postpartum mother. We will learn ways to tend to this aspect of becoming that is often lost (the mother often gets lost, and the focus becomes the baby). We will learn postpartum steaming, binding, and womb care, womb reclamation, as well as the nutritional support, flower essences and lifestyle practices to support the new mom. 

The class includes 7 days in Person + 8 weeks of Virtual Training. 


  • Certification in Wise Womb Massage for Pregnancy & Postpartum Care
  • Certification of Completion of Sacred Feminine Nutrition for Pregnancy and Postpartum Care 


  • Wise Womb Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing Sessions 
  • Sacred Feminine Nutrition for Pregnancy and Postpartum Care 
  • Personalized Yoni Puja Ceremonies 
  • Guided Practices for Womb Reclamation  
  • Body Binding
  • Faja Wraps 
  • Yoni Steams for Post-Partum Priestess



Investment Includes

  • 2 Remote Coaching Sessions
  • 4 - 6  Group Healing Calls per year
  • One year FREE professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.
  • Free membership and Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path musings, WWMP Trademark and resources.
  • Postpartum Practitioner Manual.

Tuition/Work Trade and Scholarships DO NOT cover or include:

  • Accommodation
  • Food for the duration of the retreat. 
  • Course Supplies. 

body binding

...knitting the mother back together...