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 One-on-One Sessions


Remote & In-Person Sessions

Naomi only opens up her calendar to offer community sessions a couple times a year. Naomi is a channel, she is able to meet you in presence and track what patterns, habits and behaviors are keeping you caught in the cycle of suffering.

Naomi’s work is somatic oriented. For in person sessions she weaves the open channel into guidance that is both tender and fierce depending on what you need. She is able to then help you to dissolve, clear, cut or release any of these hooks within that keep you held hostage in these old patterns that no longer support your true growth and essence. The luxury of working with Naomi in person is also her masterful hands and ceremonial style of shamanic healing leaves you in the most incredible blissful state of being. Naomi does offer personal healing retreats as well. You can email the school to try and set one up for yourself.

Remote sessions are often woven in with somatic practices to bring the work into your body on a deeper level for integration and healing.

View Naomi’s teaching schedule, in-person schedule and learn about her remote sessions package.


 Virtual Lunar Womb Temple


Become a Priestess of your Womb

Immerse in our Lunar Womb Temple to tend to your Heart, Womb and Yoni to become a Priestess of your own Womb space, cultivate deeper intimacy in your relationships and how you receive with a lover. You will nourish your body, mind and spirit with Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies.

Experience one FREE week inside the Temple and Learn More…


 Certified Wise Womb Apprenticeships


Become a Certified Wise Womb Practitioner

The only Certified Apprenticeship of its kind being offered on this scale in the world.

Join over 70+ other Practitioners who are now sharing the Wise Womb Medicine Path™ Holistic Healing System with the world.

These transmissions and teachings are shared through apprenticeship support your own personal healing and embodiment as well as your professional offerings and skill set.


Wise Womb Mentorship


Wise Womb Mentorship

Be mentored by a master

Are you a Holistic Healer searching for someone with experience-proven strategic advice to support you in deepening your embodiment and capacity to support others, expanding your client base and building a profitable and fulfilling practice?

After years of being of service in the community working with thousands and thousands of people, Naomi offers this portal to those that desire deeper support system who are looking to become or are already a practitioner or teacher in the healing arts. You will have direct access to the lessons learned and the skill set Naomi carries, she will support you through navigating your own blocks that arise for all of us as practitioners. Naomi will share with you the wisdom she has accumulated from her twenty five years + in the Healing & Temple Arts - from all things Womb ... to preconception to birth .... postpartum to death ... She has worked with all stages of life on all levels.

Join our Wise Womb Mentorship Portal meeting once a month for a LIVE Group Call & Q/A time that will be guided by the collective to support your internal and emotional process of working with clients and students while also giving you tools to support building and sustaining a successful Healing Practice.


 Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses

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Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses

held in Spring and Fall each year 

Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses provide you with an energetic frequency upgrade an opportunity to re-set, fresh & start anew! They are your go-to cleanse every year you’ll look forward to so you can work 1:1 in a group with Naomi Love to learn the fundamentals of Sacred Feminine Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, deepening your self LOVE for your body, healing patterns around food, healing digestive and reproductive health issues, and supporting clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit. Plus.. it’s full of beautiful witchy ceremonies and rituals through the time spent together online as you participate.


 Support us, Support all women

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Symposium + Summit

Proceeds from our Wise Womb Way Symposium and Fertility Summit fund our Low Income Scholarship programs, to provide all women with the opportunity to experience Wise Womb Medicine who would not have otherwise have this opportunity.

Wise Womb Way Symposium

Novice or Master - this diverse line-up of Speakers will shift you in new ways, to support your awakening and healing. Join over 2000 others who have experience deep healing from this!

32 videos from Masters in the Healing Arts within the Wise Symposium with transmissions and conversations on all topics cultural appropriation to conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and the Sacred Feminine.

Fertility Summit

Cultivate a fertile relationship with your Womb space for Personal Healing or for Conscious Conception.

23 deeply amazing, insightful Sacred conversations with Medicine Keepers from around the world on all topics including Womb Wisdom, Healing, Women’s Health and Fertility.