The Wise Womb Way … Our Lineage



The wise womb way is a weaving of traditions, knowledge and experience. We honor our ancestors, our teachers and all of our experiences. The lineage, is that of honoring and acknowledging each of the teachers Naomi has worked with, while also honoring each students experience level and mastery. Rather than being initiated into a specific lineage, we support and encourage you as our student or client to remember your own ancestors and teachers in appreciation. This is the lineage of the Divine Feminine.

Naomi has studied around the world and has learned in depth many modalities from many different lineages and teachers. She has full permission to share what she has learned and embodied and through Naomi’s awakening experience she was given a download of how to weave all of this work together, while also honoring where each person who comes to work with her.

We are the weavers, that is this new generation AND it must be done in honor, reverence and acknowledgment.

Our Lineage is an ancient one, that is inclusive, rather than exclusive, it is the lineage of Pure Love. The Rose is our guardian, as she teaches us how to be soft and fierce, how to honor and be in reverence.

We are all children of the earth, and in this school we teach through the earth centered way, in the sacred feminine way, Our apprenticeships inspire and teach first to connect with your highest self, and in loving honor, connect to the celestial realms, and Mother Earth and all of our helping guides. From this foundational place, we then listen to and connect to each of our unique helping guides. We only work with the benevolent, and only work to intercede on your behalf in love. With this pure motivation, we then meet you and hold space to allow what is present and move from there.

Rather than being a part of a lineage that is not in our DNA, we are cultivating strong relationship to our own guide and compass, and to Mother Earth and the helping guides that show themselves.

This is part of the new way, of cultural appreciation, rather than appropriation. This is the new way of remembering that we are each our own guru, oracle and guide and we encourage you to begin to build your own relationships and in the school, we start with connecting to Mother Nature, the helping nature spirits. And once you begin to learn how to connect with these realms while in right relationship we then inspire you to go deeper into listening to who your guides are and who you will personally work with.

The wise womb way, is the way of remembering yourself, your connection, it is the path of right relationship both with self and with other.