ONE DAY Wise womb medicine WORKSHOp





 Learn to connect to the spiritual, emotional and physical womb through breathe, presence and art of sacred touch. The womb is our inner compass, our personal oracle, the inner guru. When we awaken to this remembrance of this sacred connection to our womb, to the great womb web, we tap into our own unique code, our own unique rhythms and cycles. The more we know ourselves, the more empowered we become. The more empowered we are, the more we can stand in our truth center, connected to Mother Earth and Great Spirit and all of Creation.


Let us be held in the sacred sisterhood… Enter the temple of the Divine Feminine… Let us journey to our inner womb gardens, tilling the inner soils, meeting what we feel with softness and loving presence. Let's compost what doesn’t serve and begin to plant the seeds of light and creation. Let us open the channels of flow through movement and breath. Learn to massage our breasts, bellies and womb’s to re-inspire divine alignment with the truth of our selves and the great womb web.

Join Naomi Love, Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path for a Day of Self Exploration and Sacredness… 

.. All women are welcome ..


Location & Dates - Nevada City, California,  June 12th 10-5pm


Location & Dates - Boulder, Colorado, June 29th 10-5pm

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What students are saying... 

Naomi, You are so lovely. I totally love and adore you! We are so lucky to have you helping remind us of our own inner knowing. This weekend was the first time I was in a class/retreat where I neither felt obligated nor inclined to give my power away to the teacher and was able to rest in myself and simultaneously be a student. Thank you again dear one.
— Ali Gold, Maui