Wise Womb Immersion


 . . . Enter the Temple of the Divine Feminine . . .


Imagine cultivating such a deep connection to your womb that you allow this inner oracle to be the guide for your life. 

Join us as we learn to connect to the spiritual, emotional & physical aspects of the womb through shamanic journey, breath, presence and the art of sacred touch.

Let us gather in Sacred Sisterhood…  and journey to our inner womb gardens. Let us  tend to the inner soils, and meet what arises with presence. Let us compost what doesn't belong, that of which we are holding and doesn't serve us and plant seeds of light cultivating a stronger more powerful connection with our true nature and all of creation. 

Now is the time my love, Join Naomi Love, Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path™ for a beautiful Day of Activation, Remembrance, and Awakening. 

.. All women are welcome ..

Investment $108.00 Early Bird : : Late bird $150.00


AfterGlow Wailuku Maui : : November 3rd, 2018 

11am - 6pm

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What students are saying... 

Naomi, You are so lovely. I totally love and adore you! We are so lucky to have you helping remind us of our own inner knowing. This weekend was the first time I was in a class/retreat where I neither felt obligated nor inclined to give my power away to the teacher and was able to rest in myself and simultaneously be a student. Thank you again dear one.
— Ali Gold, Maui