▽ Join Naomi Love for a day of SELF LOVE & NATURE ▽

Shakti Temple


Let's come together on sacred earth, in honor of remembering ourselves...

Let us come to listen to the whisper and call of our spirit, and be held in the most powerful, yet gentle sacred space.

Let us be in the quietness of our inner gardens and explore what we have planted. Let's sit the with trees and breathe. Let us move our bodies finding our womb space and reawakening shakti, let us invite expansion where there is contraction within our hearts. 
In this sacred sisterhood together we will breathe, smell, taste and FEEL ... we will explore our breasts, bellies and womb spaces. (no internal yoni work is done in this class) You will learn about how the uterus moves and dances in the body and how to coax her into optimal position. Together we will tenderly offer up anything that doesn't want to be held anymore... and invite the fullness of YOU back into your bones...

Let us Remember ourselves, together... 

.. All women are welcome ..



Registration Opens - Oct 31st 2017 - Feb 14th. 2018
Location: Boulder Colorado

Dates: July 1st & August 1st 2018

Time: 10 - 5 pm

Investment: $155.00 

Sacred Connection

What students are saying... 

Naomi, You are so lovely. I totally love and adore you! We are so lucky to have you helping remind us of our own inner knowing. This weekend was the first time I was in a class/retreat where I neither felt obligated or inclined to give my power away to the teacher and was able to rest in myself and simultaneously be a student. Thank you again dear one.
— Ali Gold, Maui