Beloved Sisters

Welcome to the Wise Womb Medicine Path Living School for the Temple and Healing Arts...

We are wise womb medicine women devoted to supporting and empowering women in the remembrance of their true nature.

Did you know that the Womb is a hollow suspensory detoxification organ that moves in and out of optimal alignment?

Did you know that the womb holds our deepest emotions, and is literally located in the center of our pelvis? 

If the womb isn't functioning optimally, we can experience symptoms on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We can feel disconnected, depressed, experience pain with our cycle, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or suffer from infertility. Our school teaches, Wise Womb Medicine, a holistic modality that addresses the physical position of the organs as well as the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of women’s health.

We hold impeccable space supporting women’s empowerment through personal healing and professional development. Offering Workshops, Retreats, Apprenticeships, Virtual Programs and Events around the WORLD!!

This is your invitation...  

The world needs you NOW!  





is your 





to remember... 

The womb is our compass, when we listen to her guidance we can tap into our own unique code, our own rhythms and cycles. It gives us more self knowing and insight into who it is we truly are and how we work. Connecting to the lunar and solar cycles we begin to realign ourselves with all that is. The more we know ourselves, the more empowered we become. The more empowered we are, the more we can stand in our truth center, connected to Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Our school is dedicated to supporting you in your remembrance through education, inspiration, transmission and knowledge. Our programs are a weaving of direct Channeling from Source, modalities, lineages, diverse knowledges and experience.  

Weaving ... Earth Centered Shamanic Healing, Tao Tantra, Holistic Nutrition, Right Relationship with Ceremony, Ritual & Prayer, Herbal Medicine, Sacred Feminine Mystical Arts, Flower Essences, Deep Listening, Sacred Touch, Elemental Touch, Breath Work, Ancestral Healing, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Yoni Steaming, Ho'opono pono, Divination, Energy Medicine, Yoni Egg Practices, Sacred Sensual Dance and Wise Womb Massage and Yoni Unwinding.

Wise Womb Massage focuses on the breath, breasts and womb, massaging the womb through the abdomen, to gently coax the womb into optimal position. Our Wise Womb Massage is specific for women who want to connect more with their womb, who want to active this sacred portal, for those who desire to reclaim their sexuality, their womb post child or trauma, for any woman suffering from any of a number of symptoms associated with menstrual cycle or digestive system. 

We have a collective of practitioners that will continue to grow over time : :  Our Wise Womb Medicine Women offer One on One sessions (In Person or Remotely) Community Healing, Low Income Accessible and Workshops. 

We are honored to support you on your journey, whichever stage of life or health you are in. We are here to inspire your remembrance of your truest essence. We we are the weavers, the light bearers, devoted on our path to awakening and inspiring  womb revolution with in each being.