Aloha Beauty,

It starts with a vision... deep listening and then creation...

Spirit has requested that we create this beautiful and powerful Lunar Womb Temple ... for all women to have a safe place to come together within a virtual sacred circle. This is a place for inspiration, a place to honor our bodies, to feel the truth of ourselves and a sacred place to witness, experience, heal and integrate.

This is not a program - it’s like going to yoga - every single woman on this planet needs this!

If you would like to learn more about the Wise Womb Way and our Lunar Womb Temple visit the link below.



You could speak from the womb space, you were in honor and right relationship with this aspect of yourself?

You could clear past lovers, wounds and hurts held in your womb?

You had a place where all of you was welcome, a sacred true authentic sisterhood?

You could receive powerful WOMB activations inspiring the deep womb remembrance... and healing... and integration.

You could receive DEEP life altering healing in the comfort of your own home?

Is YOUR Womb calling you?

  • You feel the call of the WOMB remembrance

  • You want to cultivate more sacredness in your life

  • You are longing for vulnerability, honesty and truth

  • You desire to clear past lovers, shame and guilt from your Womb

  • You have a desire to RECLAIM your Womb Space

  • You feel drawn to honoring your menstrual cycle and honoring your blood

  • You want to connect deeply to the Womb of Mother Earth

  • You are ready to de-armour, heal and integrate from past sexual and emotional hurts

Did you say YES to any of these?

Then, Keep Reading Beautiful... 


The WOMB is our center, the womb is our internal universe, our portal to creation, our connection to our ancestors.

It holds our undigested emotions and experiences, our unconscious agreements and contracts, our personal stories, our hurts, wounds, traumas, pleasure, connection, our intuition, our lies and secrets and is the source of our personal power. 

This path of Womb Awakening, Womb Remembering is a path of Personal Responsibility, Right Relationship, it’s about seeing all of YOU and embracing ALL of yourself.

It is a commitment to listening, to being a steward for Mother Earth, for yourself, it's a commitment of honoring ALL of life - not just the light, not just the pretty, not just the cute and precious - but honoring it all - the ugly, neglected, the shadows the darkness. It’s inclusive rather than exclusive. It’s about shifting what you believe, how you live, and where inside of yourself, you live from. It’s about coming back to the remembrance everytime you forget.

This Path is about the FULL EMBRACE. It is a profound letting go of control AND fully accepting and embracing all our wounded feelings, letting go of the illusions and stories we have believed as true, and coming to what it is that is our truth, as well as opening to and activating our gifts to share with the world.


Spirit of the ROSE

The Red Rose has requested to be our guardian, our space holder, our temple deity for the time we work together.

Rose medicine teaches us about boundaries, to honor ourselves without giving ourselves away, without losing ourself.

Rose is the keeper of the Womb and she opens our hearts, she connects us to our senses and our sensuality.


day 1.png

This is a beautiful place to begin for our journey together. This short practice will teach you how to come into a place of noticing, rather than judging your experiences, sensations and feelings in order to move more deeply through the womb work this is a practice that will support you through your entire Womb Awakening and Womb Remembrance Path and is a foundational practice of the wise womb way. 

day 1.png

We meet in non-ordinary reality to cultivate and create a beautiful temple in nature, where we can restore, heal, and receive blessings from our helping guides, and the animal spirits we are working with during our time together. This is a place where we will rest our head each evening, and the place we will visit each time we gather for our practices. This ceremony sets the tone of the whole experience of the Lunar Womb Temple. 

day 3 & 4.png

Each night before bed, you will be listening to a bear medicine journey, to continue deepening your connection to the Lunar Womb Temple & to the Spirit of the Bear. You will receive teachings, healings and blessings from your helping guide that will give you strength to continue forward on this sacred path. 

day 5 & 6.png

Over  these two days, we are working with creating a Dreamtime Sanctuary. This is a crucial part of the wise womb way, as our dream time space is imperative in cultivating a stronger bond with the unseen realms, as well as with our own inner oracle. 
You will learn how to clear the energy in your bedroom and activate your special and unique Dream Lodge as well as begin to connect more fully with your dream time, which is often a place where our unconscious and sub -conscious governs, when we begin to bring presence to these darker places, they begin to hold less power over our lives, and we can begin to live from a place of consciousness rather than from places of unknown, the light begins to emerge and the inner garden begins to thrive. 

day 7 wise womb medicine journey.png

This beautiful journey supports you in connecting with the womb space and is very centering and also healing. 
We share this journey in preparation for our next practices offered in the Full Lunar Womb Temple Experience where we move into learning about the Physical & Spiritual Womb.




Bear medicine lies in the West on the great medicine wheel of life. Bear enters the womb-cave to hibernate. In the cave, Bear seeks answers while dreaming or hibernating. To enter the womb- cave, we must attune ourselves to the energies of the Eternal Mother, and receive nourishment from the placenta of the The Cosmic Womb." 

Together we will create a sacred space for our dreamtime. We will support your empowerment by cultivating loving presence as you dive deep into your womb cave to assess what is present in the sacred space. Connecting with the lunar cycles, you will learn how to honor your cycle, your menstrual blood. You will also deepen your understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of wise womb medicine. Awaken your womb remembrance through powerful journey's to the spirit of your womb and begin to dialog with this part of yourself. These journey's will be a foundational part of awakening into your womb remembrance.  We will clear past lovers energetic imprints held in the womb space, and offer what no longer belongs, what no longer serves. We will plant seeds of presence, connection, truth and love so we can live more harmoniously with ourselves and all of our realtions.  

Class One Opening Ceremony

  • Bear Medicine : : DreamLodge

  • Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary

  • Dreamtime Preparation

Class Two

  • The Womb 101

    • Moon Charting

    • Womb Journal

    • Honoring Menstrual Blood

Class Three  

  • Spiritual Womb 102 : : Guided Womb Journey

    • Womb Journaling

Class Four

  • Womb Ceremony : : Dissolving Contracts and Agreements : : Cord Dissolution & Ho'oponopono

    • Womb Medicine Wheel




"Hummingbird inspires self love as no other medicine does, it opens the heart chakra reminding us that without an open and loving heart, we can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life."

Together we will dissolve cords, contracts and agreements that no longer serve and cultivate forgiveness for ourselves and others that we have felt hurt by. We will re-connect our wombs and hearts, empowering ourselves to come more fully into self love and compassion. You will be guided to implement sacred feminine nutrition to support the physical and spiritual womb. You will learn Taoist alchemical breath practice for ovarian and womb health, as well as luscious breast massage practice and Wise Womb Massage a self care technique to support optimal alignment of your womb.

Class Five

  • Hummingbird Medicine

  • Shamanic Journey to come home fully to yourself - I am whole, holy and healed.

Class Six 

  • Alchemical Heart and Womb Breathing : : Self Breast & Ovarian Massage

Class Seven 

  • Sacred Feminine Nutrition

Class Eight 

  • Self Breast, Belly, Womb & Ovarian Massage



"Butterfly inspires joy and lightness, especially when things are heavy or weighing us down. Butterfly teaches us to honor the transitions of each stage of life, to honor where we are."

You will journey to the goddess of Pure Love and transfigure into her. You will gently and tenderly explore your Yoniverse through presencing, touch and self exploration. You will be guided into a self explorative journey of ritual to honor your own portal to creation, your Yoni. We will complete by sealing all of this magic into our bones and cells... Upon completion of this beautiful program you will have embodied so many amazing tools to be empowered to own your body and health on a deeper sacred way. 

Class Nine 

  • Butterfly : : Metamorphosis

  • Transfiguration with the Goddess

Class Ten

  • YoniVerse : : Yoni Cupping : : Yoni Gazing

Class Eleven

  • Self Yoni Massage : : 4 Directions

Class Twelve

  • Guided Journey to Create your Own Puja Ceremony

Class Thirteen

  • Yoni Puja + Closing Ceremony

This is your invitation... 

What you will get!

  • You will receive lifetime access to this beautiful program!

  • Editable PDF + Journaling Prompts

  • Moon Mapping + Womb Assessment Charts

  • Amazing Playlists for Ceremonies, Self Massage and Practices

  • Lifetime Access to all Content

  • Access Womb Tribe Facebook Group

Investment : : $550.00 

(This program is valued at $997.00)


Pay $139.00 over 4 Months

About your Guide...

Naomi Love... 


Naomi Love

Naomi Love is a Master Weaver, a visionary, a diviner, a teacher, a mentor and healer. She is a seer, a medium a Priestess for the Earth, a seeker of the truth, a real, raw and true woman who is congruent in herself and the medicine she carries. Naomi has been deeply immersed in the healing arts for her entire life span and has so much authentic true wisdom to share. She creates a sense of ease, and trust instantaneously. Naomi has over twenty five years of experience guiding and working with over sixty thousand people.


Working with Naomi you are held with nurturance, and care. I know Naomi from other circles and connections in the community, she resonates with me beyond what she does. The medicine she carries, the language she speaks, the uniqueness of her, I recognize within myself. I have studied with Naomi for the last two years and am truly devoted to walking this path with her. I highly recommend stepping into this deep, alchemical, divine healing for yourself.
— Brandy Wade
Naomi is an amazing teacher, healer, visionary, and weaver of the seen and unseen. I have experienced her as a teacher and her healing work. She is gifted in her work with others and with spirit, a clear conduit of love and guided support.
— Heather Boreske 
Naomi Love is a master weaver of many wonderful things….. Her medicine runs deep and if you’re ready, she will swim with you, lovingly guiding you to the depths. She is very capable of holding a strong container for a group of women to explore and deepen relationships with each other and all parts of self. With decades of experience, she beautifully brings together a number of wisdom teachings which she shares through stories, music, ceremony, heart, womb, hands, and a clear transmission. Praying that I will continue to study and spend time with this dear woman.
— Lisa Dionne Fort Collins, Colorado
Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. This speaks to me of the deepening that is happening in our collective consciousness where the need for singularitys of spiritual power are being transmuted into a collective offering where we call forth from one another our highest gifts but also find the willingness to step into one another’s darkest nights as witnesses of love. One of Naomi’s gifts is her enormous devotion to authenticity. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.
— Ally Gold



This program is for any woman who desires to have a sacred deep container held for her to come back to her remembrance, for those who would love to dive deep into her womb cave to gently explore what is there and bring presence, love and light to the places that have been denied or forgotten. For those who are ready to dissolve past lovers, old contracts and agreements that aren't serving. For those that are ready to step more fully into Self Care and Self Love Practices. 

By signing up for this program you will receive Lifetime Access to this Program, you will receive Group support through our secret FB group. We will share with you Prerecorded Teachings, Practices, Meditations and Journaling Prompts to support and deepen your journey. 

I am personally so excited to share this program with you. Once you join in, you are welcomed into our tribe, into a deeply nourishing sisterhood. I look forward to spending time and space with you and my loves remember each of us that begins to awaken and do our work, connect to our womb, we inspire the great womb web to also awaken, we inspire other sisters, to come home to the truth. The collective womb web, Mother Earth needs us NOW to step into authenticity, to acknowledge our edges, our places of resistance so we can come more fully into the embodiment of the truest expression of our infinite self... This is a journey, as the sacred feminine moves circularly, this process isn't a straight line, it is a constant forgetting and remembering... contraction to expansion... And it takes a village, to hold us on our journey. You are not alone. Let's do this together. 

Are you Ready?

Here is what you will get!

  • You will receive lifetime access to this beautiful program!

  • Editable PDF + Journaling Prompts.

  • Moon Mapping + Womb Assessment Charts

  • Amazing Playlists for Ceremonies, Self Massage and Practices

  • Lifetime Access to all Content

  • Access Womb Tribe Facebook Group

Investment : : $550.00 

(This program is valued at $997.00)


Pay $139.00 over 4 Months

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