Virtual Lunar Womb Temple

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Tend to your Heart, Womb and Yoni to become a Priestess of your own Womb space, cultivate deeper intimacy in your relationships and how you receive with a lover. Nourish your body, mind and spirit with Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies.


The story behind it..

It was in 2016 Naomi left her life as she had been a devoted healer to her community, focusing almost solely on education and honing her skills and her work. As she made her way back to Hawaii, it became clear to her that she needed to take what she had been doing in her in person sessions with women online, so all women could access this amazingly deep and profound healing work. The Lunar Womb Temple is the culmination of what she has seen was needed in nearly every single healing session she did with women. No matter what age or stage of life.

The Feminine is Rising and Awakening


It is imperative right now that we women step into our own authority over our bodies and reclaim this inner wisdom so that we can not only change how we relate to ourselves, but also change how we allow others to relate to us.

Becoming a Priestess of your Womb is not a luxury it is a necessity for the world. The Feminine is rising and awakening and if we don’t do this in a way that is truly honoring of our truest essence aligned with our hearts then we will again, have to go through the collective process of dissolution until we get it right. This reclamation is not only for our own healing but it is healing the wounds of our ancestors, that they were unable to heal, this will support the children that are being born so they don’t have to then do the work we were unable to.

We need to step into this Sacred place, with heart with the remembrance of togetherness. This is how we will begin to heal the wounding between the Masculine and Feminine and the competition that is arising amongst women. Now more than ever, we need this.

Become a Priestess of your Womb

The Womb is located in the center of a woman’s pelvis. It is the Sacred place in which all of human creation came to be. Building, Deepening and Reclaiming your relationship with the Womb is one of the most powerful ways to fully come back to yourself. 

This Sacred place within is often is a forgotten portal. It is a place where we may store undigested experiences, energetic imprints of past lovers, traumas, pain, repressed emotions and experiences. 

It is important not only for our own personal healing AND also for the healing of Mother Earth and all those that came before us and for those that will walk this Earth after us that all women heal, transmute and integrate what is held here so we can together, walk a New Earth. 

The Womb is our greatest source of power it is our connection to our intuition, to mother earth, to our ancestors. Building a sacred relationship with our bodies, especially our sexual palace will effect and impact our choices, our experiences of life, how we live it and how we relate to ourselves and each other. 

It will open channels and pathways to joy and pleasure. 

This Virtual Lunar Womb Temple is a Womb-necessity for every woman to reclaim their Sacred Womb space & reconnect to the truth of who they are and step into the role as a Priestess of your Womb. 



Dive deep into the womb cave to open, trust and surrender.


Imagine a space where you can…

  • Become a Priestess of your own Womb, guided by a master holistic healer

  • Connect with your Womb and learn how to create a dialogue with your Womb as your own inner guru, authority

  • Learn how to journey tot he helping guides of Bear, Hummingbird and Butterfly to support your own healing journey

  • Connect with the lunar cycles, learning how to honor your cycle and your menstrual blood

  • Deepen your understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of Wise Womb Medicine

  • Tend to your Heart, Womb and Yoni to clear past lovers and energetic residue, to plant seeds of presence and love

  • Listen to your bodies needs and desires through Sacred Feminine Nutrition

  • Connect with your own self-pleasure to change your relationship to sex and how you receive with a lover

  • Nourish yourself in Sacred Self Care Rituals, Ceremonies and Prayers

  • Learn our coveted Wise Womb Massage a self care technique to support optimal alignment of your Womb

  • Experience a Yoni Puja Ritual to honor your personal power and Divine Feminine Shakti

  • Feel safe to witness, heal and integrate with 1:1 support by Naomi Love in the closed Facebook Group

  • Create lasting connections with an Authentic Sisterhood opening up to experience more of your raw, real and vulnerable truth!

  • … plus so much more - we are only just touching the surface!!


Who is this for?

  • This program is for ANY woman at ANY stage of their journey.

  • Are struggling with PMS or cycle symptoms?

  • Are you looking to cultivate a more fertile relationship with your womb space, either for conscious conception or for your own embodiment? 

  • Are you pregnant and want practices to support you through pregnancy? 

  • Have you had a child and want to reclaim your breasts, your womb space and your body?

  • Do you desire to connect more fully with your body, with your womb and your yoni?

  • Do you want to connect more with the unseen realms and helping spirits? 

  • Do you want to connect more to sacred dreamtime?

  • Do you want to cultivate a stronger more empowered relationship with yourself?

  • Do you struggle with yo yo dieting and wonder what to eat and navigate all of this realm of eating for health. 

  • Are you struggling with endometriosis, pelvic pain, no cycle or painful cycles?

  • Do you struggle with ovarian cysts, digestive issues, fibroids or other reproductive issues?

  • Have you had a hysterectomy and want to cultivate a strong connection with your spiritual womb space. 

  • Are you a survivor of trauma and want to clear the imprints they have created in your body?

  • Have you had lovers that you feel you're holding in your womb, sex and in your body?

.. then this is for you!!


join over 300 others inside

“Naomi Love is a master weaver.. Her medicine runs deep and if you’re ready, she will swim with you, lovingly guiding you to the depths. She is very capable of holding a strong container for a group of women to explore and deepen relationships with each other and all parts of self.”



The Overview

Module One: Bear Medicine


Awaken your Spiritual power through Womb Remembrance. We begin by creating a Sacred DreamLodge supported by the Bear Medicine Spirit. Explore your inner world to assess what is present, what needs tending within the Sacred Space of your Womb. You’ll learn about the physical placement of the womb and how that affects your overall health as well as how to track your own Womb placement. You will explore the Spiritual aspects of the womb and experience a powerful Shamanic journey to learn how to dialogue with this Sacred part of yourself. The more you are in a healthy relationship to your Womb and the more you re able to connect with it, the clearer your life will become. You’ll be able to connect to the ancestors through the Womb, and truly connect to your inner oracle. The Womb is our compass our inner navigational system and when we learn how to listen and how to tend this this place within, the greater we are able to fully show up inside of ourselves changing us from the inside out - this is inner alchemy!

In module one we explore these Sacred practices, tending to the inner Womb garden clearing the residual energetics of those that have entered or penetrated this Sacred place. We will clear past lovers, experiences and energetic imprints held within, dissolving what no longer belongs or no longer serving you and then filling it with light, the light of the goddess, the truest essence calibrated to match your unique Womb code. With this clearing we can then plant new seeds of presence, connection, truth and Love, so that you can live more harmoniously with yourself and all of creation.

Module Two: Hummingbird Medicine

inner alchemy

Module two builds upon the Sacred practices and connections we cultivated in module one. We move into connecting to the Spirit of Hummingbird, which represents Self LOVE. We begin with a Shamanic journey of coming home to yourself. Clearing the Energetic body of residual imprints energies that aren’t yours. When we take on others energy consciously or unconsciously it can begin to feel like ours when it is not, and we can over identify with the energy that isn’t ours, causing us to feel overwhelmed, lethargic, depressed. Energy Hygiene is an important aspect to self care and self maintenance.

From this place of clarity we learn the Taoist Breast and Ovarian Massage which supports us in coming more fully into our hearts, infusing our hearts energy into the breasts, radiating our hearts out into the world. We alive and awaken the breasts supporting our emotional and Spiritual heart while also supporting the physical health of the breasts. The breasts are our yang organ to the yin organ of the Womb space, yoni. In order to work with the Womb, we must first tend to the heart and breasts. Awakening the ovaries which are our light generators and bringers of joy to support hormonal balance and so much more. 

From this place we explore Sacred Feminine Nutrition, learning to listen to the body and the relationship we have to food, eating, cooking, prepping etc. Shifting the way we are thinking or relating to food will effect not only our emotional state but the health of our reproductive organs. We complete this module with the most coveted knowledge of my self applied Wise Womb Massage. You will learn how to tend to the physical Womb placement and how to support optimal alignment of the Womb through the self applied Womb massage.

Module Three: Butterfly Medicine


You have now gone deeply into the dream lodge, you have connected with your blood with your cycles and rhythms. You have learned about the Womb and you have cultivated practices to support the Womb space. You’ve learnt how to tend to your inner guide, you know how to clear the womb of residual energetic imprinting and how to listen to your bodies needs and desires through Sacred Feminine Nutrition. You know how to activate and connect with your ovaries and apply your self breast massage practice to open your heart. Now you are prepped and ready to connect with the medicine of the Butterfly the spirit of metamorphosis and transformation.

We will begin the journey to explore the Yoniverse beginning with a transfiguration practice which is where you begin to see yourself as the goddess you truly are. This practice is deeply profound to shift from low self worth to truly owning and falling in love with the essence of yourself.

The second class of this module is the foundational practice to begin working with your own self pleasure and connection with the yoni, vagina, pussy. We begin with gazing at the yoni from a place of pure love, to presencing with it. The next stage is to then cup your pussy with the palm of your hand activating the heart through the hand and breathing that warmth to the yoni, inviting the yoni, pussy to begin to unwind. Learning the approach your body desires will change your relationship to sex and to how you receive with a lover. We then gently move into unwinding any tension held in the opening of the yoni. I share with you the techniques I use in my practice offering yoni unwinding. We complete this module with a yoni puja which is a ritual to honor your personal power and Divine Feminine Shakti.


Three Ways to Participate

Option One:
Upfront Payment & Receive Discount

Purchase all three modules of the Lunar Womb Temple upfront and receive a discount!

Pay Upfront: $497 USD (Save $73!)


Option Two:
Payment Plan

Payment Plan: $43 USD Per Week for 13 Weeks


Option Three:
Purchase one module at at time

When you purchase one module at a time, you will purchase the first module, then you will receive email prompts to then purchase module two, and then purchase module three in your own time when you’re ready.

Start with Module One Only For $190 USD Per Module


How Does it Work?

This program can either be completed at your own pace, or you could choose to complete the three modules over 13 weeks, focusing on one class inside the program per week. Some people also choose to spread it to one class per month, allowing them to complete it in 13 moons (months) - it’s totally up to you beauties…

When you join you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the Virtual Lunar Womb Temple

  • 13 Classes of Wise Womb Medicine Teachings and Transmissions

  • Wise Womb Way Practices with Editable PDF + Journaling Prompts

  • Moon Mapping + Womb Assessment Charts

  • Amazing Playlists for Ceremonies, Self Massage and Practices

  • Unlimited support from Naomi Love inside the Facebook Group

  • Access to a closed Facebook Group for community + connection with sisters



Your Womb Investment

This experience is valued at over $1000 with life-time access to 13 Wise Womb Classes, plus countless amounts of practices, ceremonies and rituals. You also get access to Naomi Love 1:1 in a private Facebook Group - this program gives you all the tools to become a Priestess of your own Womb!


Hear what LWT Participants are saying…

“The week four ceremony was POTENT. I did not even know how much I held that needed to be released until it was flowing out of me. We have not only created a bridge between my heart and womb, learned how to honor her, and taught my lover how to honor her, but through release opened up an avenue of pleasure and intimacy with my partner that has been shut off for nearly a year. Truly, Naomi Love, I cannot express how thankful I am for this space and your medicine. Thank you!

Rachel Purser, LWT

“Since completing the Lunar Womb Temple, my womb feels more sacred. Due to sexual trauma, it was all having an effect on my womb space. The womb clearing with the jade egg yoni practice allowed me to strengthen my connection to womb, and dissolve the fear and shock that had cut my connection to my yoni and womb. I am finally listening, and able to feel my emotions.

My heart and womb are coming into alignment, and I am starting to feel strong and worthy within myself. I see there is nothing wrong with me, and my past feels like its gone. I can’t explain how amazing I feel - I feel myself, loveable and worthy! I’m even able to connect with other women more, including my mom, and my father. Able to connect into the eyes of others more and experience more connection. Now my heart and sexuality are uniting, all my actions are changing in the world. All of the practices are so powerful, it’s true womb medicine - I am so grateful!”

Duygu, LWT

Is your Womb Calling You?

  • You feel the call of the WOMB remembrance.

  • You want to cultivate more sacredness in your life.

  • You are longing for vulnerability, honesty and truth.

  • You desire to clear past lovers, shame and guilt from your Womb.

  • You have a desire to RECLAIM your Womb Space.

  • You feel drawn to honoring your menstrual cycle and honoring your blood.

  • You want to connect deeply to the Womb of Mother Earth.

  • You are ready to de-armour, heal and integrate from past sexual and emotional hurts.

  • You are ready to show up and become a Priestess of your own womb space.

Did you say YES to any of these? Then, this is for you!