Level Two Apprenticeship 

Healing Circle

Something important to me is that we step out of the way we have grown accustomed to taking classes which is a more service based quantitate way of seeing things and move more deeply into a qualitative experiential based way of living. These programs are yes a training, but that is the side note. That is not the point. The point of them truly, is for YOU to be held, to build community, to relearn what needs to be relearned, to come together in sisterhood to share hearts, vulnerabilities and practices. To grow, to evolve, to awaken. Healing isn't a straight line, it's a constant process. These programs are offered this way in order for you to drop in and have the space held for you to explore yourself. The side note is that you become trained in this work which them of course the more you come and immerse yourself in it, the more it sinks into your cells, the more profound space you can hold for others because you have gone there within yourself. So level two - three are less about what you get and more about going deeper. Learning new pieces and revisiting what you have already learned. Level One could be taught over years... we could keep practicing what we learn in that level forever and still have more to explore... So for me, it is less about the levels and more about the experience, the embodiment and the container we create together. 

With The Plants


Level two students are invited to apply to assist level one program. This is a wonderful way to deepen your embodiment as well as build confidence to hold space as an assistant. This position is for those that want to deepen their ability to read a group, develop skills to facilitate deep healing in groups and hold space for group process. This is part of a deeper apprenticeship program for those that desire to teach this work and hold ceremonies. Please apply with me if you are interested. 



Upon Graduation of Level Two you are Empowered to offer:

Level Two Wise Womb Medicine Sessions (front and back)

Earth Centered Spiritual Healing

Divination Sessions 

Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine (need an assistant to do this practice)

Assisted Breathing

Ancestral Healing

Forgiveness Rituals

Wise Womb Medicine Circles

Self Care - 1/2 day Class

One Day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops

Dates For Lyons colorado 2018

August 10th-13th & 16th-19th 




$1750.00 – Enrollment Opens 10/31/2017 and Ends on 02/14/18

(If you are signing up after December 2017 we will have to arrange a different payment plan option for you as payments must be completed by June 1, 2018)

Investment Includes

2 Remote Coaching Sessions with Naomi Love 

Level Two Training Manual

4 - 6 Group Healing Calls per year

One year free professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.

Free membership and Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path musings TM & resources.