Level Two Apprenticeship 





I have faith with all my heart...  

that the more we come together in the temple, in the sacred sisterhood, the more we reclaim our womb space, the better this world will become. 

Our Level Two Program builds on what you learned in level one. In order to master something, we need to have it in our body, we need it to become part of us. Level two is the upleveling of what you learned in level one and we will add new practices, new modalities in the time we spend together. As a group we will see where we need to hone and review skills and techniques. Even though this is a training this is also a sacred time to be held, to dive deep into your own personal healing while immersed in the sacredness of the sisterhood. 

You will learn the Level Two Wise Womb Protocols, we will go deeper into standard healthy menstrual cycles, blood mysteries, sacred sexuality, self yoni massage, advanced yoni egg practices, ritual and ceremony. There will be a six class series on herbal medicine for women's health with Feather Jones, Master Herbalist. You must complete this series to receive your certificate of completion in Level Two. We will also begin to practice teaching guided wise womb self care massage, and how to share this work in your community, by empowering you to teach One Day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops, Self Care Restorative Classes. We will begin to dive deeper into protocols, nutrition, taoist nutrition, and how to support clients through elimination and implementation aspects of their self care. We will also explore herbal medicines and flower essences as conjunctive support for your healing practice and classes. 

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Let us come together in the sacredness ...


to remember 

** You are invited to apply to become an assistant for the level one program. This is a wonderful way to deepen your embodiment as well as build confidence to hold space as an assistant. This position is for those that want to deepen their ability to read a group, develop skills to facilitate deep healing in groups and hold space for group process. This is part of a deeper apprenticeship program for those that desire to teach this work and hold ceremonies. 


  • Receive Certification of Completion as a Level Two Wise Womb Medicine Woman 


  • Earth Centered Spiritual Healing
  • Divination Sessions, Guided Meditations
  • Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine Taoist Practice
  • Assisted Breathing Practices
  • Yoni Steam Sessions
  • Herbal Medicine Consultations for Women 
  • Basic Nutrition Support 
  • Fertility Charting & Moon Mapping
  • Menstrual Attunement Sessions 
  • Forgiveness Rituals
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Wise Womb Medicine Circles
  • Self Care Restorative Classes
  • One Day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops (1/2 day and full day)

For those that have already taken the virtual herbal medicine program, fertility charting and the yoni steaming program, a portion of your tuition will be credited. 

We also offer an Affiliate Program - If you refer a student to our programs and they attend and graduate you receive $100.00 per student! 



Class will be held from 10am - 7pm except on the graduation day, which will end at 11pm. 


Lyons, Colorado 


Remember why you are here ...


$2100.00 – Enrollment Ends 03/15/18

Investment Includes

  • Level Two Training Manual
  • One Day Wise Womb Medicine Teacher's Manual 
  • A Powerful Graduation Ceremony 
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls, Including 2 Business Coaching Calls - June 16th 2018, October 27th 2018, January 19th, 2019, April 13th, 2019
  • Yoni Steam Certification with Keli Garza
  • 6 Series Herbal Medicine Program for Women's Health
  • Nutritional Therapy for Women's Health
  • Fertility Charting & Moon Mapping 
  • 2 - One on One Remote Healing or Coaching Sessions with Naomi Love 
  • One Year free professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.
  • Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path musings, WWMP Trademark & resources, including intake forms, educational handouts etc.
  • Unlimited Access to our Wise Womb Medicine Fertility Summit Conversations.