The feminine way of learning is circular, expanding upon and going deeper into... revisiting...  

Now that we have mastered our own unique womb code and we have stepped into the Womb Portal inside of ourselves, we are now able be a more profound teacher and guide for those that are in need of this work. You are now the vessel to inspire remembrance for those around you, to support other women in awakening to their own unique codes and rhythms so they can too, be an inspiration to all those they encounter. 

In Level Three we will up-level everything you learned in level one and level two. Virtually we will offer you advanced classes in; Herbal Medicine for Women & Sacred Feminine Nutrition. We will continue to teach you how to coach your clients, how to support them through these changes in a sustainable way. 

You will learn the Level Three Wise Womb Protocols including how to work more clinically with Menstrual Cycle Symptoms, Fertility Clients, and Postpartum Women. We will go deeper into our temple practices which I will leave to the mystery of when we meet, as you have attended level one & level two and have a sense of what it may be like... 

We will also up-level your teaching & facilitating skills, so you can offer 3 Day Wise Womb Medicine Retreats.  

We will meet in person for 7 full days. In level three you have the opportunity to test out to become a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Woman!

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Honoring Mother Earth 


  • Certification of Completion in Level Three Wise Womb Massage 
  • Certified Wise Womb Medicine Woman 
  • Certification of Completion Herbal Medicine For Women Advanced
  • Certification of Completion Sacred Feminine Nutrition Coach

You are empowered to offer:

  • Wise Womb Level Three Healing Sessions 
  • Earth Centered Spiritual Healing
  • Cycle Charting Advanced
  • Supportive Guidance : : Herbal Medicine Women's Hormonal Balancing 
  • Yoni Steam Sessions
  • Honoring The Tides :: Menstrual Attunement Sessions

  • Divination Sessions & Guided Meditations
  • Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine Ritual 
  • Ancestral Healing Ritual 
  • Assisted Breathing Practice
  • Forgiveness Ritual
  • Yoni Egg Initiations 
  • Yoni Puja's
  • Wise Womb Medicine Circles
  • Sacred Feminine Nutrition Coaching Sessions
  • Self Care Restorative Class (1.5 hours long)
  • One Day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops (1/2 day and full day)
  • 3 Day Wise Womb Medicine Retreats 
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Let's remember... 




  • Level Three Training Manual
  • A Powerful Graduation Ceremony 
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls 
  • 2 - One on One Remote Healing or Coaching Sessions with Naomi Love 
  • One Year free professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.
  • Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path Musings, WWMP, resources, including intake forms, educational handouts etc.

Tuition/Work Trade and Scholarships DO NOT cover or include:

  • Accommodation
  • Food for the duration of the retreat. 
  • Course Supplies.

We offer an affiliate program, for those that refer a student, that graduates, to our program, you will receive $50.00!