13 Moon Wise Womb

Apprenticeship Program



We Begin November 7th 2018

Right now the world needs you to Reclaim your womb space, STEP INTO YOUR HEART AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS.



A world where women are devoted to themselves, to each other and to uplifting all those that we encounter...

Is this path For YOU?

  • Do you have a deep desire to help women?

  • Would you like to RECLAIM your soul's gifts?

  • Are you ready for transformational awakening?

  • Do you want to take your healing practice to the next level?

  • Do you want to learn Wise Womb Massage for self and other?

  • Do you want to connect with your helping spirits?

  • Do you want to learn earth centered healing modalities?

  • Do you want to tap into your own healing potential?

  • Do you feel something is blocking you from moving forward in your life?

  • Would you like to develop a greater capacity for intimacy and vulnerability?

  • Do you want a more holistic skill set to offer to your clients and community?

  • Are you an empath and need training in how to carry this medicine in a healthy way?

  • Do you have a desire to connect more deeply to your heart song, to your womb song?

  • Would you like to learn tools and techniques to gain more clarity to navigate your inner world, your life, and your relationships?

  • Would you like to experience the sacredness of being seen, held and witnessed in your truth?

  • Have you walked through your own initiation, come out the other side and now wonder how you can inspire others on their path?

Did you say YES to any of these?


Cultivate a




Mother Earth

Our 13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship program is facilitated by Naomi Love. W I S D O M K E E P E R : : Naomi Love holds powerful medicine, she carries many lineages, traditions and wisdoms within her.  Naomi is a Weaver of all things sacred. She has traveled around the world studying, learning and embodying for over twenty five years. Naomi has over twenty five years of experience guiding and working with over sixty thousand people, training over 49 practitioners. She is the Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path ™ She is a Wisdom Keeper, Medicine Woman, Healer, Mentor, Ceremonialist, Priestess and Teacher supporting others on their path to remembrance and reconnection with themselves and all that is. Naomi has been deeply immersed in the healing arts for her entire life span and has so much authentic true wisdom to share, she creates a sense of ease, and trust instantaneously. Visit her website below.


Naomi was guided to create this beautiful school dedicated to inspiring women on their path of remembrance. Naomi is a channel for Pure Love consciousness, Spirit. Spirit has been her guide in creating each of these programs and offerings to support the healing, integration and awakening of humanity. 

Apprenticeship is a beautiful way to learn, you are apprenticing with Naomi, she holds the space and gives you the framework, the container and guidance in which to start to build or deepen your connection with your own Womb, your Inner Wisdom, and your apprenticeship is truly with yourself, with Spirit, with Mother Earth, with your Helping Spirits.

The Moon, The Womb, Helping Spirits, The Plants, Great Spirit, Gods & Goddess, the helpers of the middle world (earth) will be our guides, our teachers. Naomi is a spiritual teacher, and has devoted much of her life studying human behavior. She has great insight and understanding into our tendencies, how we work and how we relate. In this program you will begin to learn how to community, how to truly listen, witness another. What it means to truly give and to receive. How to be in right relationship with your gifts. We will explore forgiveness, and personal responsibility and energy hygiene, we will explore archetypes, personal boundaries and begin to understand power dynamics. 

 Spirit : :  Pure love Consciousness moves through Naomi when she is teaching, she will share their wisdom and teachings as she is guided, with the motivation of helping you to navigate through this world with more ease and grace. Understanding how to be with and then alchemize your experience, how to support others to do the same. You will receive a powerful transmission during the in person immersion! Life changing... Are you ready?

You will learn to connect more deeply with your womb space, to honor your cyclical nature, to honor your blood. You will begin to tend the soils of self love, self care and nourishment, connecting deeply with Mother Earth, Great Spirit, your Helping Spirits, our Plant Allies and Animal Guides, while cultivating a more fertile relationship with your intuition, your body, your life and all that is.... 

You will gain a deep connection to your heart and your womb, to your remembrance of the Sacred, to the Divine Feminine. Heal the wounds held in the collective pain body, deepen your ability to hold sacred space to facilitate others in their remembrance.

You will learn how to truly listen from a place of honor and how to become a clear channel to source as well as daily energy hygiene practices to keep yourself healthy, embodied and inspired. Clear that which no longer serves you so you can walk on your Medicine Path, aligned with heart and spirit. 

You will learn our Level One Wise Womb Medicine protocol to support not only yourself but other women in having pain free menstrual cycles, in relieving symptoms associated with menses, in harmonizing their hormones, in healing the wounds of their past.


Align with your true Nature

Our 13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program gives you a solid foundation to begin or continue to work with clients in a profound and deep way. The program is both Virtual and In Person. We begin with a Virtual Opening Ceremony and then continues virtually throughout the year sharing with you many amazing modules including Cycle Charting & Moon Mapping, Herbal Medicine for Women's Health, Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training, Menstrual Attunement and Sacred Feminine Nutrition. Each module is offered over a period of time, and are self paced but to be completed in a specific time frame, giving you accountability. We know virtual studying can be a challenge for some of us, so we have made the classes as dynamic as possible and you are supported throughout the each module. 

The virtual modules included in the program are somewhat self paced, and offered to you in a specific order as each module builds upon the next. We also offer virtual talking circles which include talk story time, Q & A, Coaching, and Teachings. Also, included in your tuition are two remote sessions with Naomi Love, these sessions can be used for personal healing, coaching or guidance. 

Our most favorite part of the Apprenticeship is the annual In Person Immersion.(This is a requirement)

The In Person Immersion will be held in the Redwood Forest outside of Santa Cruz. For TWO WEEKS we will dive deep into the sacred temple work, the hands on application of the modality we call Wise Womb Medicine. We intentionally don't share with you what we will learn in the in person immersion, because this is where the Oral Tradition comes in, and the mystery... 

Visit our womb page to learn more about the modules we incorporate into our unique work. (Scroll to the bottom, look for the chart)

During the IMMERSION . . . We will meet LIVE (yay) for Opening Ceremony on the evening of day one, we will gather each day to share in sacred temple arts, womb teachings, sacred practices, rituals, ceremony and so much more.


It is your birth Right

To be a steward for Mother Earth and to intercede on your brother's and sister's behalf in love.

On our final day together, we invite the near by community into our temple, as a collective we will offer these women healing sessions using what you learned over the two week immersion. This is a powerful part of the initiation into this work and so much fun to invite the community into our sacred container to receive and participate in the magic we create together. We will complete our time together with a beautiful Cacao Fire Ceremony.

After the In Person Immersion is completed, we then invite you to offer ten sessions to your community using what we learned over the two weeks and what you have learned virtually. This helps you to know what you know and know what you don't know, and where you may need more support. One of these sessions is to be observed by Naomi Love, virtually. 

Level One will complete on the 13th New Moon, we will gather in virtual circle to co-create a closing & completion ceremony. 

For those that want to continue on to Level Two we invite you to see a minimum of 15 clients (yes you charge for these sessions!!) and write up your case studies to be turned in when you apply for Level Two. 

Once you have graduated from a Level you are invited to apply to assist that level the next year. For those that want to go down the Ceremonial Priestess Path we require you to attend all levels, and assist each level at least once. For those that desire you are also invited to apply to be a mentor to the up and coming new students. This is a beautiful way to continue being held in the field this beautiful school creates, and supports your education and evolution as a healer, teacher and facilitator. Which is a training in and of itself!

Virtual Programs Include

Cycle Charting : :  Fertility Awareness Method is a way to avoid or achieve pregnancy through observing and charting fertility signs. It is also an indispensable tool for women to monitor and gauge their gynecological health.  We will dive into the anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle. We will discuss the details of the Fertility Awareness Method; how it works, how to chart, and how to use those charts to achieve or avoid pregnancy. We will also look at sample charts and interpret them to find irregularities in the menstrual cycle and how to interpret your hormonal health. With Liz Philbrick
$400.00 Value

Feminine Cycle 101::Honoring Your Tides::Menstrual Attunement- This program teaches you how to align with the tides and seasons of your menstrual cycle  and how to read your blood, from the framework of Chinese medicine. With Kris González, L.Ac. 
$150.00 + Value

Herbal Medicine For Women - You will dive deep into foundational principles of advanced herbal medicine for women. Learn how to use herbs to balance hormones, how to make botanical medicine and how to use plant allies to honor rites of passage unique to the female body. 
$1000.00 Value

Yoni Steam Facilitator and Practitioner Training - You will learn indications for yoni steaming, how to screen for contraindications and sensitivities to best serve your self and your clients reproductive health concerns. With Keli Garza

$200.00 Value

Sacred Feminine Nutrition - Sacred feminine nutrition is based on intuitive eating, taoist practices, sensual eating in order to truly give your body the nourishment it needs. We will as a group, participate in implementing and eliminating specific foods and practices into our daily routines throughout the program as well as participate as a group in a reproductive supportive cleanse. With Naomi Love
$800.00 Value


*** For those of you that already have a certain level of mastery in some of the virtual classes, we invite you to audit the ones you want to access, and test out of the ones that you want to pass on. This is set up this way, to honor that we have all studied a variety of modalities and not everyone needs to have these classes. We then take off the classes you test out of and the prorate the tuition.

Wise Womb

Medicine Session

: : Upon Graduation You will receive : :  

  • Certification of Completion in Level One Wise Womb Massage

  • Certified Level One Wise Womb Medicine Woman (or Practitioner)

  • Certification of Completion in Cycle Charting & Moon Mapping

  • Certification of Completion in Honoring The Tides :: Menstrual Attunement

  • Certification of Completion Herbal Medicine For Women

  • Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner

: : You Are then empowered to offer : : 

  • Wise Womb - Healing Sessions

  • Earth Centered Spiritual Healing Sessions

  • Honoring The Tides :: Menstrual Attunement Sessions

  • Supportive Guidance : : Herbal Medicine Women's Hormonal Balancing

  • Yoni Steaming Sessions

  • Divination Sessions & Guided Meditations

  • Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine Ritual

  • Assisted Breathing Practice

  • Forgiveness Ritual

  • Wise Womb Medicine Circles

iNvest in yourself!

All Virtual Programs + 5 Live Calls + 2 Remote Sessions + In Person Training + Observation Session

Total Value $5850.00 +

YOUR PRICE! $2699.00

Early Bird Pricing Ends October 15th | Investment after 10/15/18 will be $3339.00


  • In Person Apprenticeship (class is included in the tuition)

  • Level One Training Manual (200+ pages)

  • Virtual Talking Circles throughout the year with Naomi Love

  • Cycle Charting Module

  • Herbal Medicine for Women Modules

  • Yoni Steam + Certification

  • Honoring The Tides : : Menstrual Attunement

  • Sacred Feminine Nutrition

  • Two - One on One Remote Healing or Coaching Sessions with Naomi Love

  • One Observation Session with Naomi Love

  • One Year FREE professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path™ website!

  • Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path Musings, Resources, including; intake forms, educational handouts, recordings etc.

  • I love being generous, so once you are in my nest, you will be well cared for.

Tuition DOes NOT include : : 

  • Herbs

  • Required Reading

  • Course Supplies (drums, rattles, copal, oils, etc.)

  • Accommodation, food, flights or travel expenses for the In Person Immersion

For those that pay in full you will receive an email with the next steps! Personalized payment plans are available, after you pay the deposit then we can create your personalized payment plan. 

We do offer a few partial work trade or partial scholarships per year, you can apply here. 

Details for the




: : 

Santa Cruz, California

April 30th - May 12th 2019

Our in person immersion will be held in the beautiful redwood forests of Northern California, above the fog line in Aptos.  

The property is beautifully landscaped with pathways leading to tranquil meditation spots as well as our sacred gathering spaces. We have a pool, hot tub, sauna and fire pits as well as many room options including camping too! We may even have Wise Womb Medicine Women offering personal healing sessions at a discount for you! 

Prices Include : : 

  • Room and Board from April 30th - May 12th 2019

  • Organic Meals Per Day (Dinner on the first day and breakfast on the last day)


 View Your Accommodation Options


Twin & Pull out Twin

$1550.00 Per Person 

Queen & Pull Out 

$1700.00 (Queen) : : $1650.00 (Pull Out)


Queen & Pull Out 

$1700.00 (Queen) : : $1650.00 (Pull Out)


Queen & Pull Out 

$17000.00 (Queen) : : $1650.00 (Pull Out)

King Bed & Pull Out

$1800.00 (KingBed) : : $1700.00 (Pull Out)  


2 Queens, 1 Pull Out 

$1700.00 (Queen) : : $1650.00 (Pull Out) 

Camping Options!

YES to camping in the redwoods! 

$1395.00 Per Person (15 Spots Available) 

You do have to bring your own gear, and will have access to showers and bathrooms. 

To pay for your rooms you can pay via PAYPAL - wisewombmedicine@gmail.com or Venmo - Naomi Love @wisewomb

Please include a note of which room you are choosing. 

(Please send money to friends and family to avoid the fee's. If you don't do this, I will have to charge you the 3% fee.) 

You will arrive on April 30th to the retreat center after 3:00pm and depart on the 12th by 11:00am

FLIGHTS : :  San Jose or San Francisco are the closest airports.

ARRIVE : :  April 30th 2019 (arrive by 3:00) 

DEPART : :  May 12th 2019 (later afternoon or evening)

PAYMENT : : Payments must be made in FULL by February 25th 2019 (Rooms are first come first serve)

What students are saying...

My favorite thing about working with Naomi Love, is her authenticity… as a grounded person that is easily related to, as well as someone with whom the Spirit passes through to help guide us mere mortals on our path while immersed in the beauty of our Mother Earth.
You will learn things about yourself and the amazing world we live in, and how to truly connect and be grounded. It is an honor to have met and spent time with her.
— Beth Sevilla
It’s been such a sweet honor working with Naomi Love. Not only has she been a soul sister but my teacher & healer who’s essence I resonate deeply with. So much grace-always there with open arms to hold space for the real me to come through! Through our last experience in the valley, she’s brought me closer to my culture & connecting to the land which is such an important factor to my soul that I dismissed for too long. Looking forward to many more heartfelt experiences with this wise woman. So much love for Naomi Love!
— Kahanulani Mina, Maui Hawaii
Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. This speaks to me of the deepening that is happening in our collective consciousness where the need for singularitys of spiritual power are being transmuted into a collective offering where we call forth from one another our highest gifts but also find the willingness to step into one another’s darkest nights as witnesses of love. One of Naomi’s gifts is her enormous devotion to authenticity. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.
— Ally Gold, Maui Hawaii



The change begins with ourselves..

Let us come back to the remembering of ourselves and reclaim our womb space...

Let us stand in our truth, and share our hearts.


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