Level One Apprenticeship

Join Us for A Year Long Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program

We have many virtual modules that are self paced as well as a required in-person portion of the program which is offered two times a year. 

Right now the world needs you to Reclaim your womb space, STEP INTO YOUR HEART AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS.



a world where women are devoted to themselves, to each other and to uplifting all those that we encounter... 

Is this path For YOU?

  • Do you have a deep desire to help women?
  • Would you like to RECLAIM your soul's gifts?
  • Are you ready for transformational awakening?
  • Do you want to Awaken your Sexual Energy?
  • Do you want to take your healing practice to the next level?
  • Do you want to learn Womb Massage? 
  • Do you want to connect with your helping spirits?
  • Do you want to learn earth centered healing modalities?
  • Do you want to tap into your own healing potential?
  • Do you feel something is blocking you from moving forward in your life?
  • Would you like to develop a greater capacity for intimacy and vulnerability?
  • Do you want a more holistic skill set to offer to your clients and community?
  • Are you an empath and need training in how to carry this medicine in a healthy way?
  • Do you have a desire to connect more deeply to your heart song and to your womb song?
  • Would you like to be initiated into the Rose lineage, to be of service to the Divine Sacred Feminine?
  • Would you like to learn tools and techniques to gain more clarity to navigate your inner world, your life, and your relationships? 
  • Would you like to experience the sacredness of being seen, held and witnessed in your truth?
  • Have you walked through your own initiation and come out the other side and now wonder how you can inspire others on their path?

Did you say YES to any of these?

Then I invite you to schedule a discovery call to learn more about our school and apprenticeship programs.





Cultivate a fertile relationship with your womb

Our Level One Apprenticeship is a powerful weaving of remembrance and intuition. We blend Prayer, Sacred Blood Mysteries, Womb Activation and Remembrance, Forgiveness Ceremonies, Ancestral Healing, Earth Centered Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, Herbal Medicine For Women, Nutrition, Yoni Steaming, Fertility Charting, Self Care and Yoni Egg Practices and Rituals, while also learning how to offer this work to the community. We dive deeply into Earth Centered and Taoist practices for personal healing, longevity, sexual awakening, and sensual pleasureful embodiment. You will learn Elemental Touch, Energy Medicine & Hygiene, and Deep Listening & Spiritual Inquiry Skills.

You will learn to connect more deeply with your womb space, to honor your cyclical nature, to honor your blood and ancestors. You will begin to tend the soils of self love, self care and nourishment, connecting deeply with Mother Earth, Great Spirit, your Helping Spirits, our Plant Allies and Animal Guides, while cultivating a more fertile relationship with your intuition, your body, your life and all that is.... 

Gain a deep connection to your heart and your womb, to your remembrance of the Sacred, to the Divine Feminine. Heal the wounds held in the collective pain body, deepen your ability to hold sacred space to facilitate others in their remembrance. Learn how to truly listen from a place of honor and how to become a clear channel to source as well as daily energy hygiene practices to keep yourself healthy, embodied and inspired. Clear that which no longer serves you so you can walk on your Medicine Path, aligned with heart and spirit. 

Imagine a world where we were offering our blood to the earth, honoring ourselves, our hearts and our truths... while also honoring one another.

Imagine a World where we were walking the path of Right Relationship, in harmony with all that is. 







How does the program work? 

Each level is nine months to a year long. We offer virtual modules that are self paced as well as a required in-person portion of the program which is offered two times a year. We require you to attend 1 of the in person modules to complete each apprenticeship level. 

The in person portion of the program we meet in the sacred dream lodge and dive deep together into learning the hands-on application of this modality we call Wise Womb Medicine Path. The rest of the year, you are invited to work with clients, to offer sessions, medicine circles etc. to your community, and to implement what you have learned, the more we share, the more we know what we know and what we don't know.

The self paced virtual modules included in the program are: Herbal Medicine for Women's Health, Yoni Steaming, Menstrual Attunement, Fertility Charting & Moon Mapping & Nutrition. Throughout the year we meet virtually for six group talking circles, coaching and teaching calls, you are required to attend a minimum of 4 of the calls. 

If you would like to learn more about our apprenticeship programs check out our FAQ's page. (remember we are a living school so we are often evolving and growing and may not have updated the pages to match so you are always welcome to schedule a call with us to ask any questions you need answered.) 

We also offer an Affiliate Program - If you refer a student to our programs and they attend and graduate you receive $100.00 per student! 


Who is this program NOT for?

We want to ensure each woman that comes through our school is 100% ready to walk their Sacred Medicine Path.

This path is NOT for everyone. This path is NOT for those that desire to stay in old patterns, or who want to project their own issues onto others, or who want to stay in comfortable patterns that are no longer working.

This path is NOT for those who want to stay in contraction, in separation, in judgement, or who are unwilling to step outside of their comfort zone to explore other ways of living, being and believing. This path is not for you if you like to manipulate rather than take responsibility, or you want to continue to play small. 

We understand that WE ARE ALL of these things... BUT if you are unwilling to bring curiosity to yourself, your beliefs, your patterns, your life and relationships, we can't really help you...  

If you are WILLING to SURRENDER, to bring curiosity to all parts of yourself and are ready to be held in Sacred Space and sisterhood and are willing to be vulnerable, to share your heart and truth, we WELCOME YOU!

Upon graduation of Level One (you graduate after completing all the virtual modules and In Person portions of the programs <3)

  • Receive Certification of Completion in Level One - Wise Womb Massage
  • You will be a Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner
  • Receive Certification of Completion Herbal Medicine For Women
  • Receive Certification of Completion in Fertility Charting & Moon Mapping
  • Receive Certification of Completion in Honoring The Tides :: Menstrual Attunement

And you are now empowered to offer:

  • Earth Centered Spiritual Healing
  • Fertility Charting / Moon Mapping 
  • Honoring The Tides :: Menstrual Attunement 

  • Divination Sessions, Guided Meditations
  • Nutritional Therapy 
  • Herbal Medicine Women's Hormonal Balancing 
  • Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine Taoist Practice
  • Assisted Breathing Practices
  • Forgiveness Rituals
  • Wise Womb Medicine Circles

Upon completion of any level, you are welcome to apply to assist that level or you can retake a level for 1/2 OFF after you have completed that level.

In Person Location 2018


Classes are held 10am - 7pm with the exception of the last day, we will end at 11pm. 


this is your birth Right 

To be a steward for Mother Earth and to intercede on your brother's and sister's behalf in love. 




  • Level One Training Manual
  • A Powerful Graduation Ceremony 
  • 6 Group Calls - June 16th 2018, October 27th 2018, January 19th, 2019, April 13th, 2019
  • Fertility Charting * Moon Mapping Virtual Class 
  • Menstrual Attunement Virtual Class with Kristin Gonzales
  • Herbal Medicine for Women Virtual Class with Feather Jones - 6, 90 min. Virtual Classes 
  • Beginners Nutrition as Medicine For Women - 4, 60 min. Nutrition As Medicine Virtual Classes  
  • Yoni Steam Certification with Keli Garza
  • 2 - One on One Remote Healing or Coaching Sessions with Naomi Love - To be scheduled when you sign up for the program
  • One year free professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website
  • Access to Wise Womb Medicine Path musings, WWMP trademark & resources, including intake forms, educational handouts, etc.
  • I love being generous, so once you are in my nest, you will be well cared for. 
  • Unlimited Access to our Wise Womb Medicine Fertility Summit Conversations.

Additional Costs to the program

We have a few books that are required reading:

  • Code Red: Lisa Lister
  • Womb Wisdom: Padma & Anaiya Aon Prakasha
  • Womb Awakening: Azra Bertrand M.D. & Seren Bertrand 
  • Red Moon: Miranda Gray 
  • Animal Medicine Cards 

You will also need a massage table, sheets and oil.

What students are saying...

I was first drawn to study with Naomi, before ever having a session with her, mostly for her quality of weaving modalities. I was just stepping onto my path in the healing arts, searching for my way and found her approach to be inspiring and spoke to my own sensibilities. When I did start receiving sessions with her, I felt like I was finally being met by a practitioner in a way that took all of me into account. I was asked to take an active role in my own healing as well as given the gift of being held in sacred space. The creation of the apprenticeship program was the perfect opportunity for to me to deepen my ability to receive, as well as explore an earth centered approach to healing. Every meeting was held in sacred space, facilitated by Naomi and supported by all us students. Whether we were on a plant walk, practicing somatic movement, giving plant brushings, journeying, learning hands on techniques or giving and receiving healing from one another, I always felt held in the container of community and spirit. This quality of space allowed for an embodied and empowering learning experience. I felt like I was awakened to my own abilities, rather than trying to learn something new. I am so excited to continue apprenticing with Naomi in this next group focused on womb work and women’s health. Our womb, our second heart, is the seat of our inner wisdom, our ancestry, our power. Giving her a voice and supporting other women to do the same is healing that needs to take place on the planet right now. I look forward to deepening my skills to hold space, connect to spirit, facilitate healing for women, and of course, continue on my own path of healing. Naomi’s dedication to a life of study and practice make her a deeply embodied healer and teacher guided by a connection to spirit. If you feel drawn to receive or learn from her, follow your instinct! It will bring you closer to yourself and to all that is.
— With love, Adderly Bigelow



Your Time is now 

The change begins with ourselves.. Let us come back to the remembering of ourselves and reclaim our womb space... Let us stand in our truth, and share our hearts.