Level One Apprenticeship




 Imagine being held in sacred space while learning ancient earth centered healing practices for your own personal healing and evolution. Imagine being EMPOWERED in your truth and in your heart to share this work with your community.

Finding Breath

Level one is focused on your personal evolution, remembrance and awakening. 

Tend the soils of self love, self care and nourishment. Gain a deep connection to your heart and your womb. 

Honor your cycles and your blood. Connect deeply with mother earth and your helping spirits, plant allies and animal guides. Connect with the unseen realms and trust your intuition.

Hold sacred space for women’s healing and learn how to truly listen from a place of honor and how to create a clear channel to source and daily energy hygiene practices. Clear that of which no longer serves you so you can walk a on your Medicine Path, aligned with your heart and spirit.  Dive deeply into Earth Centered and Taoist practices for personal healing, longevity, embodiment. and learn elemental touch, spiritual healing, energy hygiene, deep listening skills, forgiveness practices as well as level one Wise Womb Medicine hands on healing modality to support women’s health both for yourself and your sisters. Receive the transmission of this powerful weaving of many lineages and traditions named by Spirit.

Upon graduation of Level One you are empowered to offer:

  • Level One - Wise Womb Medicine Sessions
  • Earth Centered Spiritual Healing
  • Divination Sessions 
  • Healing Divine Masculine & Feminine
  • Assisted Breathing
  • Forgiveness Rituals
  • Wise Womb Medicine Circles

Dates for 2018 Lyons Colorado

  • July 13-15
  • July 20th-22nd
  • July 26th-29th 

Class will be held 10am - 7pm. Except graduation Day will end at 11pm.

*** There may be option to camp on the land, we have access to the jacuzzi, sauna, and BLM land all around. It's best not to be rushed and allow time and space for integration throughout the immersion/retreat/training.



$2099.00 - Enrollment Opens 10/31/2017 and ends 02/14/2018

(If you are signing up after December 2017 we will have to arrange a different payment plan option for you as payments must be completed by June 1, 2018)


What students are saying...

I was first drawn to study with Naomi, before ever having a session with her, mostly for her quality of weaving modalities. I was just stepping onto my path in the healing arts, searching for my way and found her approach to be inspiring and spoke to my own sensibilities. When I did start receiving sessions with her, I felt like I was finally being met by a practitioner in a way that took all of me into account. I was asked to take an active role in my own healing as well as given the gift of being held in sacred space. The creation of the apprenticeship program was the perfect opportunity for to me to deepen my ability to receive, as well as explore an earth centered approach to healing. Every meeting was held in sacred space, facilitated by Naomi and supported by all us students. Whether we were on a plant walk, practicing somatic movement, giving plant brushings, journeying, learning hands on techniques or giving and receiving healing from one another, I always felt held in the container of community and spirit. This quality of space allowed for an embodied and empowering learning experience. I felt like I was awakened to my own abilities, rather than trying to learn something new. I am so excited to continue apprenticing with Naomi in this next group focused on womb work and women’s health. Our womb, our second heart, is the seat of our inner wisdom, our ancestry, our power. Giving her a voice and supporting other women to do the same is healing that needs to take place on the planet right now. I look forward to deepening my skills to hold space, connect to spirit, facilitate healing for women, and of course, continue on my own path of healing. Naomi’s dedication to a life of study and practice make her a deeply embodied healer and teacher guided by a connection to spirit. If you feel drawn to receive or learn from her, follow your instinct! It will bring you closer to yourself and to all that is.
— With love, Adderly Bigelow