Enter the Temple 



You could connect to your sacred womb space and reclaim your power center. . .

What if we lived in a world where we honored the moon, and sat in sacred circle, where our vulnerabilities would be tenderly witnessed AND we were fully accepted.

Imagine a world where women stand in the fullness of their truth, owning their sexuality and supporting other women in awakening, in rising up.

What if the first step to make this world come true, was YOU...

What if YOU could change the world?

What if by YOU stepping into your authentic truth, you inspired those around you to do the same?

This world is possible! And it starts with YOU.

Let's take a deep breath together... this is possible... 




& Retreats 




I recently graduated from Naomi’s level one Wise Womb Medicine training. I feel transformed. To be held in such a safe container each day is precious beyond words...to grow and learn, shed what was no longer serving and to transform myself was a blessing that I wish everyone in the world could have the opportunity to experience. I have been studying holistic healing by way of apprenticeships and small workshops all over the world for most of my life, and this training feels like the one that I had been looking for this whole time! I feel found. I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel like I have come home to myself. I feel that I have the tools I need to heal myself, and the practiced tools I need to provide the sanctuary for other’s healing as well. The transmission that Naomi carries is undeniably sacred, straight from Source and Spirit. She unfolds the information in a way that is accessible to everyone, peeling off and building on the layers of wisdom in a way that felt clear, purposeful and so loving.
— Gabrielle Lamoureux



After years of service in the community, working with thousands and thousands of people, Naomi offers Mentorship and Apprenticeships for those that desire deeper support and training. Let her share with you the wisdom she has accumulated from her twenty five years in the healing & temple arts and all things womb ... from preconception to birth .... postpartum to death ... She has worked with all stages of life on all levels. 

Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper.  She has been in the healing arts for over 25 years and has worked with over sixty thousand clients, and trained over fifty practitioners through her Living School, Wise Womb Medicine Path™.

Naomi is a Ceremonialist and Facilitator. She is Master Body Worker, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Clinical Nutritional Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Whisperer, Evolutionary Alchemist, Yoga Instructor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Medium and Channel, Tao Tantric Priestess, Sacred Feminine Facilitator, Medicine Maker, Intimacy & Relationship Coach.

Naomi weaves her twenty plus years of education masterfully with her life experiences, and is able to track the unseen realms to support the people she holds space for, to return home, to the truth of themselves, to the remembrance of why you are here. Naomi truly meets you, in loving presence and from there, anything is possible.She has worked with over 60,000 clients around the world and has over 25 years of experience in private practice. Naomi has been teaching since 2002 and has trained over 40 practitioners around the globe. 


...Womb Ceremonies offered by Naomi Love...

These in person ceremonies are a powerful way to clear the past traumas, lovers and ancestral cords. To heal wounds held in the womb and to restore vitality in your sacred womb space. For those who have had a hysterectomy we work to build a sacred womb cave, and cultivate a deep connection to the spirit of  your womb. 



Love Graduation Ceremony

So much love shared in the temple...


all Smiles...


This Beauty...


These Sisters...


What Students are Saying..

Naomi has a clear vision as to the medicine she brings to the world and is a master at intuiting the medicinal gifts of her students. Her apprenticeship prepared me to bring each of the skills she taught me into the world in an authentic way. Naomi created an opening for me to sort out the manner in which I want to apply these healing practices to my life, whether for my career, personal growth, or the healing of the world. I felt so supported as she shared these sacred practices with me, knowing that they were steeped in ancient wisdom. Naomi’s comfort with each of the practices she taught is evident and through this comfort she was able to guide me to an embodied knowledge of each of them. My time in Naomi’s apprenticeship was sacred, deep, embodied, and joyful. Naomi brings humor and holiness together in a way that makes healing work sustainable.
— Caitlin Arce (Level Two Graduate)

Wise Womb Apothecary


customized flower essences

sacred smudge blends

women's healing tonics

botanical infused oils for breasts, belly, womb & yoni

yoni steam blends

cordials & elixirs

crystal yoni eggs

shamanic rattles



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