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What sets our offerings apart from other classes, courses or programs is that we work through apprenticeships, through personal healing journeys which ultimately lead to a profound level of personal growth and embodiment, which then translates professionally to a deepened skill set and knowledge base to weave into your healing practice.  

It is important to me that my students also receive the transmission of my work, the way we teach ensures you get this work on a cellular level thorough our in person immersion and live classes.

An apprenticeship relationship is a more profound relationship than that of a student and teacher or client and practitioner, we are equally committed to our awakening and evolution. 

The virtual aspects of the apprenticeship are there for two reasons, one, to hold the container where we are each diving into our own personal healing journey and to also keep the container of unification - unified. 

The most important aspect of this apprenticship is the in person portion. We have set up the in person immersion to be after 6 months of personal exploration and this is where we dive deep into the hands on aspects of the work. This is an incredible aspect of the training. 
The time apart, is there for us to learn what we have shared with you, and it’s also a personal journey of apprenticing with yourself, your womb and the helping guides we invite in. This part, shows us, us.

This is also the time that we must cultivate a stronger connection to trust. Because it is this trust that we must continually surrender into... This process can bring up so much within each of us and this is part of the process - And this is why we teach through apprenticeship, because there is a deeper level of connection and commitment with our selves, the work, self exploration, our wombs, our practices. 

Although we aren’t yet in person, it will all make more sense the further we move through the 13 Moons... TRUST … my loves... surrender into the container and allow it to do its work. 

The more we align with resistance, the less the transmission, the healing, the work, can move through us into our bones...

It may not all makes sense yet, and... this is part of the sacred feminine, the oral tradition.... softening around the need to know, and allowing the process to work within you.

Keep surrendering into the container, into your inner knowing connected to your heart and to the sensation of trust...


You are NOT certified after one level!

Each level is about personal embodiment; a “healer heal thyself” philosophy. When we deepen in ourselves, apply our self care and do our work, it supports our capacity to hold space and show up for others.

The disclaimer here is that you are not guaranteed to become a Certified Practitioner upon completion of level three. Certification is determined on a case by case basis.



Level One is NOT for just any woman, rather for women who are willing to open to receive and connect more fully to their truth. For a woman that wants to go deeper inside herself and connect with mother earth, who wants to embody her sexuality and her healing gifts and who wants to be empowered to own her health, whether you want to work with clients or not, Level one is for you.  After you have participated in Level One, you will have all the info you need to answer any questions you have about further levels. 

For any woman who wants to learn more about working with women, who want to hone their skill set. Who desire a more fulfilled connection to their womb and to the feminine. Who want to be a lineage holder of the sacred womb. 

What made you create these programs? 

This is the way I learned and embodied the knowledge that was being passed on to me by all of my teachers. Apprenticing is an old world way of learning from a master who is highly skilled and often gifted in a certain field. This apprenticeship is really an apprenticeship between you, mother earth, and spirit. I am more the facilitator, supporting you in walking your path to remembrance and empowerment. 

I was called by Spirit to create an educational program that would empower, inspire and support each sister’s embodiment and personal healing, which could then be shared with their community. Once we have the embodiment, then we can offer healing from a place of inner knowing.

This path does become a way of life, as it is the path of the heart. You will connect with Mother Earth, the plants, the elements, the directions, above, below and within. You will remember your connection to your helping spirits, the nature spirits, the light workers, and light beings and deepen your connection to your womb and heart. You will explore inner worlds and bring light to the shadows, to come back to the truth of YOU. You will step into your gifts in a way that inspires others to step up as well. You will learn relationship and communication skills which will change your life and the way you relate. 

What additional costs should I expect?

You may want to purchase additional tools like a drum, massage table, sheets, oils, divination cards, charcoals etc. + Retreat accommodation and food prices are subject to change based on location, which can effect tuition. Tuition includes your rooms and board and all the virtual programs.

I can’t make the whole program, can I still come?

NO, I am so sorry, but students are required to show up for the whole of the program, as we are creating a sacred and safe sisterhood, and having someone not there can deeply impact how the participants feel within the collective.


Apprenticeship includes both in person and virtual training.  The in person classes are a beautiful coming together in community and sacred sisterhood. This is a place where you are invited to go deep into the truth of your essence, your true nature, to be authentic and to learn and embody the transmission, the practices, the healing. Whenever two or more are gathered the energy is amplified! These classes will profoundly shift your experience of being a woman, being intimate, being able to share your heart.

The virtual aspects are somewhat self paced, with accountability. Meaning we create time frames for you to complete each of the programs and share one set of them with you before giving you access to another. This way you stay more on track.

We have made our virtual classes a little more dynamic than most online learning. This is to keep you engaged. So Naomi is often Co-teaching with a fellow teacher or acting like to student to ask the questions you would all like to ask. 

We offer group calls throughout the year, used for business support, coaching or as a medicine circle to come together virtually as a tribe. 

You are welcome to add on additional sessions with Naomi Love, for more support. 

The apprenticeship programs work on a level system. We begin with level one and continue from there, each level building upon the previous, each level taking the work to a deeper place within you. Remember this is the oral tradition, which works through embodiment, personal growth, through practice,  and experience, and often repetition of information, so we can receive it in a multitude of different ways. Each level taking all that you have learned even deeper into the core of you! You will continually be learning new practices, new techniques, honing skills and doing your own personal work


After you graduate from each level you are welcomed to apply to assist that level if you are enrolled in the following level. This is a great way to deepen your level of embodiment and wonderful for those who want to learn how to become space holders, or who would like to become teachers. You learn a lot when you assist a training you have taken, you get the information in your cells in a different way. 

After you graduate from a level you can apply to become an assist to that level of class at any time, anywhere it is offered. 

You are also welcome to attend any level again for 1/2 price (not including accommodation and food.

The rest of how it works... is a mystery and surprise! Naomi loves to spoil her students and is always surprising them with extra support, gifts and treats. 

Policies : : When you sign up for our programs you are IN. We do not give refunds! So, if you sign up, make sure you are a YES!

This is an apprenticeship program which is a deeper type of relationship that a normal student/teacher or program enrollment. Once you sign up you are in and expected to pay the full tuition agreed upon. We do not accept drop outs no matter what the circumstance is.

In addition, should you cancel the contract in any way, you are required to pay the tuition in FULL and you are waiving all rights to the information you have learned. We do NOT give permission to share what you learned in any capacity unless you have graduated from our program. We can not with good consciousness allow you to share the work, without the sealing of the FULL transmission.

Thank you for honoring this level of commitment.