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Nevada City 1:1 Healing Sessions with Naomi Love

Experience a 1:1 session with Naomi Love on her USA teaching tour. Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper and Masterful Facilitator with over 20 years experience, working with over 60,000 clients and training over 70+ practitioners.

From her earliest memories of eating rose petals and making rose water at the age of seven, her unwavering devotion and commitment to her path has seen her become create one of the World’s Most Holistic Healing Systems that bridges Ancient Wisdom with Cutting Edge Practices. Naomi teaches internationally and offers private sessions, virtual programs and the only Certified Apprenticeship Program of its kind in the world! In a session with Naomi you can expect to go deep, laugh, cry and fully come home to yourself.

Working with Naomi, you are re-connected back to the old world way of learning that is aligned with the Sacred Feminine and Earth Centred-Healing practices. It is circular, rhythmic and always growing and evolving to meet the energy of what arises in the portal of Loving Presence. For women, this involves the Path of connecting to their Womb space and hearts, for Men this is their connection to their Hara and hearts. Attuning to your essence and centre, you remember who you truly are and why you came here.

Naomi begins by meeting you in Loving Presence, then masterfully tracks the unseen worlds to work on all aspects of your energy field. She can work with clients of all ages, genders, and life circumstances. Each session facilitates your own embodiment, evolution and activation of your magic. By integrating all parts of you, and being fully met, acknowledged, seen and held as a whole person, profound and life-altering transformation can occur.