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Ashland: Tending to your Heart & Womb


June 19th 2019 - Goddess Temple : Ashland Oregon
11 - 6pm

Allow your Sacred Womb to be your inner oracle connected to your Heart and establish the two keys of Feminine Presence – the Heart-Womb connection.

Join Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path™, Naomi Love for this one day workshop to experience the healing benefits of Wise Womb Medicine which have supported over 60,000 people around the world.

Your Womb is the center of your being. When we are connected to our Womb, we feel strong, rooted and grounded in our being. When we are connected to our heart, we are able to fully receive and give love to what give’s our heart the greatest joy, and experience life more fully. In this way, the Womb and Heart have a symbiotic relationship where the Womb is the root and the heart is the flower, and when the Womb is turned on and awakened, the heart can blossom freely without feeling exhausted.

By establishing your Heart-Womb connection, you can begin to feel more connected to your centre and power and to the Shakti life-force energy in your Womb Space that allows you to merge the loving energies of the Heart, into a conscious connection with your Womb.

In this workshop:

Connect back to your essence, and learn how to express the truth of who you are through your body, in your life, relationships and work

Begin to establish the two keys of Feminine Presence with practices to support you in connecting the Heart-Womb to support your Feminine Embodiment and Sovereignty

With a deeper Womb connection, you will begin to feel more safe in uncertainty, access greater pleasure in the movement of your body, feel more confident, and more fulfilling intimate sexual interactions

Cleanse the Womb and Yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning and emotions left in it by the outer world and previous sexual experiences

Experience an intuitively guided mixture of Wise Womb Medicine in the form of Shamanic journey and body work, hands-on healing, breathwork, movement, ritual and ceremony, which will be intuitively chosen on the day to meet the needs and energy of the group

Dissolve the heart walls that are in place keeping you from fully exposing yourself, so you can open in a more loving and compassionate way.

Meet Your Facilitator

Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper and Masterful Facilitator. Naomi teaches internationally and has been a Pioneer in the healing arts with over twenty-five years of experience working with over sixty thousand clients and trained over seventy practitioners through her Living School Wise Womb Medicine Path™.

Naomi has a gift to meet you in presence and from there, anything is possible. Naomi has been featured on Self Cervix, Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, Purely Balanced Podcast, and Susan Weed’s Blog Talk Radio to name a few. She has an ability to orchestrate deep transformation both in one on one sessions and in her teaching. Be prepared to go deep, laugh, cry and fully come home to yourself.

About Wise Womb Way

To walk the wise womb way, is to live in right relationship with all of creation, living and being part of this great cosmic web from a place rooted in personal responsibility, honesty and vulnerability. This is the lineage of the Divine Feminine, which is beyond gender, it is inclusive and works through the oral tradition, in harmony with the cyclical and rhythmic nature of nature’s cycles and our healing journey.

For women, it is the path of connecting to their Womb space and allowing their Sacred Womb to be their inner oracle connected to their hearts, Mother Earth and Great Spirit. For men, this is their connection to their Hara as their unlimited source of power anchored into Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic Web. The Wise Womb Way teaches us the art of relating within ourselves, and with each other. We are the weavers… the wise women, here to encourage and inspire women in their remembrance..

Cost: $108.00