Maui 1:1 Healing Sessions with Naomi Love
to Mar 21

Maui 1:1 Healing Sessions with Naomi Love

Aloha Maui Ohana ... join me for a 1:1 session before I begin my US teaching tour in April! Book now b/w 2nd-21st March.

Deep, Powerful & Transformative Life Changing Support

Who are you ready to become?
I can help you on your path of remembrance... supporting you in relearning and remembering the truth of your divine expression...

My sessions are for everyone, with over 25 years experiencing working with over 60,000+ clients, I can weave together many modalities and teachings to support any client, no matter their age, stage of life or theme of healing that they wish to work with.

Sacred space is set for you to arrive, to be held and witnessed in the truth of what is present for you. In this space all of you is welcomed and honored. We visit the places of discomfort and relearn new ways of perceiving and internalizing your experiences. What shows up in each session will determine the focus and modalities used to support your healing and transformation. Sessions vary depending on what is present for you and what you are coming in for

Do you want to cultivate more harmonious relationships?
Do you feel you need to clear energy from the past?
Would you like to learn how to navigate your emotional waters?
Do you have a desire to connect more deeply to your heart?
Would you like to develop a greater capacity for intimacy?
Would you like to RECLAIM your souls gifts?
Are you ready for a transformational awakening?
Do you need to bring more healing to the ancestral realm?
Would you like to deepen your capacity to connect to the helping spirits?
Would you like to have a pain free menstrual cycle?
Do you suffer from menstrual irregularities, or do you struggle with digestive issues?
Would you like to reclaim your Womb Space?
Are you curious about conscious conception, fertility, medical intervention and how to prepare your body for these processes?
Are you pregnant or have you had a child in the last year?
Are you wondering what foods to eat and how to live more optimally?
Would you like to learn tools to help you navigate your inner world with more ease and grace?
Are you wanting a personal or community ceremony?

Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Womb Clearings, Womb Ceremonies, Sacred Feminine Nutritional Consultations, Herbal Medicine & Flower Essence Consultations, Art of Love & Relating for Couples, Intimacy & Vulnerability Coaching, Forgiveness Ceremonies, Sacred Feminine Sexuality Consults, Personalized Retreats and so much more.

Or if you still have questions about my sessions please email and I'd love to hear from you!

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Wise Womb Spring Cleanse
to Mar 27

Wise Womb Spring Cleanse

Any of y’all want to join our Sacred Feminine Spring Cleanse? ▽ March 16th - 27th 2019 ▽

We meet virtually March 16th with a live call getting the outline created for each of our individual cleanses. Menu ideas, prep and sharing will be shared in our Wise Womb Group.

I will be sharing the key principles about the wise womb approach to cleansing and keys to set yourself up for success. We will have two days after the call to menu plan, prep and gather supplies before we begin the cleanse.

The first two days of the cleanse will be simple and restorative. We will do the main portion of the cleanse for seven days and then the last two days will be gentle integration.

Our Wise Womb Cleanse is personalized and individually tailored to you and your life so you can take it where you can and are able to go with it in the time you have and what your goals are.

Our approach is through intuitive eating, learning the 5 flavors and cravings, mindful eating, presencing with food, implementation and elimination.

The Wise Womb Cleanse specifically focuses on upgrading the energetic field - clearing what isn’t serving and bringing healing to the digestion womb and ovaries. It’s both Physical and Spiritually focused..

We work not only with food and emotional health but also the other aspects of your life that need extra attention, healing, light or lightness brought in.

Our cleanse is supportive to all folks and is supportive to physically helping with digestive and reproductive issues.
It also helps with fatigue, exhaustion and chronic pain. The wise womb cleanse works through nourishment on all levels and cultivates overall emotional stability and clarity of mind body and spirit. We will be implementing ceremony and ritual throughout the time we are on our cleanse to support the energetic frequency upgrade.

The Flow:
Cleanse Prep - 2days
Cleanse - 7 days
Integration - 2 days

▽ Live call 2 days before day one begins March 16th HST 10am HST
Cleanse can start on the 19th of March (but you are welcome to do your own timing also)
▽ FB support thought the cleanse
▽ Live Virtual Group Ceremonial Ritual Healing on March 23rd 10am HST
▽ Final group check in post cleanse on March 27th (whichever time serves the group best)

What you’ll need to begin:
▽ Access to a health food store and clean food, veggies fruit etc.
▽ Kitchen and cookware and a blender
▽ Internet access and time set aside to prep and attend live calls/ceremony.
▽ Large size metal Bowl, Salt, Rubbing Alcohol
▽ Fresh herbs like rosemary and basil.
▽ A little extra time and space to make this happen for yourself!
▽ Salt Flushes or At Home Enemas if desired.

How will you feel?
During any cleanse sometimes we can feel a bit of stirring of our emotional bodies as we are clearing energy on many levels that aren’t serving. However, after a couple of days folks usually start to feel lighter and brighter.
Because of the way we set these cleanses up, you can take it as far as feels like a yes to your system.

I would be honored to support y’all for the energetic exchange of $127.00.

Link to Register Below > > Registration closes March 10th

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Santa Cruz Community Healing Day
11:00 AM11:00

Santa Cruz Community Healing Day

We invite you to be a part of a FREE community healing day. This is a completion for our apprentices initiation as Wise Womb Medicine Practitioners.

It’s an incredible experience for everyone!! Something your body and spirit will remember forever! To learn more about our work you can visit our FB page and website.

Details for joining us: You will be committing to be present and receive hands-on healing Wise Womb Medicine ceremonial bodywork and massage with our apprentices.

You will all be held in a sacred container facilitated by Naomi Love and two graduates of the level three apprentices, Jennifer Straw and Caitlin Arce.

This is a very important step in our program and the apprenticship process, so if you agree to be present, we NEED you to uphold your agreement and show up on time.

We have two sessions we need 20 community participants in total.

Session one: 11-1:00 (need 10 women to volunteer to arrive on time and participate)

Session two: 3:00-5:00pm (need 10 women to volunteer to arrive on time and participate)

Please be on time as the temple doors will close at the start time for each session.

At this time, we are only accepting female identifying volunteers. We hope to be more inclusive in future community healing events.

All sessions will be offered in a community in the village style environment. We do our best to ensure as much privacy as possible.

How to sign up: please email Caitlin at and share which session you are signing up for. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all details for the event. Once you sign up we need to count on you!! So please don’t say yes if you may not be able to make it.

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2019 Spirit Weavers Festival
to Jun 17

2019 Spirit Weavers Festival

Naomi Love will be sharing The Art of Intimacy and Vulnerability and The Art of Returning to Sovereignty at this years Spirit Weavers Festival.

The Art of Intimacy & Vulnerability 

Intimacy - In To Me See... This is something most of us crave, yet when it comes our way we often find ourselves running from it, and retreating into the depths of ourselves to the place of safety. 

Let's join together in sacred sisterhood to dive into the true essence of yourself while in reflection and presence with your sisters. 

This experiential class will give you greater skills in being able to relate not only with yourself but also with others.

We will use many sacred  temple practices to explore what intimacy is and learn how vulnerability is actually our greatest strength as well as how to communicate what is present for you while in relationship to another. We will remember what our sacred needs are and how to honor them. 

We will complete this beautiful ceremonial class with a transfiguration practice that will leave you feeling more present and empowered in the truth of yourself. You will expand your ability to be witnessed and seen, as well as your ability to witness and see another. These skills are intended to support you in connecting more authentically with all of your relations.

This experiential class will give you greater skills in being able to relate not only with yourself but also with others. 

We will use many sacred  temple practices to explore what intimacy is and learn how vulnerability is actually our greatest strength.


The Art of Returning to our Sovereignty

It is so important as women, that we remember ourselves. So often we get lost in crowds, we tend to others, we look for validation outside of ourselves.

This class is an experiential class that is relevant for all women.
We will explore boundaries, the importance of energetic & spiritual hygiene and how to come more fully back to our sovereignty and how to integrate these practices into our daily life.

Each of these practices are our birthright and part of our remembrance and can often bring up emotions that we are uncomfortable with. We will learn how to be present with what arises so these parts and places within ourselves can truly empower us, and support us in our lives.


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