The Wise Womb Way & Wise Womb Medicine Path


What is Wise Womb Medicine Path™?

Wise Womb Medicine Path ™ is a path, a way of life.

We are a Living School teaching the Temple & Healing Arts, in an earth centered way.

We are  devoted and dedicated to supporting you in coming home to the truth of yourself. Facilitating deep healing through personal embodiment of sacred earth-centered practices. We teach through apprenticeship, as this is an old world way of working to ensure students receive the full transmission and healing into their bones. We work in the sacred feminine lineage, while immersed in the apprenticeship, you are first receiving your own healing deep into your bones, while ALSO learning how to offer this work to your community. We value:  Integrity... walking in Right Relationship .... Honoring ourselves and each other...all of our teachers, Mother Nature & Great Spirit and all of Creation.


Wise Womb Medicine Path is a Living School teaching the Temple & Healing Arts.

Weaving the ancient womb wisdom with your own potent medicine, while walking your path, held, guided and inspired by the living sacred feminine lineage of the temple and healing arts.

The Womb is the foundation of our school, as the womb holds the wisdom and creative force of the sacred feminine. The womb is our direct connection to our intuition, to earth and to our ancestors, our inner compass our inner guide. 

Wise Womb Medicine Path speaks to the wisdom of the womb... united to the womb web of all women who came before us and who will come after.

Each of us carries our own Medicine, we each have unique gifts, magic and ways we help the world... 

The Path is the journey we take through life.

We are a Living school, which is the old world way of learning. It is always changing, growing, shifting, to meet the energy of whoever shows up. Our living school moves along the circular path of the sacred feminine.

The Temple is the sacred space for us to gather in intentional sacred space. A place to explore ourselves, our depths, the loved and the unloved. The parts that need healing, love and light. To heal and integrate from the live we have lived, the experiences held in the body. It is a place of sisterhood, a place we gather for guidance and support. Temple is where we remember our most infinite self.... 

The Healing Arts speaks to many modalities we teach in the school in order to truly offer deep and profound healing. We teach Wise Womb Massage, Taoist Healing Practices, Herbal Medicine, Vaginal Steaming, Menstrual Attunement, Flower Essences, Sacred Feminine Nutrition, Earth Centered Healing and so much more. 

What is Wise Womb Medicine?

Wise Womb Medicine is a system of healing that weaves many modalities together in order to work with the whole person and facilitate deep transformative healing. 

Who are the Wise Womb Medicine Women?

Wise Womb Medicine Women is the collective of women who have graduated from the school and offer Women's Medicine Circles, One Day Wise Womb Medicine Workshops and One on One & Group Healing Sessions. 

 Who created Wise Womb Medicine Path?

As guided by spirit, Naomi Love is the Creatrix of this body of work.

We honor all of our elders, teachers, wisdom keepers, clients, students who have taught, supported and guided Naomi along the way.

Through an awakening experience Naomi received an activation of Pure Love Consciousness which gave her the understanding of how to weave all of your experience, studies and knowledge together. Naomi has had a unique personal history, and has been walking this path for her whole life. This work is her devotion and her offering to the world. She has worked with over 60,000 clients and trained over 49 practitioners, traveled to 16 countries, taught around the world, supported 108 couples through the art of love and relating, she has helped thousands of women get pregnant through conscious conception, she has supported the birth process for 20 beautiful families, Naomi has worked with women, men, transgender, children, animals, land and homes.

  What is Wise Womb Medicine Tribe?

The Tribe manifests as a Facebook group, a virtual tribe that has been created for women to share their stories & experiences. Through this platform women share what is moving through them and also get to ask Naomi Love any questions related to living life, in a body, walking on earth!

Send us a request on FB and we would love to add you!

Who is this work for?

This work is honestly for any one ready to walk their path to awakening, to remembering their heart's song. This work is for women, or those that identify as women, any age, in any stage of life. AND this work also translates to supporting men, instead of focusing on the womb space, we focus on the pelvic bowl/ prostate as their center. This body of work helps to heal many many imbalances, on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. 

Learn more about our approach, and indications for our work by scrolling around and reading our website. We offer apprenticeships, virtual lunar womb temple, memberships, one on one in persona and remote healing sessions as well as virtual symposiums and our upcoming podcast. Also, check out our blog for free podcasts and reading of Naomi’s work.