13 Moon

Ceremonial Priestess


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Become a Priestess of the Earth 

Divination, Personal Ritual and Ceremony. 

We will meet for a two weeks of deep connection in nature. You will learn how to hold and facilitate ceremonies both group and personal healing ceremonies. 

You will deepen your skill set in communing with nature, earth, the ancestors, the elements with the unseen and seen realm. You will deeply know right relationship with the seen and unseen realms as well as how to keep yourself clear and grounded throughout a ceremony or ritual. 

You will learn how to hold a ceremonial container and how to orchestrate working with Spirit as your guide and masterfully work with the energy that is presented. 

You will learn how to offer Women’s Healing Ceremonies, Wise Womb Ceremonial Retreats, Womb Ceremonies and Yoni Puja's, Fire Ceremonies, Kava and Cacao Ceremonies, Blessings and Clearings for Home and Land, Rite of Passage Ceremonies which includes; Blessings, Birth, Death & Blood Ceremonies.

This is really Level Four of our school. Folks who apply to this program must have graduated from Level One - Three and have Assisted Level One - Three. This is an in depth ceremonial training, the foundation is laid throughout our other programs and then by assisting each of the programs you are going deeper in learning to become a facilitator, read group energy, support deep healing, wield masterfully the energy that may arise in a ceremony.