300-Hour Program 

Wise Womb Masters Certification Program


Ceremonial Initiation


This Masters program is only available to those who have graduated from our 600 hour Wise Womb Apprenticeship.

This 300 Hour, 9 Month Masters Level Program is both virtual and in person. Receive direct access to Naomi Love & the Wisdom Counsel to support the FULL transmission and embodiment of the Wise Womb Way, both personally and professionally. Each month we will gather virtually for both a Group Healing and Advanced Clinical Case Study Review.

Our In Person Immersion will be held over the 24 day period on the island of Maui, this is where you will hone your skills, master the WWMP protocols and become apart of the leading Authority in Women’s Health as a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner. The Ceremonial aspects of this training are a part of the Mystery and can not be written, you will be initiated as a Priestess of the Womb for all stages of life. Our Masters Certification also teaches our revolutionary techniques to support all stages of pregnancy for ease of carrying and delivery as well as postpartum care.

Program Includes:

2 - Observation Sessions ($150 Value)

2 - One On One Remote Coaching Calls with Naomi Love ($400 value)

2 - 15 Min. Mentoring Calls with WW Assistant ($75.00 value)

1 - Live Call Per Month with Naomi Love ($360.00 value)

24 - Day In Person Immersion ($5670.00 Includes accommodation, meals and transportation to and from the airport)


Masters Certification: $8300.00 USD ALL INCLUSIVE (excluding airfare)

Also Included:

  • Program Manual + Gifts and Supplies

  • Two years FREE priority listing on WWMP website

  • Unlimited lifetime access to recordings of calls and classes, during and after completion of the apprenticeship

  • Unlimited virtual support via our apprenticeship Facebook Group

  • Full access to Wise Womb Medicine “business resources”

  • Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses

  • Access to Amazing Playlists use for classes, sessions and ceremonies

  • Wholesale Discounts for our Wise Womb Apothecary


Upon Graduation : Receive

  • Certified Wise Womb Master Practitioner

  • Initiated Wise Womb Priestess & Ceremonialist

    • Ceremonial Training Rites of Passage

    • Spiritual Rx & Shamanic Initiations Through the Veils of Death, Trauma, Spiritual Emergency & Grief.

  • Receive FULL Empowerment in all practices of Wise Womb Medicine, Wise Womb Way and Wise Womb Medicine Path. You will receive the full transmission and protocol for WWM for all stages of life, including working with men, women and pregnancy and postpartum. support.