9 MOON Ceremonial MAsters Program

200 Hours  


Ceremonial Masters Certification Training

The sacred feminine way of learning is circular, rhythmic, expanding upon and going deeper into..

Now that you have mastered our own unique womb code and we have stepped into the Womb Portal inside of ourselves, you are now able be a more profound teacher and guide for those that are in need of this work. You are now the vessel to inspire remembrance for those around you, to support other women in awakening to their own unique codes and rhythms so they can too, be an inspiration to all those they encounter.

In this Ceremonial Masters program we will work virtually and in person to hone your skills and complete your training as a Certified Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner and Ceremonial Womb Priestess.

You will learn the final stages of our coveted and proven Wise Womb Medicine Protocols to support your clients and students as well as teach you how to hold your own womb healing retreats, to offer ceremonies for rites of passage for all stages of life and how to hold these ceremonies with the utmost integrity.


Certified Masters Level Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner & Ceremonial Womb Priestess

Masters Level Empowerment:

Wise Womb Master Level Practitioner

Wise Womb Medicine Workshops

Wise Womb Healing Retreats

Ceremonies for Rites of Passage

Fire & Cacao Ceremonies

Ancestral Healing Sessions

Yoni Puja Ceremonies and Rituals

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200 Hour Program


  • 2 week In Person Immersion Training + Accommodation and Food

  • Masters Training Manual

  • 8 Live Classes with Naomi Love

  • 4 Wise Womb Ritual Cleanses

  • One Year FREE membership to our Wise Womb Mentorship Portal

  • One Year free professional listing on the Wise Womb Medicine Path website.