Tending to Emotional Wounds + Claiming Personal Authority Podcast

There is a myth out there that once you start doing personal growth or spiritual work, you become perfect, with zero challenges or hard emotions. There is also a myth that if you do enough positive affirmations, you will stop feeling pain and have the absolute life of your dreams. The truth is that it’s messy, and our humanness continues. The key is how we relate to it, how we show up with more love and less suffering.  

Naomi Love has been on the healing path for over two decades and comes with a wealth of wisdom regarding the reality of what it really looks like to grow and step more into our wholeness. (hint: it’s not all rainbows and perfection).

This conversation was commented on as a breath of fresh air, as Naomi spoke into the powerful subtleties of finding true empowerment, embodying love, and healing our emotional wounds + codependency. If you could use a good dose of real talk in the midst of only-love-and-light-new-age sparkles, this episode is for you!  

In this episode Naomi discussed:  

  • Naomi’s hardships and initiations from her childhood and young adulthood - including kidnapping and abuse - that delivered her on her healing path

  • What initiations are and how we can meet them well to support us in waking the F up

  • Healing the common childhood normalization of being deficient in love

  • The importance of the breakdown and phases of contraction

  • Giving your authority away and how it happens in a healing setting

  • The Wise Womb Medicine Path

  • Personal Self Responsibility

  • Spiritual Bypassing and honoring our sacred needs

  • Transactional Relating + Codependency

  • Communication in Relationships

  • How we often emotionally blackmail ourselves

  • The common mask that healers wear  

    “We are all equally as f*cked up as we are amazing. If we can own all of that aspect of ourselves and actually start to show it, the messy side, then maybe we can start to dissolve those perfect pictures of projection so that people feel that when they give us their authority, that we don’t actually take it.”  - Naomi Love

Naomi Love