FAQ'S Wise Womb Way Symposium


When is the Wise Womb Way Symposium?

It is being held over 8 days between 19th-26th February 2019.

How does the Symposium work?

Each day for 8 days, we will be sharing 4 videos with you, which will be available to you for 24 hours only. After that 24 hours, the videos will expire.

You can still get access to these by purchasing our Day Unlimited Access Pass which gives you access to that days’s videos OR if you wish to get full access of all 8 days videos within your Symposium you can access these through purchasing our Symposium All Access Pass. *Proceeds from this event go to funding our low income scholarship programs.

What topics are included in the Symposium?

The Symposium includes 32 videos from Masters in the Healing Arts having Sacred conversations and giving Sacred transmissions for healing. Topics vary from Fertility and Conscious Conception, syncing your Hormones, embracing your Sacred Feminine Awakening, Ancestral Healing, the art of Radical Self Love and Intimacy, Healing from Toxic Relationships, CoDependency and Trauma, Racism, Cultural Appropriation, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy and tapping into your Wild Orgasmic Energy, unlocking the Divine within and so much MORE.

Who is this Symposium catered for?


How do I know if this is for me?

  • You are searching for the information or person to support you through a part of your healing journey and have been unable to find the right resources yet

  • You are confused by all the options out there, questioning where to go or who to see or what modality or healer would best support your healing - we have the answers

  • You wish to attract your soul mate, let go of toxic relationship patterns and thrive instead

  • You wish to cultivate a deeper level of self love and intimacy with yourself and your relationships

  • You want to be empowered with the know-how for how to sync your hormones and create a deeper connection with your womb and vaginal ecology

  • Your intrigued with desire to hear about how to cultivate female sexual energy and tap into your wild orgasmic potential

  • You have your own healing practice and want to deepen your knowledge base

  • You do not have the money to travel around the globe to visit Wisdom Keepers and spend hundreds or thousands, or for single sessions. You want to be connected with wisdom keepers in a way which is affordable and accessible

  • You were guided or referred to this page, and somewhere deep inside, is this deep knowing that you MUST JOIN US

    If you said YES to one or more of these…then this is for YOU!

How do I participate in the Wise Womb Way Symposium?

There are 4 ways - our free pass, day unlimited access pass, symposium all access pass or symposium and fertility summit all access pass. Read below for a further description of what each of these includes.

What is the Wise Womb Symposium Free Pass?

This gives you free daily accessto the Wise Womb Way Symposium videos for 24 hours(12am HST - 11:59 pm HST) and then they expire! - Join Here.

What is the Day Unlimited Access Pass?

Purchase this pass for $42 and you will be given unlimited access to that specific day of videos of those speakers (options available on each day’s page) - Purchase Here.

What is the Symposium All Access Pass?

Purchase this pass for $197 and you will be given all accessto all the videos of the speakers throughout the 8 days of the Wise Womb Way Symposium (only available the week of the symposium, then the price goes up to $244.00) - Purchase Here.

What is the Symposium and Fertility Summit All Access Pass?

Purchase this pass for $222 and you will be given all access to 32 videos of the speakers in the Wise Womb Way Symposium,plus 23 speakers in the Fertility Summit!! ($441.00 value!) - Purchase Here.

What if I have purchased the All Access Pass and now want to also purchase the Fertility Summit?

No problem, for only $25 you can purchase this here.

Where do the proceeds from the Wise Womb Way Symposium go to?

Proceeds from the Wise Womb Way Symposium go towards funding our low income scholarship programs for our 13 Moon Wise Womb Apprenticeship Program. Find out more about our Apprenticeship Program here.

How do I see who is speaking each day?

The speakers are shown below in terms of order. Each row, symbolises each day i.e. row one is day one, row two is day two, row three is day three … When you sign up before the Symposium starts, then you will receive an email each day with the speakers for that day.



I signed up and didn’t receive access to the Symposium..

Check your spam folder and look inside here. Then, we recommend adding wisewombsymposium@gmail.com to your address book so that you receive all of our emails. If you still have problems, please email wisewombsymposium@gmail.com

When will I have access? Each Day will be sent via email at 12:00am HST (USA) starting February 19th - 26th. We will not make the pages LIVE until this time.

My password is not working… Make sure that you have used lowercase letters as each password is case sensitive. Try clicking out of the browser and then clicking back in after you have refreshed the page.

Type password in and hit enter - if you still have problems, please email wisewombsymposium@gmail.com - Please include your order number and or email you signed up for access with.

I want to receive access to these day videos for longer than the 24 hours, how do I purchase a day unlimited pass?

To receive access to the videos for longer than 24 hours, you can purchase the specific day pass for this by visiting www.wisewombmedicinepath.com/symposium - you will save $$ by purchasing the Symposium All Access Pass if you wish to receive multiple interview from various days.

How do I receive the most from the Symposium?

When you are ready to listen to the interviews, we recommend you set space for yourself to really drop in and listen to each of them without distraction to receive the most benefit. This may be as simple as making a cup of tea and lighting a candle. You also may want to take notes, so have a journal and pen near by or even grab a fresh notebook that can be specifically dedicated to all your learnings from this symposium. 

How do I connect with others in the Symposium?

Join our Wise Womb Medicine Tribe Facebook group here. Start by introducing yourself and post a photo of yourself and share your reflections, learnings and experience of the Wise Womb Way Symposium with us.

My video keeps freezing when I try to watch it…

Try and click out of the video and close your browser entirely. Then go back in and re-open your browser and the video again. Ensure you have a strong video connection to allow the video to stream properly. You do need good wifi to access the videos and have them play flawlessly.

What’s included in the Fertility Summit Bonus?

23 deeply amazing, insightful acred conversations with Medicine Keepers from around the world on all topics including womb wisdom, healing, women and fertility. Read More Here.

I want to go deeper into the Wise Womb Way… what’s next?

If you wish to embody the foundations of the Wise Womb Way, we recommend you take part in our Virtual Lunar Womb Temple program. This can be completed over 13 weeks, or 13 months (moons). There’s even a really affordable payment plan available to support you to make this accessible for you. Learn More Here + get access to your first 7 days inside FREE.

Still have questions? Email wisewombsymposium@gmail.com

Naomi Love