Self Care as a Sacred Need

Driving from Oregon to Colorado was so majestic I wished I had one of my many VW busses still so I could pull over and stay in some of the amazing places I passed along my journey. I haven't had a solo road trip since I was in my twenties. There is something special about being on the open road alone…

I am currently playing with is the ability to see where I have been, visiting places I once lived or traveled to many years ago and receiving the reflection of who I have now become. Seeing where I have allowed life to ware parts of me down and where wisdom has gathered and created beautiful gardens …

One thing I am truly loving about this journey I have been on the last few years is what I am calling a wandering practice which is a Re-Wilding training… It is giving me the spaciousness to reconnect with my inner navigational system.

One of the reflections I have had is on how much technology has taken over our lives and for myself, how much it has overridden my inner navigational system. This re-wilding is a sacred need of my soul. As I play with listening to my true yes I am finding a deeper connection to my heart, decisions are easier to make because I am not thinking about them rather I am making space for myself to feel into what my yes is.

What is a Sacred Need?
I am realizing that Self Care use to mean something I wanted and desired to do that was good for my body, mind and spirit. Now I see that many of us are relating to Self Care from the mind and as though it is a chore we should do to be a better___________.

When I drop into what is my Sacred Need it comes from a deep knowing, it isn’t a chore, rather it’s something I just DO. It isn’t on a to do list - It just is what I make time for because it is a sacred need.

How can we start attuning to this Sacred Need?
I notice that we seem to have some association that self care or sacred needs or dropping in or taking quiet time or meditating means it’s gonna be hard. We avoid being with ourselves as though there is something wrong and I am wondering if this is because we think there is a monster under the bed, metaphorically speaking?

When we create space for the wandering without an agenda we find a sense of relationship with ourself and something that is greater than the self.

So I ask you to sit with what are your sacred needs and I invite you to bring curiosity to the question, soften around it and FOR SURE don’t try to figure it out because I can guarantee that your sacred need doesn’t come from your mind or from anywhere outside of you. It comes from a well within, that when tapped into, when remembered it will be a place of Re-SOURCING for you and it may begin to change your life in how you are living within it.


After coming out of my immersion with my students it became clear to me that the patriarchal way of seeing, being and living is deeply engrained in who we are as a collective and how we relate to ourselves and each other. It breaks my heart in many ways although I also know we needed this for some reason, for some greater healing or purpose. AND I see that it is a perfect time to begin the journey of coming back to the remembrance of inclusion rather than exclusion, togetherness rather than separation. Truth and honor instead of self preservation, vulnerability as a strength rather than shields creating war. I hadn't really thought of things this way, I had thought the patriarchy was THE SYSTEM the government, but it's not just that. It has become the way we all are. The heartbreak many of us have, as we observe what is happening to our Mother Earth and how we have treated her, is a direct reflection my loves of how we treat ourselves and each other. As within / So without.

Life is not separate we are all apart of this living web and each of our actions, patterns, beliefs behaviors have an impact on the whole of this sacred web. It's not about searching for perfection within ourselves - rather its about coming back to our internal motivation behind our actions, it's about listening to the heart and connecting more deeply to this place, it's about honoring our own cycles and rhythms so we can know ourselves more deeply and be empowered within ourselves to know who we are and to be fucking honest about it. It's not about coming back to the matriarchy or rejecting the patriarchy - rather it's about looking at it all, seeing it what we see outside of ourselves within, owning that and then transmuting it. From there we can come to wholeness.

When we can witness the narratives in the mind that keep us caught in the web of amnesia, or forgetting, or denial that we project outwardly to then cause more separation because ultimately there is a part of us, a BIG part of us that is fucking afraid. If we can connect more to our true nature to honoring that, those rhythms, cycles, we can connect more to nature itself. As within so without... as without so within... how does that apply to you?

I invite you to sit in nature, to go outside to be with a tree and feel the trees nature and let that be a reminder for returning to your own true nature. I wondered what was going to come out today!! Thanks for listening, I am finding I need to me more blunt and less soft in how I share things as spirit told me, we have to stop fucking around and get to it.

Naomi Love