Tending to the Heart

The Rhythm of the heart was the first language we learned inside the mothers womb, it is a primal way of communication with our mother. 

There are millions of reasons as to why we have closed hearts. Collectively we can look at what is happening in our world and find our hearts broken as to the state of the world, the lack of care for Mother Nature. 
We have all experienced enough trauma, hurt and pain all of which takes a toll on our hearts ability to stay open. The protection we have built up around the heart is a brilliant process to keep us safe. 

When we don't go in and tend to this sacred house of the soul, the heart, we get caught in cycles of suffering and in the illusion of separation. 

Tending to the heart is crucial right now my loves, we can not change the world until we change how we are within it. If we too are closed and caught in the illusion of separation, we will not be free to truly be agents of change. 

Disassociation is one of the most common forms of a broken, disheartened heart. When we are disassociated, we are not able to feel. The heart needs us to feel our feelings, our experiences in order to truly move forward in our lives. And in order to feel, we must feel safe. 

At WWMP we create a container of safety to explore what is keeping us caught in this web of entanglement so we can step more fully into the capacity of the heart knowing that VULNERABILITY is actually our greatest strength.

NOW more than ever we need to come into presence in our hearts - In order to truly be a priestess of the womb you must have an open and activated heart, if the womb work isn’t rooted upwardly into the heart and heart then into the womb, then we aren’t truly being in what is the full truth of our nature. There is so much womb work and awakening happening now and without this bridge built we are created more and more wounding and imbalances in the world.

The womb and heart must be connected and rooted into one another in order for us to be in right relationship and in clarity.