What is Spiritual and Energetic Hygiene?

What is Spiritual and Energetic Hygiene?

Spiritual & Energetic Hygiene is a practice of connecting the the WHOLE of self - the part of the self connected to mother earth, to the divine cosmos, the higher self to LOVE - and clearing what isn’t us, what isn’t ours, being honest with ourselves, where we haven’t been honoring our or another boundaries, where we have taken responsibility for another. Where we have made agreements that we need to dissolve.

It is an assessment of noticing where there are rips, tears, holes, or where we may have allowed others to cord into us, or where we have corded into another. 

We have to be real with ourselves, so we can then fully clear the energy, send back to the earth with permission, anything we have absorbed, change the patterns and behaviors where we have lacked boundaries and a process of strengthening our energetic and spiritual immune systems so we don’t feel “victim” to our environments, to our relationships.

Let’s talk about Agreements and Contracts...

We often make unconscious agreements with others, especially those that are close to us. We may take responsibility for others, when it’s for them to take, although it may come from a good place, it’s actually enabling the other person, you are interfering in their karma, which means, you are agreeing to take ON something that isn’t yours which can impact your life immensely.

We may also try to feel into someone, even if this has a positive motivation, if you haven’t been given permission to feel into them, this is a violation and can also manifest for both people as cording, or tears in the energy body.

Most of us have strong superpowers and we can feel beyond the normal amount - and we need to learn how to manage this and be in right relationship to that - YES?

The more we practice Spiritual & Energetic Hygiene the stronger our energy body becomes, the stronger our connection is to what it is WE actually feel like, when we are clear of all this baggage we took on that isn’t ours. THEN we can walk more fully aligned with our hearts, we can walk in right relationship with ourselves, and the world around us.

The last (& crucial) part of the Hygienic practices is to FILL YOURSELF BACK UP, whenever we clear something we must refill

Now let’s share a few simple ways we at Wise Womb Medicine Path use to come back to ourselves: 

  1. Say Your FULL name out loud 3x with your breath - this calls you into your body - you can then open your eyes, and say where you are - what is around you - this calls you into presence. 

  2. Inner alchemy / self assessment - mindful presenting with what you are speaking about others and what you are allowing or accepting in. Mindfulness. Noticing practices

  3. Salt scrubs or baths help to clear your energy body from energies outside of you. 

  4. Smudging yourself can also be supportive, being intentional with knowing what the herbs you are using do for the energy body. For example - many of us use sage, which clears the space and leaves it fully empty - but traditionally sweetgrass is burned after sage to fill the space again. Whenever we clear something, we must fill it. 

  5. Prayer & Visualization is another powerful way to call and claim your space and body and dispel others from your space and or energy.


Prayer for Clearing, Restoring and Integrating. 

I am one with the light of Divine Source 

I now visualize a beautiful golden light of divine love surrounding me and this space fully. 

I release any energies that aren’t mine to be given back to the light of divine love. 

I call myself fully back, wholly, whole and healed and imbued with the light and essence of pure love. 

All tears, rips, holes and cords are healed, dissolved and cleansed by this pure light. 

My energy body is fully cleansed, healed and restored by this pure Divine light.

I am (speak your full name here) now fully in my body, aligned with heaven and earth, my angels and my helping guides. 

So be it : So it is 

Most of what I do with people, honestly, is help them, inspire them to come home to themselves. To clear what no longer serves, to guide them in how to tend to their inner gardens, and remember their connection to source, and self. This is also what we truly do in our school, we have a full module on this topic as it is incredibly important especially right now with where we are as a collective.

If you are curious about studying with me, or interested in our Living School please get in touch.

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