Tending to the Heart with Grandmother Spider

Tending to the Heart

What if our heart holds within it a great capacity to take in all of our experiences and breath out love.. No matter what it is. 

Grandmother spider came to me - placing a beautiful crystalline silk web in the front of my heart.
She showed me that this web was there not to protect me, rather it was there to be a filter, made of crystalline silk and would support my heart in filtering out anything that wasn't mine to hold.
She shared with me that I need to tend to this web, to tend to my heart, because when it's left unattended it will wither, harden and the web will begin to strangle the heart. That the heart will then feel alone, broken and sad. Grandmother spider showed me that she is the symbol of infinity and that the heart holds within it an infinite ability to breathe in ALL pain and breathe out LOVE. 
That we are often afraid to come home to this part of ourselves, because of so much pain and heartbreak and ache due to the state of things.She shared this visualization for all to connect with their hearts -  Imagine me... sitting in the middle of a beautiful crystalline rainbow silk web and trust my loves that you are loved, that you can take it all in and breath out LOVE.

Grandmother shared with me the cause of a broken heart or hardened heart. She said, it is the beliefs we have believed over our lifetime from the experiences we have had that have left a deep ache inside. This ache, these narratives that you hold may not be yours, they may be ancestral, they may be something you have taken on from society, from the collective consciousness or collective pain body.

These beliefs can become self induced curses. The statements you repeat in your mind such as; this always happens to me, I am not worthy of love, I am too _____ to be lovable. There are no good ____(men or women) out there etc. Each hold within them great power. The power to keep you held hostage in the crystalline hardened matrix of the web of the illusion of separation. She said we manifest from our sub and unconscious, it is not from the conscious mind my love... it is from the places you can not see that you create your reality.

Everything starts as a seed of love, it is just that it gets distorted based on where something goes within you. Where the emotion or experience goes, is where the energy flows. Where it goes, shows you YOU, she said. 

How can you begin to tend to your hearts and clear the curses placed upon ourselves?

The first step grandmother shared is to ultimately remember that everything that exists is an expression of consciousness, and consciousness takes all forms beyond what we may think is good or bad.  

What if, we needed everything to be as it is in order to grow and evolve?  
We could say, why is there war, why are there rapists, why have so many suffered. Why is there so much pain. My loves, she shares, I can't answer, that as that is the GREAT question... BUT what if, each of these experiences gave you a greater capacity to come into the remembrance of one, the remembrance that everything is love that just got distorted along the way.

It's not to condone any hurtful behavior, rather it is to acknowledge that there is a GREAT MYSTERY, beyond your limiting perception. Can you expand into that great unknown and open your heart anyways.. Knowing that I am here, with you. Your heart is safe, no matter what... 

In Lak'ech Ala K'in - the Living Code of the Heart...

May we remember that we are love... Thank you grandmother spider... With LOVE, Naomi Love

Naomi Love