Re-claiming Yourself and Soul Retrieval

Re-claiming Yourself and Soul Retrieval

I wanted to write about the importance of  “Reclaiming yourSELF”. This is a great time of year to take some time to assess where you are, and call yourself back, so you can step fully into the New Year with connected presence.


In traditional cultures, Shamans were the village healers and they held a special connection with the Spirits of the land, the plants, and what is commonly called the non-ordinary reality – the reality beyond what we can see, taste, smell and touch. One aspect of their service to the community was to support healing of spiritual illness, hold ceremonies, perform rituals and to bring back home the missing or lost parts of a Soul, as well as rid them from any foreign energies from the Body, Mind or Spirit.


They attribute many diseases to what is known as Soul Loss. Soul loss often happens when there is a perceived trauma and the Soul shoots out of the body in order to stay safe. This is actually a brilliant mechanism; but after years of perceived traumas, fright or deep grief, it can become problematic as physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms begin to manifest.


The symptoms associated with Soul Loss are different for everyone, and often depend on the trauma or experiences that influenced the loss to begin with. However, the general signs of Soul Loss are when there’s an underlying felt sense of sadness or grief, deep fear, lethargy, depression or a feeling of not being satisfied. As one of my amazing teachers says so perfectly, you are only meant to run on your own energy; if you have absorbed others’ energies, you will find yourself overwhelmed, unable to cope with your own experiences and emotions.

Shamanic Healing calls the spirit home; it brings you back to your true nature.


In order to fully live the life we desire, we must be fully here and fully embodied, and we must remember that we are part of a greater web of creation. When we make space for the wholeness of who we are to be here, to be embodied in the here and now, we have made room for more love, joy and presence in our lives. This is reflected back to us through the experience of deeper intimacy within our lives – the ability to truly allow the soul to be seen and witnessed by another – which is something we often are so afraid of, yet also craving so deeply.


It is important first to make space for all of you and to be in a safe environment to allow those lost Soul parts to return home. If you are not in a “safe” environment – a place where all parts of you are welcomed and received with open arms – then it may not be the time and space to call yourself back until there is more space and room created for you to feel able to fully drop in. When we call ourselves home, we need to honor these parts that are and will return to us and in order to honor them, we must create a sacred and safe space for them to be able to integrate.

There are many ways in which you can begin the healing process of calling the Soul parts home, such as being in nature, calling the fullness of your name 3x or more if needed, a powerful prayer to call you home, and make sure to take time to breathe and be in the stillness and silence throughout a day.


In this day in age, we can get a sort of Soul Loss from not ever having time for ourselves. This is different than the Soul Loss from a traumatic event. This type of Soul Loss comes when we have over identified with another, like in a codependent relationship, or when we have been extremely stressed for a period of time, or when we have had a trickle of perceived emotional traumas that happen over a period of time. It can also happen by not having a Spiritual Practice, and what I mean by that, is a practice that creates space for US to exist in peace and harmony with ourselves. A practice or practices that help us to decompress, and come back to ourselves without all the noise


We are so captivated by our phones and social media, the news and in this world now a days, we are bombarded with TONS of input that we aren’t even aware of.  And each of these inputs, have an impact on our nervous system on our capacity to hold ourselves, and be in our center. The practice of taking time to be in presence without anything, any noise, or phones, people around to just be, for a few minutes a day will support us in creating more safe space to come more fully back to ourselves.


Today, I will be sharing one of the practices I use often and that I totally LOVE, with you. This practice can be done many ways and because we are all busy, I am going to give you the simplest form of it.

The Art and Ritual of Spiritual Bathing

Because the natural realm holds so much wisdom within it we call upon these Sacred forces to support us in coming home to ourselves and our own energy.


This is a beautiful practice to do as an opening invitation to prepare yourself and your space for the embodiment of all of you. In many cultures they use this ritual to support the Soul’s connection to the body and to realign with mother nature.


Since it is winter for those of you in the northern hemisphere, you can do this in a bathtub, and use dried flowers from the herb store. You can also use the rosemary and other fresh plants they sell at the grocery store, or use fresh evergreens like juniper or pine, that you can gather from nature.

The most important part of this ritual, is prayer. It is important in each and every stage that you are in a  prayerful state or a state of gratitude. You can imagine all the things you are grateful for and feel that state of being and hold that through the duration of connecting with the water, plants and when you are bathing.


First fill a bowl or bathtub with water, as you fill the bowl with water, you can sing to the water a song or prayer of gratitude for all the ways you are grateful for the beautiful gifts water brings to your life.


If you are using fresh plants, you may gather some of your favorite flowers and plants while whispering outloud or holding your prayer in your heart.


If you are using dried plants, you may want to simmer them on low in a large pot of water while you hold your prayers in your heart. If you are using the evergreens, I would simmer them also on low for about 20 min.


Once the water cools, you can break up the large pieces and remove any stems. If you are using fresh plants, you want to break the plants into smaller pieces with your prayer or song for healing.  


If you are doing this outdoors and it is warm out, then you can allow this infusion to rest in the sunlight for a few hours before taking the bath.


Otherwise, pour the herbal bath into the tub, you can add a small amount of sea salt and sit in the tub, you may want to have some candles lit, and a safe Sacred space set for yourself.


For those that are taking their bath outdoors, with the large bowl, then when you are ready, you can take a few sips of the bath water and swish and spit it out.

Then bathe the crown of your head 9x with this water, you can be whispering your prayers as you are doing this part of the ritual. You can take some of the water and toss it up into the air to get your energy body.

For those in the tub, be sure to also bathe the crown of your head 9x.


It is important that you allow this ritual water to stay on the skin, so don’t rise off. If you are inside, then you can towel dry if needed (don’t let yourself get cold) and if you are outside, allow yourself to lay on the earth and receive the blessings.


The significance of the number 9 is it is the number of completion, and what makes this a ritual is if you do this consecutively for a certain amount of days. Ritual is the repetition of an action done prayerfully; this creates a different pathway for the energy to flow in your life and in your body and in your energy field. This practice helps to strengthen the energetic matrix of your own aura and clear energy that isn’t yours you may have picked up.


You can choose to do the bath for 1 day on and 3 days off, and then 1 day on and 3 days days off and 1 day on. (Ritual = Consistency of some sort) Choose numbers that resonate with you and sound like a YES to your system.


I typically like to repeat this process over three to nine days in a row if possible. But choose something doable. If you miss a day, you must start over.


This is one of the Rx we at Wise Womb Medicine Path would give to a client suffering from Soul Loss, or who is struggling with any emotional/spiritual or physical issue.


You will FEEL the results, I am certain of it!


I know for many of you, you will be spending time with family over the next period of time, and that can bring up a LOT within each of us. Ram Dass says, if you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family.


This practice or another one that you feel called to can support you in maintaining your connection to your true heart and true nature whilst navigating family and ancestral dynamics that often arise around the holidays.


Self Authority Prayer 

AND as a gift to you here is a simple prayer for you to speak while preparing your ritual bath or at any other time you feel you need to speak it.

Speak Out Loud

Naomi Love