Wisdom Keepers : Equinox Ritual

Spring Equinox and Full Moon Blessings to you... The marks of the seasonal changes are my favorite times of year. Over this Full Moon Equinox time I am leading a Wise Womb Ritual Cleanse for my apprentices and the community. As part of this, today we are doing a Water Ceremony to honor the waters of life and give thanks for the blessing of the water element, this element that gives us so much.

In today's love note I'd like to gather around the "metaphorical fire" with you here, and share about the 'Wisdom Keeper' and the importance of us each gathering around our 'Wisdom Keepers' in our communities today, to support the evolutionary shift within the world occurring. The time has come for our modern society to re-connect with the contemporary 'Wisdom Keepers', like we did within our recent Wise Womb Way Symposium. Let me share more... 

The Wisdom Keepers of the world hold within them a gift of seeing, of listening and observing. They have a keen ability to see, hear, track and observe, and are able to interpret things that the rest of us may not understand. They can see the spirals and cycles that most of us are caught within. They are able to open the presence portal and listen to the wisdom of the cosmos, of God, Spirit. They are able to support humanity in navigating through their own limitations self imposed or other to show them the way beyond what they have known...

The Wisdom Keeper isn't about taking your power rather they want to support you in reclaiming your own power, your own gifts and harnessing your super powers to then share your wisdom and gifts with the world from a place of right relationship. They are often neutral and tend to blend in, they may be shapeshifters and are often susceptible to projections from others because of their neutrality and chameleon like nature. Their voice is not loud, they do not scream from the roof tops, they whisper to only those that are open to hear, receive and take in their teachings... 

The beauty of the Wisdom Keeper is that they help those willing to listen, who are open .. to listen to their own unique voice of truth. To find their true selves amongst all the misidentified aspects of self. It is often my loves, that we don't know how to identify the voices that speak within us and because of this we often then lose touch with our Higher Self, which is the voice that is more subtle and quiet. In a way it is a place within that works on a different frequency. This frequency needs a specific set of rituals (systematic patterns) to keep it activated or it will in some ways slip into the background of all the other louder more identified aspects of the self. 

The Wisdom Keeper never makes you feel wrong, they hold space for all of you to exist and hold you in the light of compassion reflecting back to you - reminding you how to do this for yourself. The Wisdom Keepers role in the community is a big one, it is a quiet one in many ways and this used to be more well known in the past, than what it is now. 

As we sit around the metaphorical fire sharing the medicine of the Wisdom Keeper today, I feel the Wisdom Keepers within each of you activating in remembrance. We each have our own powerful keeper of our truth, keeper of our wisdom living within, and the way that the Wisdom Keeper archetype manifests for each of you, will be completely unique. The answer to how your Wisdom Keeper wants to manifest, lies within each of you waiting to be activated. 

So, connect to your own inner wisdom and ask yourself how you can activate the Wisdom Keeper archetype? What rituals can you create to support this part of you to become stronger, louder and more present in your life?What needs to be cleared at the powerful time of the Spring Equinox to create more space for YOUR heart, your truth to be in its joy?


Spring Equinox Ritual 

You will need: Dried Bay Leaves, Candle, bowl.

  • Write on the bay leaves anything you are ready to clear from your life, patterns, qualities, energies. 

  • Feel these qualities in your body leaving as you write on the leaf. 

  • Exhale blowing on each leaf - imagine the energies leaving your body and absorbing into the leaf. 

  • Burn the leaf with the flame of the candle. 

  • Place in a bowl as it burns. 

  • Take a pause between each leaf. 

  • Cultivate Gratitude between each leaf you burn. 

Spring Equinox Water Ritual 

  • Fill a Glass Jar of Pure Water : Shake it up while holding in your heart what it is you want to cultivate in your life. Feeling it... 

  • Leave the Jar in the light of the Full Moon 

  • Drink Upon Waking.

Full Moon Blessings Beauties