Sexual Freedom Summit Interview by Kristina Campbell with Naomi Love

Let's talk about Sex... I am curious how many of you find it difficult to enjoy sex? 

For most of my life I honestly didn't know what pleasure was. 
I didn't know sexual connection could be for my benefit too.  It sounds ridiculous when I say it, but it was very true for me and the experiences I had in my life. 

 I honestly thought in many ways that sex was for their pleasure. I felt like it was a performance. Looking back I can see I was giving my inner authority away and looking for their approval, rather than meeting the vulnerability that may have been there for me to surrender into. 

I began to explore sexuality a few years ago and participated as both a students and assistant in two long six week immersion in Tao Tantric Sacred Femininity. 
As I began to explore these areas of what is pleasure, what is blocking my pleasure, where am I avoiding intimacy and vulnerability etc. I started to see some really deep collective wounds that we have around sexuality. 
For some of you, it could be physical thing, maybe we lack sensation or have a hard time reaching orgasm. I hadn't experienced an orgasm until I was in my late 30's after starting the Tao Tantric work. 
Many of us don't realize that sex can be pleasurable, and for some love it for just that! 
 Some of us may find ourselves “stuck in our heads” during sex, we can't fully drop into the felt sensations or drop into the container of being held, of being vulnerable.
This is also often a defense mechanism that gets built in to keep us safe. 
What if NOW was the time for us to begin to explore these old wounds that have kept us from being able to fully drop into deep vulnerability!

I know some of us worry about our body, the way it looks or smells or we don't know how to ask for what we need without feeling worried the other person will get upset or hurt. We aren't really taught how to receive someone needs without taking it personally, and we aren't taught how to speak our sacred needs. 
What if we could rewrite the stories that we have held and dissolve the shame we feel around sexuality and intimacy?

What if we could release our inhibitions, and finally experience the deep connection and pleasure you desire...

I was recently interviewed for a Summit, Sexual Freedom for Women: Release your Inhibitions, Deeply Connect and Unleash your Sexual Pleasure! I would be so honored for you to listen to my personal share which was an amazing conversation with Kristina Campbell.

Love, Naomi Love