Wise Womb Way Symposium

February 19th-26th 2019

Over the past 9 months I have been gathering interviews with 32 of the world's most diverse and integral, wisdom keepers and masters within the realm of the Healing Arts.

We have over 40 hours of content to be shared over 8 days with you and it's FREE!!! 

This Symposium is for EVERYONE. It is both for lay people and practitioners and is for all genders. 

Let me give you my WHY for investing so much of my time, energy and attention into this incredible project.

First I love having deep conversations with amazing people, as it is such an honor to connect with people who are truly masters in their work, and truly devoted to their paths and sharing their medicine with the world. 

The BIGGEST reason is this type of project supports every person who listens, watches and joins us, sparking a light of remembrance within, no matter where you are in your life, there is a conversation for you to listen to.  

My final reason for devoting over 1400 hours of my time and energy into this event is because the proceeds gathered from our ALL ACCESS PASSES go toward funding our low income scholarship programs. This is a way for us to be able to offer our schools trainings to people who could otherwise not afford it and want to go deeper into their healing work. 

Wise Womb Medicine Path believes in inclusivity and it is my true hope that every single woman on this planet has the opportunity to receive the Sacred medicine and healing, that our apprenticeship programs and virtual lunar womb temple offers. 

We ask for your support to share our Symposium, as the more people that join, the further our reach in the global community is and the greater exposure each speaker has to reach those that need their medicine.

PLEASE forward this email to any human you feel would benefit from even one of these sacred conversations. I would be so honored to receive your support in this way. 


TOPICS : Wise Womb Way Virtual Symposium 

February 19th - 26th 2019

Tobin Rangdrol : Honest Introspection: Our Bodies Always Tell the Truth 

Hoppi Wimbush : So you wanna change the world? Then look no further!! 

Yanawahali : Dayla Robinson : The Art of Sacred Bathing 

Inka Linda Sarvi : ReWilding 

Devashi Shakti : Sacred Feminine Teachings & Practices as Medicine 

Mercedes Melendez : Feeding the Temple Nourishing Spirit through Food 

Andrea Mason : Dr Doula : Are You Practicing Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation

Ariann Thomas : Breaking the Curse of Your Past: Free your Genetic Heritage to Empower Your Life

CathyAnn Greenidge-Ellison : Synchronizing Hormones With An Estrogen Dominance Cleanse 

Amy Rhodes :  Cultivating Fertility & Conscious Conception 

Christina Mpilo Flier : The Art of Radical Self-Love & Intimacy 

Anaiya Sophia : Somatic Womb Ceremony 

Minke De Vos : Cultivating Female Sexual Energy 

Kristin M González : Jade Gate Health - Sacred Vaginal Ecology 

Anja Robinson - Rivers of Life : Lymphatic Breast Health

Jocelyn Gordon : Preconception Health & Birthing

Robyn Dalzen : The Wheel of Consent: Desire, Empowerment & Choice

Olivia Bryant : Coming home with the Cervix

Jumana Sophia : Your Sacred Needs : Healing from Toxic Relationships

Mary Joye : Healing Codependency and the Link to Trauma 

Shems Heartwell : Empowered Loving ~ How to Thrive in Relationship

Maria Yraceburu : It Begins with the Story: 

Angela Hill : Embracing Your Sacred Feminine :  Awakening Your Spirit from a Posture of Subordination : 

Liv Wheeler : Talking to the Little People 

Lana Holmes : Ethical Practice in Energy Work 

Kimberly Jonas : Unlocking the Divine Within 

Heather Salmon - Walking a Sacred Path - A Revolutionary Act 

Shereel Washington : Where I'm Coming From: Race In The Healing Arts

Grandmother Kaariina : Mother is the Medicine And to her we shall return

Nicholle Sanchez : Flower Power & Tapping

Jennifer Polansky : Tapping Into the Heart 

Lady Shepsa : Tapping into your Wild Orgasmic Energy