St. Johns Wort Magic, Folklore & Medicine

We entered this incredible field… the bright yellow flowers of St. Johns Wort, speckled with the purple of sweet leaf.. the dark greens of horsetail, the light green of mullein, and the white of yarrow… A deer stands across the way from us...

I feel in this moment a sense of coming home to my plant family… to my tribe… my spirit council. I have felt so often in my life, a longing for community, for deep relationships, and the plants are the first ones I built my deepest relationships with….

St. Johns wort and I on this day, came into an incredible union, this flower an expression of the sun, reaching up to the heavens with grace and radiating out… has captured my heart...

St Johns wort has a long history of use in herbal medicine, magic and folklore. It is most commonly known for being an anti depressant. It gets its name from their five petals that resemble a halo, represented the sun and sunlight and it blooms right at the solstice and was named by the Christin church after Saint John who is said to symbolize light.

In magic it can be used in a variety of ways to banish evil spirits, demons, ghosts, and poltergeists. The flowers were gathered on MidSummers eve (June 24th) and gatherer’s would walk through the smoke burning in the celebratory fire to purify them. Burned it is also said to provide prophetic dreams.

Combined with other herbs and placed in amulets, charms, and talismans for protection or hung upon the bed post to dispel nightmares. To invoke protection of a deity or saint, place the st. johns wort at the feet of the deity.

It’s also a power herb that infuses the “healer” who feels drained or tired, or need extra “boost” it can be mixed with Frankincense tears and burned. It is also used for spiritual sickness, or illness.

Oil of Saint John’s wort was commonly called the blood of Christ and was used both in healing and as an anointment during religious ceremonies.

Balkan peninsula folklore, the herb is associated with Virgin Mary, who is one of my teachers and great loves.

St Johns Wort : : Hypericum perforatum : : Flower Essence

1-3 Drops internally or used in a bath, or topically…

Positive qualities: Illumined consciousness, light-filled awareness; solar strength

Patterns of imbalance: Psychic and physical vulnerability; fearful or disturbed dreams; depression due to lack of contact with spiritual world

It’s bright yellow color indicates it supports he solar plexus region of the body - which includes the liver, gallbladder and spleen.

St, John’s Wort’s constitutional effects are relatively mild, it is slightly warming so people with excessive Fire, Mars, Sun, or Pitta (fire) constitutions may want to use this plant with something that is complimentary and also cooling like Milky Oat Straw.

Use can use St. Johns wort in a tea, tincture, flower essence, oil, as a charm, in a bath, as a lineament or in a salve. Be sure to source with a company that has integrity and states they are *ethical wild crafters *organic.

May you fall in love with this beautiful plant… For those of you that want to build a relationship with St. Johns Wort - You can choose the form in which you want to connect to the plant and take a small dose if it everyday at the same time (maybe with the rising sun, since it is governed by the sun and the sign Leo)

The Materia Medica for this plants goes far, wide and deep - if you would like to go deeper into the wisdom of this plant - there is a lot of information out there, make sure it's from a reputable source ❤

Green Blessings ...