Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast

Naomi Love is a teacher, mentor and facilitator of healing and sacred space. Her work is focused womb medicine that brings upon transformational healing in the mind, body and spirit. Our conversation this week is incredibly rich, be sure to find a quiet space to fully experience the sample guided womb meditation towards the middle of the episode. 

In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Reclaiming womb space, clearing out what no longer serves

  • What wise womb medicine is and how it helps womxn of all ages and stages of life

  • Connecting to ancestors through the womb space and healing ancestral womb wounds

  • Referring to the womb space with the pronoun of your choice (she, he, they, etc.)

  • Evoking the womb space for transgender folks to connect and heal past trauma

  • Working with the spirit of the womb space for women who have experienced hysterectomies

  • The womb as a hollow suspensory detoxification organ that moves in and out of optimal alignment

  • How our sexual organs can hold energetic imprints from past experiences

  • How physical, emotional, and spiritual health is impacted by uterine misalignment

  • How to determine when your uterus is out of alignment

  • How uterus blood can indicate our body’s physical health

  • How the womb holds our wounds and undigested sexual experiences

  • How repeated self-care and practice can support movement through resistance

  • Naomi’s guided meditation to meet and activate the womb space

  • Womb ceremonies as a way to honor the womb

  • New agism’s focus on honoring the light and bypassing the shadow

  • Overidentification with the finite self and how to cultivate a stronger connection with the infinite self through nature

  • Centering and attuning self to heal sacred wounds

  • The Maiden, Mother, and Crone as a symbol of the divine feminine that can be found in all of us

  • How honoring our elders has become a missing link in the collective



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