Using the Sacred Drum

Shamans, healers, medicine people use drums in healings. Drums represent the circle- the embodiment of all of the directions - and everywhere in between - the circle represents all that surrounds us - including the community, the whole, the earth, the universe, the cycles within ourselves and the cycle of life, cycles within our lives, the Earth's cycles, moon, sun and stars cycles... 

They provide us with the sound of the ultimate the heart beat, the beat Inspires our spirit to connect to our own heart beat, to the tree of life, to its roots, and inspires us to deepen our breath and our connection to the great mother and to great spirit, to all that is. 

The drum also provides rhythm, allowing the ego to be distracted so the soul can come out to play, to receive, to re-SOURC; so we can deepen into our true essence, so we can connect more deeply to our hearts and connect more profoundly to the ultimate web of all living things. The drum connects us to our sense of sound and also to the vibration bringing us more into our bodies in an embodied way. 

"They used to call the drum the shamans horse because the shaman would ride the drum into the other worlds."

The drum also often helps the practitioner connect to higher realms, so they can be more of a messenger, so they can be clear to hear your true essence, your inner wisdom, to offer you a more profound healing experience.

When you hear the drum beating, allow yourself to play in its vibration, in the rhythm. Connect to your own heart beat, and see if you can recall your connection to all that is.

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