Spiritual Bathing

Spiritual Bathing in the Maya Tradition

The Maya’s use spiritual bathing to treat physical and spiritual ailments. Spiritual ailments might include fear and anxiety,  sadness, grief, to relieve general anxiety, fear, troubling dreams, insomnia, depression and more.

To really maximize the power of the medicine in the Maya Tradition it is important to do things in a numerological ritual. They use 3-5-7-9-13... So its nice to make a spiritual bath as a ritual, 3 days on, 3 days off, 3 days on. Or everyday for 9 days.

How to make a spiritual bath: 

Set your intention for healing, when you are doing this, pick one thing to focus on and hold that in your heart. It can be one thing to let go of, or one thing to bring in. Just PICK ONE at a time...

Make the water the night before your bath. Fill a large bowl, pot or bucket with water. As you pour the water into the bowl, hold your intention in your heart. Place the bowl outside in the moonlight over night to infuse the water with moon, cool energy.

Then the following morning, collect the plants while reciting a prayer of thanks to each of them, something like: I have faith with all my heart that the spirit of the plants have come here to support my healing today.

You can use many herbs, depending on what's available in your area... you can use herbs such as Rue, marigold, rose, basil, mint, lemon balm, sage, fennel, rosemary, catnip... Using 3 sprigs of each plant.

Place the plants in the water you have made, squeeze the plants between your hands breaking them into small pieces, again holding your prayer in your heart. When the water has taken on color and aroma, set it in the sun if it's out, and leave it between 2-4 hours.

When you are ready to take your bath, I like to kneel onto the earth and cup my hands together placing them into the water. Take a small sip of the water, then begin pouring over your head 9 times, with prayer... pouring the rest of the water on you to complete the bath. Remember to keep your intention in your heart and on your lips... (even a whisper)

You can burn copal (black and white combo with rosemary) while you are taking your bath to increase the healing benefits.

When you are done with the bath you can rub the plants into the body and lay on the earth until you are ready to get up.

This is an amazing ritual that can heal all sorts of ailments and conditions.

With Love!!