How to use Belly Binding to Support your Womb

Belly binding is used in many traditional cultures to support the womb. In the Mayan lineage they called it a Faja, which is a long cloth that is wrapped around the abdomen.

A Faja is worn to keep the womb in optimal position, post a healing session, it gives extra support to the body to give the muscles and ligaments time to heal and readjust to the new optimal alignment of the womb. It’s supportive to a bleeding womb, especially if you are carrying heavy loads while bleeding.

You can use also this wrap to help heal a diastasis, which often happens after childbirth and to also support the womb post childbirth.

Check out this beautiful image below. This is an example of how far you can wrap yourself, depending on what you are using the belly binding for.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 3.08.02 PM.png


  • Post-partum support

  • Painful Menses (do not tie to tight, just enough to give support to the lower belly)

  • Low or tilted womb

  • Diastasis

  • Pregnancy, work with a professional to ensure you don’t tie it too tight.

How to Use a Faja

  • You’ll need a long piece of cloth that is about 6-12 inches wide and the length. It really depends on your body size and how far up the belly from the pelvis you would like it to go. You need it to be long enough to wrap around your body with a twist between each level of wrapping.

  1. Place the faja on the ground if it’s really long, if not you can do this standing.

  2. Lie down placing the lowest part of your back at the center of the cloth

  3. Wrap the cloth firmly but not too firmly around your body. Give a tug and a pull twisting the cloth with each layer you are working with as show in the pic above. Twist in the back and bring the two ends around to the front, you can wiggle the cloth to ensure it’s tight enough.

  4. You can tie the cloth or tuck it in depending what feels best.

  5. The faja is to be worn all day under your clothes.

Cautions Make sure your faja is not too tight. You don’t want your legs to tingle, feel numb, or turn bluish. That would defeat the purpose!

Happy Binding!