The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Speaking to Essential Oils feels really important these days with the amount of media they are getting nowadays. When it comes to essential oils, I think of David Crow, he is the Founder and Creator of Floracopeia. He is an educator, a medicine man and he really speaks to many very important aspects for people using aromatherapy.

"The more concentrated an herb is, the more education you must have to use it."

The basic description of Essential oils is that they are the distillation of the plant, creating an oil, which is the essential volatile essence of the plant or the scent of the plant, they are a very concentrated form of the plant.

It takes 12,000 roses to make 5ml. of essential oil!

Essential oils are used in composite oils, salves, sprays, creams & lotions. One needs to be aware that because of their concentration they can cause photo sensitivity and should not be taken internally unless it is done under the supervision of a certified aromatherapist. Personally, I rarely use essential oils internally unless it is one drop in a much larger amount of liquid. For example, sometimes I will add one single drop of organic peppermint or fennel essential oil into a gallon of water with lemon. I have burned myself a number of times accidentally with essential oils, placing a little bit on my heart area and forgetting about it and then sitting in the sun, and I know better!

Susan Weed, Elder herbalist, says that essential oils are so concentrated, they are the potency of pharmaceutical antibiotics. it's important to make sure you work with a certified aromatherapist and herbalist, who has had extensive training when considering using them in your practice or even for personal use..

David Crow's company Floracopeia, promotes education & integrity. His products are high quality and sustainable. Floracopeia has been my go to essential oil company since I found them in 2004.

David Crow speaks about:
* How to use essential oils effectively for healing and vitality.
* A holistic & profound understanding of how and why essential oils work.
* The potential dangers of essential oils and how to use them safely.
* Why one single drop of an essential oil can have a powerful effect on the body and mind.
* Why using essential oils internally is often very problematic.
* How Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine help us understand the benefits and uses of essential oils.
* The essential oils which are rich in 'sunlight', and their healing effects.
* The essential oils which are rich in 'moonlight', and their healing effects.