Sacred Dreaming

Have you ever missed a good night's sleep or two or three? Or have you ever had months where you didn't sleep well? It can throw your whole body off it's rhythm; moods change, we become irritable, frustrated and exhausted. Sleeping is not only important to restore the body's organ functions, but also to restore the soul and spirit. Sometimes there are stages in life wherein we just can't get enough sleep, like having a new baby or being sick, etc. What I have begun to notice is that sleep is, for many people, not a sacred practice. What I love about this sacred dreamtime practice is it honors not only your inner self, your soul, but also supports the body and overall health. It reconnects us to the earth and to whatever our version of sacredness happens to be. It turns something menial into something sacred. It also brings attention and awareness to the sleep time, opening up the possibility of self discovery through dreams. Our dreams can speak to us, can show us the unseen and undigested parts of life, our experiences, they can show us our desires. Some of us don't remember our dreams which is ok too, no matter who you are and what's happening in your life, try this sacred dreamtime practice, even if it's only a day or two per week, and see if you can change your relationship to your sleep and to dreaming. See if you get deeper insights into what's happening on the soul level.

  • Creating Sacred Space for Dreaming

  • Set your bedroom up for sacred sleeping

  • Which way do you want the crown of your head facing?

  • Which decorations do you want in your sacred space?

  • Do you have a lot of clutter in your bedroom? Or lots of pictures of people in your room? Look into the Feng Shui of the bedroom - see if you can make some simple changes to support your sacred sleep space.

  • Is there anything you need to take out of the room to make it feel more spacious, more sacred?

Preparation is Key!

  • Set up an altar in your bedroom

  • Candle (blue, green, white)

  • Incense or sacred smudge (Check out our Womb Apothecary)

  • Moon Infused Anointing Oil (Check out our Womb Apothecary)

  • Aromatherapy for sleep (lavender, sandalwood, rose, chamomile, jasmine, jatamansi)

  • Flower Essences for dreamtime (Alpine Aster, Angelica, Black-Eyed Susan, Cosmos, Forget-Me-Not, Iris, Joshua Tree, Morning Glory, Mugwort, Sagebrush, St John's Wort, Star Tulip)

  • Journal and pencil or pen

  • Drawing materials (Some of us prefer to draw our experiences rather than write them)

  • Angel cards or Dreamtime Cards (cards that are specific to dreamtime)

  • Glass of water


  • An hour before bed unplug from ALL of your devices

  • Light your incense or sacred smudge.

  • Take at least 5 minutes to sit and breathe, allow your mind to process what it needs to from your day. Just observe it's process, allowing.

  • Pull a card - place it on your altar and sit for at least 5 breaths contemplating or feeling into how this card is relevant for you or how it's message can support your soul.

  • If you have a tub - take a warm bath with epsom salts, baking soda and a little of the anointing oil - add a couple drops of an essential oil. Allow yourself to soak in the tub in the candle light.

  • If you haven't bathed - Anoint yourself with a sacred moonlight infused oil - Apply to forehead, heart, wrists, solar plexus and feet.

  • Take a few drops of a dreamtime flower essence.

  • Set your intention before sleeping - asking the angels, or helping spirits to come and work with you during your dreamtime.

  • Blow out your candle, put out your incense.

  • As your head hits your pillow and you get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, releasing anything you don't want to carry with you. Allow your body to soften, to fall into your bed.

  • Upon waking - drink your glass of water.

  • Give yourself some time to come back into your body before getting out of bed.

  • Keep your journal near your bed, so when you wake up you can write about your dream experience.

sweet dreams...

love naomi