Beginners Yoni Egg Practice

Make sure you have cleaned your egg. You can use soap and warm water to clean the stone. Do not put boiling water on stone. Also, make sure your hands are clean. Use dental floss to make a string to pull the egg out and move it around inside of the vagina. Make sure it's at least 6 inches long. (Replace string every time you use your egg internally)

  • Bless your Egg with loving energy.

  • Breast Massage

  • As you do the breast massage you may notice a build up of saliva in your mouth. This is powerful CHI filled saliva.

  • Use this saliva to wet your egg.

  • Ask your Yoni if she is ready to receive the egg.

  • If she says YES.

  • Gently spiral your egg into the yoni – Breathe here.

  • Begin to smile to your heart – touch the 3rd eye with the middle finger and place your palm over your heart.

  • Make a yummy sound as you brush from your heart to your sex – connecting heart to womb.

  • When you are ready – inhale and arch low back and exhale lengthen low back and pull string while sucking the egg into the yoni more. 5-10x.

  • Then lift left hip pull string – suck egg in more on the inhale and exhale release. Repeat rt. side. 5-10x per side.

  • Butterfly the legs out and inhale pull – exhale legs back to standing – 5-10x.

When you are complete you can sleep with your egg in, or squat down to lay your egg. Wash your egg with warm water and soap and thank her for supporting your healing journey.

Many Blessings using your yoni egg!