Webinar Replay: Lunar Womb Temple

Why every woman needs the Lunar Womb Temple

Just as the traditional 'energy bodies' require maintenance and nurturing (through techniques like Reiki, Chi Gung, yoga, pranayama etc), our feminine body systems also require intelligent support.

We call it the #WiseWombWay, where we create this sanctuary for ourselves on physical, emotional, spiritual & psychological levels through particular energy practices, rituals and alignment.

By consciously embodying our Womb, Belly, Breasts, Ovaries, Yoni, Heart & Crown, we become whole in our Feminine beings - laying the foundation for living a life of pleasure, purpose and passion.

What you will learn in this webinar...

In our next Live one hour webinar with Naomi Love of Wise Womb Medicine Path, you will immerse in a beautiful, authentic sisterhood and come together within our virtual sacred circle to experience:

- An introduction into the Wise Womb Way, what the Womb Call is, how to recognise it within yourself and how to navigate through the journey of your Womb Remembrance

- The importance of prayer, ritual and ceremony through your Womb Remembrance and how this is supported throughout our virtual Lunar Womb Temple

- The Spirit of the Rose: Naomi's journey with the Rose and the gifts it holds in being able to connect more with your heart and how you can connect with it too. What is the importance of listening to the call..

- Experience one of the healing practices from the Lunar Womb Temple

You will also get FREE access to Naomi Love's BRAND NEW Virtual Lunar Womb Temple for 7 days afterwards that includes daily practices to deepen the connection to your Womb. This includes a powerful noticing practice, a beautiful opening ceremony, a bear medicine journey, how to cultivate a sacred dreamtime sanctuary + a wise womb medicine journey.

We invite you to continue the conversations and connections made with your sisters in the webinar afterwards within our Virtual Lunar Womb Temple Facebook group community.

Now is the time that we are all being called to come together in truth and vulnerability not only with ourselves, but with all of our relations. Let's be held in true sisterhood while dissolving, integrating and healing. Let's be witness to this transformation that is occurring within ourselves and within the collective.

Women across the world are hearing the Womb Call

The WOMB is our center, the womb is our internal universe, our portal to creation, our connection to our ancestors. It holds our undigested emotions and experiences, our unconscious agreements and contracts, our personal stories, our hurts, wounds, traumas, pleasure, connection, our intuition, our lies and secrets and is the source of our personal power.

This path of Womb Awakening, Womb Remembering is a path of Personal Responsibility and Right Relationship, it’s about seeing all of YOU and embracing ALL of yourself. It is a commitment to listening, to being a steward for Mother Earth, for yourself, it's a commitment of honoring ALL of life - not just the light, not just the pretty, not just the cute and precious - but honoring it all - the ugly, neglected, the shadows the darkness. It’s inclusive rather than exclusive. It’s about shifting what you believe, how you live, and where inside of yourself, you live from.

And it’s about coming back to the remembrance everytime you forget.

This Path is about the FULL EMBRACE. It is a profound letting go of control AND fully accepting and embracing all our wounded feelings, letting go of the illusions and stories we have believed as true, and coming to what it is that is our truth, as well as opening to and activating our gifts to share with the world.

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